Saturday, August 13, 2016

Is Trumplingism a Form of White Nostalgia?

5.  Putin May Be On The Verge Of Launching ‘Open War’ On US Ally, Experts Say
Geez, I sure hope so. Let's see Obongo move another red line back again.

4. Jews Don’t Pray Like Christians. So Why Do They in Holocaust Books?
A book-clubber complains that Christian writers are sneaking their silly Jebus superstitions into books about the Holocaust. She calls this a form of cultural appropriation, which is interesting since Hollyweird has made Holocaust mythology integral to post-Western MultiKult society. She also asserts Jews doubt their G-d, and that the Holocaust only deepened that doubt. I doubt that. If anything, it made them more fanatical in their belief they are God's Chosen.

3. Michael Phelps Loses In The Best Possible Way
Another one of these weird, "look what a hero this athlete is because he let someone weaker beat him in a phony match-up" stories. I call it pandering to the cattle. There is no reason you can't swim with a chingy chong or wrestle with a Mongoloid without framing it as a competition to be thrown, and yet, they still do it. I just do not understand Huwhite Human behavior, only the dreadful racial consequences of athlete "hero" worship and White saviorism.

2. Stop Telling Women Not to Run Alone
What is something serial rapists and radical feminists agree upon?

1. Is Trumplingism a Form of White Nostalgia? (Quick Answer: No.)

This article looks to the success of a 1980's-themed television program and draws a connection to reactionary Whites today wanting to regain the simpler, homogenous country of their childhood . It is an idea that has a reasonable appeal at first glance as an explanation for Trumplingism. But, like so many other explanations, it is inadequate as a singular answer.

Yes, adults of today remember fondly a time before the SJW-infested interwebs, LGBTPDQASAPUSOB rights, and a black presbidemf, and therefore perhaps they want to, on occasion, regress to their childhood safe zone as depicted in televised nostalgia. But that doesn't mean they want to get off the interwebs, oppose queer rights, or ban darkies from the White House. Nostalgia does not translate into political conviction. Would you credit the election of Ford or Reagan by people watching Happy Days as the manifestation of the electorate's desire to return to the 1950's? That would be absurd.
Traditionalism is always drawing a line in the sand at low tide and watching it get washed away. But traditionalists/conservatives end up playing in the water at the integrated beach at the end of the day anyway. People who were watching Happy Days were still engaged in the social transformation of the 1970/80's. Watch this clip of Jewish Fonzie knocking down a Whites Only sign, and then consider Reagan's adoption of Martin Luther King Day in 1983. If anything, the urge of nostalgia also includes a rewriting of memories to conform with modern notions traditionalists once opposed but have now embraced.

For all the alleged White angst over "losing their country" and/or "losing their power", White Trumplings are more progressive and MultiKultist than any of their ancestors have ever been. They still do not believe in racial separatism. In fact, they welcome non-Whites to their rallies and cheer when Trump brings them on stage. They have embraced homo-positivity, and welcome any queer or trannie who wants to take a shit at Trump Tower. And they have become big government Leftists who buy in fully to Trump-supported gub'mint ponzi schemes like Social Security, which depend on demographic growth that can only be achieved with the importation of non-Whites because Whities refuse to multiply themselves.

I was a kid in the 1980's. I look back on that time fondly, even though I grew up in poverty in a racially mixed neighborhood. But I also remember it was taboo to say nigger - an early inroad of political correctness. I remember that people who were willing to argue against race mixing and homosexuality still worshiped nigger athletes every Sunday, and were happy to let their kids listen to rock and roll hairband drag queens and watch the Solid Gold prancers. I remember that every television show and news program leaned Left of normal people's values (toward Leftist values that are today the position of the Right). That's why I realize that if we adopted conservative values today, we would simply be adopting Leftism that today's conservatives were watching on TV 30 years ago.

Nostalgia for the 1980's also cannot explain very modern fixations on border walls and banning Muzzies. In the 1980's the concern was more about drugs from Mexico, not Mexican rapists, and Muzzie immigration wasn't on the public's radar at all. If we wanted to deport beaners and muzzies and return to positive population growth rates for Whities, that could be argued as a desire to turn back the clock. Anything else is the aforementioned line drawing at low tide.

Rest assured that in 2040, Kwanians will be watching programs about this era to enjoy some nostalgia of the good ole days of Obongo's Amerikwa. But when it comes to politics, they will turn to their mixed-race, transsexual husbwife and say, I can't vote for Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky because she won't do anything about these half-dog hybrids (HDH) who keep biting cops. Half-dog hybrid lives matter? NO! All lives matter! I'm voting for Barron Trump. He doesn't go for all this Sharia-correctness. He doesn't even make his Islamic toddler wife wear a veil!

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