Sunday, August 21, 2016

HS Student Given $6 Million After Year of Sex with His Teacher

5. Trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants 
Some? The article says millions. Wouldn't that be interesting? CNN spins a related tale that Trump's deportation narrative may be shifting. Perhaps. But even if it does happen, would it dissuade Trumpling fuhrer-worship? White Whateverist "leaders" are already standing arms outstretched, waiting for the despairing White masses to take the leap off the cliff should Trump spurn them. What a loser strategy. Their "alpha" says, here, I'm done with this slut - and tosses White America aside. And White Whateverist leaders eagerly line up to take their turn with her unconscious body at the bottom of lover's leap. Whenever you read these "leaders" talking about how Whities will have to turn to them after Trump, please keep my analogy in mind.

4. The 1965 Law That Gave the Republican Party Its Race Problem
The White race is short-sighted as ever. Conservative Whites spent decades vilifying as racist anyone who warned that demographics is destiny, while the Left not only smeared us as racists but also as delusional liars. So here is a Leftist news source admitting what any honest person already knew - MultiKulturalism has been working for decades to destroy White America. So what do the doubting conservative Whities have to say now? "That's why we want a wall!" But what about the 10 million already here? "Well, we can't deport them all, that's not possible." Hence, see story 5 above.

3. Europe’s ‘Oldest Living Inhabitant’ Is [a Tree]
And surely by bringing such prominent attention to it, no jackass human will ever think of doing something stupid, risky, and/or malicious with it to get some of that media attention, right? I suppose we will just have to wait and see.

2. Nevada woman plunges 100 foot to her death from cliff after she tripped over her flip flops trying to take a picture of the Pacific Ocean
I love these stories. Hasta luego, beanerette.

1. HS Student Gets $6 Million To Make Up For A Whole Year Of Sex With His Teacher
You lucky bastard. And why doesn't God just give him the ability to fly as well? No one wants a double-standard for "sexual abuse" of male teenagers by female teachers compared to similar incidents when the genders are swapped. But be honest, there is no straight, adult male in this country who wouldn't have taken the opportunity at age 17 to repeatedly bang his teacher if she was of at least a 4 or above in attractiveness. So what does our insane society do, even if they know this to be true? They give him $6 million tax dollars as well.


  1. I am nigtradamus
    I predicted trump would say fuck you and thanks for the votes to the altfags, just checked the daily cuck and there is an article titled "More Evidence of Trump’s Unstumpability" ,what will it take for the basement wankers to see what trump is doing?

    As for the rapist,feminists fail again,there is no way a fit teen male can be physically forced to fuck his weaker female teacher,but the fems wanted equality and this is the result,
    the supposedly traumatised teen had the time of his life and is now set for life with the payment

    1. Nice try - but you're not Nigtradamus! He can only make predictions about if you da baby daddy or not. HA!

      I suspect White Whateverist leaders will never admit they were wrong about Trumpenfuhrer, no matter what sad, pathetic thing happens. The less reputable ones like the Quadroon Streicher will say "It was just a joke, brah. You thought I was serious?" And the more reputable huwhite ones will talk about how Trump moved the Overton Window to redirect all the sunshine of the universe into their dark and dreary lives - "This was never about Trump, but about giving birth to huwhite identity politics. Now it's our turn to lead the sheep! Hey wait, sheep? Where are you going! Muh sheep!!!".

      And all the time wasted, and all the delusions encouraged, and all evidence to the contrary that they are no better off after Trump than before Trump will not sway them one little bit.

  2. Fuck you assholes...Trump will build this BIG beautiful wall and probably toss you assholes nazis/commies/mussies over it

    1. I don't want to criticize too harshly, by try to pick one, consistent smear against your enemies and stick with it. A Nazi-commie-mussie seems like kind of a nonsense monster.

    2. With my anne frank patented joooo technology I can confirm I am not the troll,this new one is a pro,he even has a logo and a proper name,wabano is an aboriginal name,have you been rayciss to the inbred abos again?

    3. HA! Better be nice to him or he'll get Trump to throw you over the wall, you Nazi Commie Mussie.

      Here's a fake Trump tweet for your new oompa-loompa-loving, nazi-hating, abo friend:

      Visited Anne Frank House. Typical rent controlled property. Eight people crammed in attic. Sad.

  3. To be fair to the attention addicted, internet generation, they have a lot faster and easier ways to gain their five minutes of fame other than going backpacking to wilderness in search of a tree. Of course, it would be amusing if they tried as I’m sure most of them would get lost and starve to death. Or perhaps they could feed the predator populations.

    It is more realistic that some moron would chop it down for sawdust.

    That said, I would love to see some of these oldest or largest trees in real life, but I would never dare to get too close or touch them.

    It’s not so much that a seventeen-year-old boy had sex with his teacher (personally I can’t understand why anyone would have sex with their teachers but all of mine were old or ugly or both, and even if they had been good-looking it would have been just too weird a thought) but a teacher had sex with her student. So perhaps the six million she had to pay as prostitution money taught her not to spread her legs for anyone available.

    Somehow I doubt it, however.

    - Different Anon

    1. Unfortunately, there is precedent for the internet generation defacing wilderness locations:

      ... and from pre-internet society, we have this jackass, who would have been rectified in a sane society:

      I have visited some historical sites here in the Eastern US that have trees that predate the colonies. They were very impressive.


      In the case, it was the school district that will pay the 6 million, which means the tax payers will fund her underage sexcapades.

      When something like this happens, we have the opportunity as a society to ask how we should handle such cases. Do we treat them exactly the same if a male teacher has sex with a female student as we do if a female teacher has sex with a male student?

      Generally, people recognize that the sexual strategies of males and females differ. Unattached males have little reason to say no if a female offers. Females have a lot to lose if they take the same approach. So it is assumed that if a man managed to get sex out of his 17-year-old female student, it was through coercion, abuse of power, and/or taking advantage of a mentally unstable female. And if a female teacher got sex out her 17-year-old male student, it was because it was Tuesday (in other words, all she had to do was offer).

      As someone who trusts stereotypes, I think that these assumptions will be true in most cases. But still, what to do about it? Let's start by not giving $6 million dollars to 17-year-males who have sex with their female teachers for a year.

      I too cannot remember any good looking teachers from my youth. All my teachers were old, unattractive women and/or sub-ape-esses. In college, I had a couple of teachers who were close to my age and good looking. I'd have been happy to engage in extracurricular activities had they offered.

    2. Sorry, pasted the wrong link for the pre-internet jackass:

    3. And so I stand corrected.

      But, to be fair to idiots, the Smithsonian was an accident + moronity (really, why kill the tree just to get his instrument unstuck? And here I made the mistake thinking that researchers are generally careful with their subjects) and as for the huffington link our ancestors, too, liked to graffiti caves. Perhaps she just felt an irresistible call to the past!

      (Joking aside... well, mostly...)

      Ah, so it was tax payer funded. Well, that is hardly a punishment. Should every transgression be paid from the tax payer fund? No? Then why yes in this case?

      Come to think of it, why six million? Around here children who have been sexually abused for years get some ten grands, if that. As if money would give them their innocence or physical or mental health back.

      HAH! Don't tell me some of them was a Jew. They sure like that six million figure.

      In middle school I observed how the boys in my class mock-humped everything; each other, girls when they weren't looking, teachers whether male or female. It was behaviour I couldn't understand.

      You are right that teenage males shouldn't be given money for having sex with their teachers. I rather hoped the six million could have been used to teach the female teacher not to invite just anyone in but, alas, silly people ruined that too. Which (if people were smart but I'm not holding my breath) would mean that less teenage males have sex with their teachers when said female teachers stop and think, hm, maybe this kid's dick isn't worth six million! (Pardon my language.)

      After all, as Devlin said in his Sexual utopia in power, a sane society doesn't urge their males or females to be promiscuous. The individual consequences are different, yes, but the end is the same: civilizational degradation.

      But, oh well. So much for that lesson learned.

      - Different Anon

    4. A most amusing contribution Different Anon, thank you!

      Regarding your more serious point at the end - I think that a sane society would realize that sexuality is an incredibly powerful force both for creative and destructive ends, and structure its laws accordingly.

      I deliberately omitted one very unfunny element of the 6-Million-Dollars for Teen Dick story. They had a child together. A child who has a mother in prison and a father who is a 17-year-old statutory rape-ee. In other words, a child who has been utterly failed by civilization before it was even born.

      I think a sane society would also punish *his* parents for letting this happen to their child. That might make parents take more responsibility for their child's welfare, rather than simply trusting the publicly-funded babysitting service to do it.