Friday, August 19, 2016

Group Of Muzzies Get Electrocuted Trying To Fix an Electric Pole

5. Parents Give Up 'Everything' to Keep Sick Baby Alive
Having exhausted their own resources, they now turn to crowdfunding to keep their doomed progeny alive. This world...

4. Texas sorority video is compared to the ‘gates of hell’
It's actually a pretty good analogy.

3. The Saddest Olympic Celebration
At first I thought, I wonder what that's all about? Then I saw the Olympian in question. Enough said.

2.'Did you know that Sweden has the highest RAPE rate worldwide?' Turkish airport puts up shocking billboard after Stockholm blasted Ankara 'for legalising sex with children'
As soon as I read this I said to myself, so here's proof Turks don't understand the concept of irony. But, the idiot commenters at the Daily Mail didn't see the irony either of child-molesting Muzzies condemning Sweden for becoming the rape capital of the world.

1. Group Of Muzzies Get Electrocuted Trying To Fix an Electric Pole


  1. Sweden is a laughing stock and proud of it,is there a reason why muzzies haven't burnt it to the ground?

    I disagree with Sweden being top rapist,that honour would have to go to the world's most technologically advanced and wealthiest continent apefreaka

    1. In Africa, rape is foreplay to the standard sexual experience, gang rape. But what do you expect out of sub-apes but an ooga-booga? The point is, Sweden imported its rape crisis.

  2. I cannot believe Swedes could be so culturally insensitive! Child-molesting is just a cultural practise of the Third World! Are they saying child-molesting is bad? Isn’t that a micro-aggression against all the paedophiles who might accidentally read the article? Now they will like slitting their wrists! Not all child molesters are rapist, you know.

    I once suggested to my anti-white, leftist acquaintance that we should change the “like lambs to the slaughter” idiom into “like Swedes to the slaughter”. For whatever reason, she didn’t find it funny. I suppose it feels quite pleasant to live in a privileged bubble where she never has to deal with the diversity she so loves unless she goes into an ethnic restaurant.

    Oh, that video is so much fun.

    - Different Anon

    1. I can believe it. How dare the Swedes physically match up with the Aryan ideal of so much Nazi propaganda! They must race-mix that guilt away!

      I'm glad you liked the video. My favorite part was the one muzzie left standing. You can almost hear his inner, Urkel monologue, "Did I do that?".

    2. Of course! You are correct, Mr Arlott. It is shameful I didn't realise that. I still have a long way to go before I'm a proper goy--I mean, anti-racist.

      And yes, that part was very fun. It was also delightful to see them all topple over at the same time. If they only could do that all the time.

      - Different Anon

    3. That's why CDN exists - to bring the kosher truth to all the benighted milk-chalk devils of the Earf.

      It looked like they were playing some sort of Islamic version of Ring Around the Rosie.