Thursday, August 04, 2016

Get Ready to Laugh: Pictorial Shows All Trannies Killed in 2016

5. Economist Peter Schiff Predicts Coming Crisis Worse Than 2008 Crash
Well of course there will be. And he will keep telling us the same thing year after year until said crisis occurs again. It's not like he is some sort of shill trying to scare people into buying gold so he can profit off their fear ... oh wait ... it's exactly like that.

4. James Edwards Says Hillary Can't Be Presbidemf Because Women Can't Even Have Dominion Over their Households
Oh, for fuck's sake. You Christ fellating moron, James. With all the perfectly excellent reasons for denying that cunt the White House, you had to reach back to ancient kike law to find a justification?

3. Turkish Pigman mocks Missouri Republican’s ‘painfully stupid’ ad
As much as I hate agreeing with a mud, he's right. The ads in question look like something straight out of Idiocracy.

2. Dylann Roof attacked in South Carolina jail shower
Poor Roof. Neither he nor his lawyer even want to press charges against the nigger who assaulted him. What's the matter, Roofie boy? Shooting 9 peaceful niggers was OK with you, but bringing charges against one who beats you seems what, to be a bit excessive?

1. All the Transgender People Killed in 2016
The composite picture at the top of the article is a hoot, but you really need to scroll down the page to get the full, humorous effect. I'm sure you will have tears in your eyes, just as I did. Here's the one that made me laugh out loud. Get a load of the name too, Quartney Davia Dawsonn-Yochum. Yeah, whatever - so long, Quartney:


  1. why do trannies kill themself? its not because of homophobia,its becauss they know they they made a terrible irreversible decision,they want their dick or vag back

    Roofus bowl cut is not pressing charges as the nigger will play the race card
    A race war will result in alot of dead niggers, but will also make things alot harder for Whites, also this is not the middle east, there wont be no goverment overthrow

    1. They want their missing bits back? Well, that is a possibility. Personally, I think that the reason they are more likely to be victims of homicide or to commit suicide is because they are mentally ill already.

      Transgenderism is a dysmorphia that has been turned into a social justice crusade. If the trannies thought they were in reality supposed to have been born slugs, and wanted to have their appendages removed and be coated in slime, people would rightly label them insane. But, our society suffers from an insanity that makes sexual perversion an identity. Therefore, the mentally ill are free to chop away at their genitals.

      Their will be no race war. Kwanian Whites will steadily decline in numbers until they end up eventually being ethnically cleansed. They won't fight back.

      Prepare for a 1,000 year struggle for survival or prepare for nothing.

  2. Did he drop the soap?

    Sadly, that was the first thing I thought of when I read “attacked” and “jail shower”.

    This is just idle curiosity but why is “anti-transgender legislation” linked with them being killed at an “unprecedented rate”? Will anti-transgender legislation somehow magically stop people from murdering these freaks—I mean, poor victims of anatomy? Kind of like all those laws that state murder is illegal? Will it then count as double-evil instead of just plain old murder?

    That said, just twenty-one?

    If most of them were black or Latina, shouldn’t this be chalked up to as typical mud behaviour? Are we supposed stress more that they were transgender or that they were muds? Both at the same time? Differently in every article?

    “was a bright spot of sunshine, and the world is a little darker now.”

    Well, it has been rather cloudy.

    “She just wanted to be treated like anybody else.”

    HAH! Well, she certainly got what she wanted. She was killed just like anybody else. Congratulations. What a wonderful display of equality.

    Is there some unspoken rule that one must describe the deceased as positive little snowflakes of sunshine and love? It all just sounds so scripted; like something out of a television show or a movie. "Oh, I can't believe someone could do that to him/her! He/She was liked by everyone!"

    What I find interesting about these freaks—I mean poor victims of anatomy and DNA—is that they are either hideously ugly or they go for the conventional masculine look or the hyper-feminine look; long nails, long hair, a ton of makeup. The exact look that feminists—bless their moronic hearts—would decry as stereotypical.

    I had the quite unfortunate experience of conversing with a German fellow about transgenderism (and isn’t it sad that the auto-correct already recognises that as its own word?). I tried to explain that it is a psychological disorder and a surgery won’t fix the underlying psychological reasons for it. I compared it to BIID, but alas, the fellow was quite fixated and kept going on about hormones.

    He also asked what would I do if my child was trangender and his argument—if I can call it that—basically boiled down to; mutilation or death! What a better way to coerce a parent.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      HA! I think the shower attack descriptor was meant to lead to that conclusion. Honestly, I was surprised Roofie had any interaction with other prisoners at all.

      I was thinking the same thing - most of those trannies were muds, so there was a better than average chance they would end up that way regardless of their sexual peculiarities.

      I hope people get I am really not trying to pick on trannies as especially worthy of disdain compared to all the other garbage in the human heap. But I just find trannies universally to be walking punchlines.

      The comedians of Monty Python and the Kids in the Hall knew how absurd cross-dressing was, and how it could be used for comic effect. A weak joke gets stronger when delivered by a "woman" with five o'clock shadow. But when people dress themselves up as the opposite gender and think they look good that way, it goes from funny to freaking hilarious because it adds the dynamic of madness.

      Feminine dress and make-up are designed to compliment female features, but they have the reverse effect when used on male features - they unintentionally intensify them by the incongruity. A woman with mannish features actually looks worse with make-up than without. In a similar way, an effeminate man who tries to grow a beard ends up looking more ridiculous than if he just accepted his lack of masculinity and shaved.

      So the Ger"man"reduced the argument to mutilation or death - because anything other than compliance with the former would lead to latter no doubt. I have read this over and over as a justification for all dysmorphias - if you don't let them pour acid in their eyes, they will kill themselves. If you don't let them chop of their penises, they will kill themselves. If you don't let them have 20 surgeries to get their noses just right, they will kill themselves. And no one asks the question - why is being suicidal both a reason to put someone in an insane asylum to prevent self-harm AND also a reason to allow them to harm themselves? The answer, to me, is that it is because our society is insane, and it does not know how to help its most obviously afflicted members. Its like walking plague victims treating bed-ridden plague victims by lancing their buboes - which sounds strangely like a transgender surgical procedure.

    2. I cannot even remember how many people have said, “they look exactly like real men/women”. It is almost like a compulsive need and I can’t help but think, “it’s just you and me here. Who are you trying to impress? Yourself?”



      Yes, indeed. The argument was basically that if I didn’t go along with my child’s whims, then he/she would end up killing themselves. I suppose it would work on people who are basically good-natured but dumb.

      “…why is being suicidal both a reason to put someone in an insane asylum to prevent self-harm AND also a reason to allow them to harm themselves?”

      Oh, how I wish I had thought to ask this when I had the chance. I’m sure it wouldn’t have done any good but still.

      I’m unsure if it’s only about not knowing how to help its afflicted members. I once sat on the fringes of a group of women while they talked about Conchita Wurst (hah! the name still makes me laugh)—a transvestite who was quite the fad a few years back thanks to his appearance in the Eurovision contest. The women were tittering quite excitedly because a bearded “woman” was such an exotic curiosity.

      What I noticed was that their attitude was basically one of indifference. “If that’s how they feel then who am I to disagree?” “I know nothing about neurobiology, genetics or endocrinology, but let me just repeat all the stuff I read from Mass Media so I’ll appear more intelligent and tolerant!”

      Which is like saying, “it has nothing to do with me so what do I care?”

      In a sense, it’s not wrong. Like William Pierce said, “people are entitled to make themselves as unhappy as they want to.”

      But it’s not just messed up individuals making themselves unhappy. They want to make everyone else as miserable as themselves (misery loves company, after all) and now they are targeting the most vulnerable parts of society: children.

      So it’s the insane who are running the asylum, and the rest are just standing on the sidelines high on drugs, Mass Media, indifference and whatever recreational activities they have. (Oh, I feel this could make for a pretty good horror satire. I wonder if I’d have the talent to write it?)

      After all, even if the place is rotting to the ground it still has nothing to do with them. Just vote a guy in, and he’ll fix things. If he doesn't, all politicians are crooks anyway and the system is rigged, right up until the next election.

      - Different Anon

    3. Trannies benefit from the over-compensatory guilt complex of the cattle like children benefit from the guilt complex of their parents. Every crayon drawing is a fridge-worthy Renaissance masterpiece because to admit what one truly thinks would be horrid. A similar phenomenon is observed with those who overcompensate by banging on about the purity and sweetness of Mongoloids. To admit the truth would make one a bad person.

      No reasoned argument does any good with a zealot. They will not argue in good faith because their belief is more important than the truth. Lying is permissible for a good cause.

      No reasoned argument does any good with cattle. For them, truth is found in opinion polls and the approving looks (and Facebook likes) of their friends. It's not a lie if most people believe it is true.

      Reasoned argument is only useful when people are looking for the truth AND they are willing to take responsibility for verifying and challenging their beliefs and those they obtain from others. How many such people do you know?

      "But it’s not just messed up individuals making themselves unhappy. They want to make everyone else as miserable as themselves (misery loves company, after all) and now they are targeting the most vulnerable parts of society: children."

      I couldn't agree more that this is the madness our society has unleashed, Different Anon. Targeting children is a universal method of the MultiKult for increasing their numbers, it is the only multiplicative reproductive strategy available to homosexuals and trannies. Warp the youth to increase your numbers. Otherwise, you have to wait around for defectives to be "born that way" (i.e. mentally ill).

      What I cannot work out is who's responsibility it is to stop this and myriad other MultiKult warpings of the White psyche. Personally, I have come to despise the weakness and debased nature of White people. I reserved my sympathies for White Whateverists who could admit how the mighty were in free fall, but the majority of them have jumped off the cliff as well. I cannot find an active, effective resistance to the mass suicide. They must get themselves out of the MultiKult mindset and take their children out of the hands of the MultiKultists while it is still legal to do so, but they won't. Even home schooling is dominated by Christian crazies - out of one Jewish mind trap and into another. I think the only thing left is to fill in the hole before the corpses start to stink. Any of us left at the top of the cliff when the stampede is over can then try to carry on.