Thursday, August 25, 2016

For the Trumpcucks: Watch the Overton Window "shift" back.

5. 4. 3. 2. and 1.

The primary argument of the White Whateverist Trumplings for the past year was that Trump was "shifting the Overton Window." Trump was making White Whateverist positions such as the mass deportation of illegals a part of the national discussion. I previously argued that such a position was actually already in the Overton Window, and was kept covered by the Republican establishment, who preferred dog whistles while Trump just called for his bitches by name. No window had shifted I said, and I warned that without Trump holding the curtain, it would fall back into place. Last night, this is exactly what happened.

In the following video, you can watch Trump perform a stumbling, stuttering manipulation of his worshipers to get them to accept the concept of working with illegals so the "good ones" can stay in this country. A position that every Alt-Righter and White Nationalist on this planet would have previously decried as cuckservatism.

Watch the confusion spread among the crowd as Trump reframes his informal opinion poll question until he gets the answer he wants. The first round of questioning starts: How many people think illegals who have been here 20 years should go through a process to let them stay? How many people think they should go? In the first round of polling, "they should go" wins (6:16). "Do it again!" Trump demands, before complimenting the size of the crowd, and then reframing the options. So the bad ones, the gang members, what do you think? Out! shouts the crowd (7:23). Now what about the person who's been here 20 years and is upstanding and great, do we throw them out? With the reframing complete, he then gives them the two options again: #1 Throw them out - little response (8:14). #2 We work with them - the crowd roars. And there you have it. In two minutes, the sheep have learned their new political position. There are good illegals and bad illegals. So speaks the Law and Order candidate, without sensing the irony. He also assures us "There's no amnesty ... as such." (8:53)

These people are sheep, as I warned the Trumplings. They follow Trump because he is a billionaire reality TV presidential candidate. The evidence is staring you in the face in this video. These people are not awake. They are still filled with the MultiKult poison, and will do as their celebrity mischling-grandpa tells them. Look at how they single out the lone dissenter (10:00). The herd is being shown who not to be. That's what the Mass Media has been doing for decades, pointing to White Whateverists and saying - don't be like him. Can't you see? Even if Trump gets elected, the masses are still poisoned against their own interests. Even a crowd of Trump supporters can be made to applaud coexisting in a Multicultural society populated with "good" beaners, just as they applauded supporting LGBTQ rights during the Republican convention.

Please accept it Trumplings - Trump's sheep will not become your flock. But you have another chance to admit you are not a sheep, nor a shepherd. You have another chance to admit you never had a dog in this fight. You can admit that Trump and Hillary are two sides of the same shekel that their kike grandchildren horde in a little bag of Jew gold around their necks (even if you didn't want to admit this when Trump bragged about his daughter's beautiful Jewish baby at AIPAC).

If you can't admit it, even now, if you default to the position of "better than Hillary" or "He's just saying that to get elected" you will have moved beyond being a Trumpling, and become a Trumpcuck. Why? Because last night, this "White man", this grandfather of mischling, got his followers to change their minds and accept a MultiKultural society in which they will coexist with the brown hordes in a nation that was formerly, overwhelmingly White. And that is what every cuckservative you have been railing against since you invented the term cuckservative has been advocating. Even if he changes his mind (and theirs) again tomorrow and readopts a hardline position, he has shown you that his movement is willing to applaud their demographic displacement and the brown destiny of MultiKultural Amerikwa. To deny that now is to be a cuck, one who enables the replacement of the White majority in their own homelands.


  1. The fact that his daughters marry Jews is enough to disqualify Trump:

    "If you worship your enemy, you are defeated.
    If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved.
    If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed."

    So far as I can see only you and H.A.C. have this figured out.

  2. I agree - all I needed to know was that he was a grandpa to mischling and I could write him off as being zero use to anything pro-White. What surprised me was that all the "jew-wise" White Whateverist pepes "leading" this "movement" would deliberately conceal or rationalize his juden-spawn grandchildren, and that their followers would let them.

    The issue has never been Trump. He is a laughable figure who has exposed how dumbed down this nation has become. The issue is the White Whateverist reaction to Trump - from those blinded by irrational hope, to those maliciously blinding others in order to suck shekels from gullible Trumplings. Trump exposed not only the weakness of the Republicans, but the weakness of the pro-White movement as well.

    How weak are we talking? Today the White Whateverists are orgasming because Shillary has given them press coverage by linking the Alt-Right to Der Trump, who will once again be forced to disavow any connection with anything pro-White.

    Their jubilation with the attention proves that all they really wanted was 15 minutes of jew-tube fame. They cannot see what this means for their brand in the long run. They have been added to a chain that links back to David Duke's style of White Nationalism, the militia-style White Nationalism of the 90's, the Civil Right's era KKK, Rockwell's neo-Nazism, and of course Nazism/Hitler. All of these have received tons of media attention in turn because having a boogeyman has been a reliable tactic of the MultiKult. The key is to find the right media-friendly monster for each successive generation.

    God - if the White Whateverists could only understand that what is happening is that they are being made the boogeyman for the Millennial generation. But they don't get it. They see the cameras and they think they have "made it".

    In time, they will feel the walls close in around them. They will realize they are being made pariahs. They will turn resentful as the media relentlessly reapplies the toxic label to them. Like Duke, who still gets reminded of his Klan days, they will be reminded they were in the Alt-Right.

    The high-minded Spenther-types will be associated with the Nazi-displaying Stormer-types by the media, (why not? both claim to be "Alt-Right" now) and they will have to spend time attacking the Stormer-types in order to distinguish themselves in the public imagination. It's all so pathetically predictable. White Whateverists are morbidly short-sighted.

    1. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck.

      No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.

      -H.L. Mencken

    2. An apt metaphor, considering the endless appeals from White Whateverists to board the Trump train.

    3. I gotta admit that getting on the Trump train was pretty tempting for awhile there what with all those distracting bells and whistles.

      Anyhow about that WALL. If it ever gets built it'll be to keep us in, not for keeping wetbacks out.

    4. I commend you for not getting caught up in the sheep as they surged after their wolf-shepherd. I welcome you to wait here at the ancient, unfinished wall.

      Keep in mind, the idea of The Wall is itself a mental wall Trumplings are already penned up inside their own minds. A wall is what empires build when they have reached the limits of their power - whether to keep people in or out. They are a symbol of fear, and being on the defense. You would think conservative Amerikwa would realize this, given their greatest achievement was the Fall of the Berlin Wall that signaled the defeat of the Soviet Empire. Unrecognized ironies such as that convinced me that Irony is itself a divinity.

      Now, let's consider what is meant by The Wall. Trump supporters who dress up like a brick wall envision a physical wall made up of masonry stretching across the entire southern border. Trump will never build such a thing. Mainly because border agents would tell him they don't want it because it would obscure their ability to patrol and see what is happening just on the other side. He has a ready made out for that proposition, as absurd as it always was.

      So what about hundreds and hundreds of miles of fencing? We have that already thanks to G.W.'s Secure Fence Act, and Whites are now a minority in California.

      Neither a wall nor a fence can turn back that flood. Again - The Wall is in their minds. It serves to stand in for the action needed to truly stop the demographic transformation of America into the Kwa. But it's already too late. The transformation isn't just beaners, it's muzzies, it's fags, it's trannies, it's cucks, it's hipsterism, it's autists, it's legalized potheads, it's having the most powerful man on the planet for 8 years be a mulatto Leftist named Barack Hussein Obama.

      Wall that off! Keep us safe! This far and no further! That's what The Wall represents. But it is a delusion.

      Sigh. I really thought I had learned to stop worrying and love the end of White America, but I haven't.

  3. oy vey
    i wont repeat what others have said, its just great to see the truth come out about trumpling,and ITS IN HIS OWN WORDS, do he cant backtrack

    this pic has not been photoshopped, and look at the stone parrots they are also fucking each other, just nasty

    1. I had seen this picture before, but I never noticed the parrots - holy crap. That took it to a whole new level of sickness. I am both upset with you that you pointed that out, and grateful as well, because it is like being shown the dick in the Little Mermaid castle. One has no idea what subliminal messages one is missing.