Wednesday, August 03, 2016

First Babooness Frightens All with His Masculinity

5. "Mother" Kills Her Toddler Trying to Use Methamphetamines to Counter Methadone Overdose
The methhead mama had left her methadone out, and the child drank it. And like any sensible methhead mama, her first instinct was to buy methamphetamines and shove them up her child's butthole because, meth! Before visiting the link, reach out with the power of your racism and tell me what race the mama was. If your answer is that the mother was a Chalky trash bag - the racism is strong in you. It will serve you well. And while we are on the subject of Chalky trash bags...

4. ‘Aryan Republican Army’ supporter charged with hate crime for attack on black man
For those of you not familiar with historical White Whateverism, the ARA was a White Whateverist bank-robbing gang back in the 90's. That was an era when White Whateverists broke the law, as opposed to just breaking Twitter rules of conduct. These two fools tried to resurrect that legacy by beating a nigger with a broom handle. They should have realized that nowadays, the Aryan Republican Army is a way of referring to Donald Trump's worshiper's on the Great White Webs.

3. Russian Potato-Man to Be First Head Transplant Patient
He's practically dead already. If he chooses to go out this way, who can blame him? The problem is, medical science is nowhere near ready for this. The surgery is supposed to take place next year. Probably, the quack doctor is hoping the potato dies before then so he can say "Shucks! It would have so worked!"

2. Newly-discovered mass grave could hold soldiers behind failed 7th-century Greek coup attempt
I like sharing archaeology stories on occasion. They aren't funny or really diversity-related, but perhaps you will find them interesting as well.

1. First Babooness Frightens All with His Masculinity
Take a look at the picture below. That thing on the left, the one in the dress, if a freaking male. Just look at it. Barrack is gesturing like - can you believe this guy?

I know this thing is the result of centuries of selective breeding to pick cotton, but for Jebus's sake what is wrong with our civilization that such a beast lopes through the halls of the White House?

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