Sunday, August 28, 2016

Family of Niggers in GA Outraged Over School Slavery Game

5. Migrants, Smugglers Line Up On Highways, Hit Cars With Branches In Attempts Make Their Way To Britain
French weakings. Far easier for the frog popos to harass fat muzzie grandmas on the beach then reclaim the no-go-zones young muzzie males are carving out of a formerly White homeland.

4. Adults Let A Toddler Hold A Gun and Encourage Him To Curse
And what do you think the complexion of these adults is? What will be great is when this niglet grows up and gets shot by po-pos, BLM will resent rightwingers who will link back to this video as proof he was raised to be a thug. Dats rayciss!

3. Ben Shapiro on Politics and Morality
Oh boy - when Jews want to lecture the cattle on either of these two topics, we know there is going to be trouble. Still, he makes a good point here: Personal unpopularity, as pollsters have noted, now seems completely disconnected from election results. Voters know they’re pulling the lever for liars and charlatans, but they don’t seem to care. In fact, they seem averse to candidates who tell them precisely what they’re going to do. I suggest its a product of the punditry of Mass Media culture. The sheep live in a fantasy world, and dishonesty is required to maintain the comfortable illusions of both Left and Right.

2.  Community Wipes Out Racist Graffiti Before Family Sees It
Are you a nigger? Don't feel like repainting your own home? Spray paint racist graffiti on it, and watch the power of White guilt summon Chalkies from far and wide to make that house look like new! Not that I am saying that is what happened in this case. But such a trick applied in a suitably respectable, mostly-White neighborhood would probably work, wouldn't it?

1. Family of Niggers in GA Outraged Over School Slavery Game
Quoting: A ten-year-old African American elementary school student in Georgia was left traumatized after her teacher made her class play an Underground Railroad game [in which] she was 'sent back to the Plantation six times'. No wonder they were outraged! What a historically inaccurate game. After the first incident, she would have been hobbled, and after the second time, sold down river. And how far could she get with another of massa's mulatto bastards in her womb? Come on! The state of public education in this country is just appaling.


  1. 'If we did a Holocaust game, and people had to roll the dice if they were going to go in the gas chamber, do you see any similarity in that, and she didn't, that it was wrong,' Bunch-Keemer said.

    Well, of course, that would never happen. The teacher strayed off the reservation temporarily.
    But we can dream, can't we?

    1. Hmmm ... that dream has given me a wonderful idea for a line of horrifically un-PC board games. Do people even play board games anymore? Hmmm ...

  2. For the Holocaust game (TM) that I envision would have a square you'd land on that said, "Do not pass shtetlekh. Go directly to the gas chamber." And when you'd land on it, from underneath the board a little truck would trundle out with sign on it saying "Judengassenwagen," and the player would have to load their playing piece on it, and it would then enter a little shed where vapors would emanate shortly thereafter. Fun for kids age 8-14!

    1. HAHAHA! Well, aren't you an ambitious Nazi engineer? If you can do that, your talents are more Dr. von Braun than Dr. Mengele.

      Here's one of my plans from the good ol' days. I still think it would have worked, but Heinrich just never appreciated my genius. You see, I suggested that we build concentration camps next to the sea. Why? Because sea water is a hell of a lot cheaper than poison gas and coal for furnaces!

      What you do is you load the "product" into cages that get picked up by a crane and then lowered into the Baltic for 15 minutes. After the product has been processed, you open the cage and dump that product into an industrial grinder that pipes the slurry out into the sea. It has the added benefit of increasing fish yields!