Friday, August 12, 2016

Danes Teach Kids Empathy With Cake

5. 'If you get raped by a pack of niggers it’ll be your fault': Newly released 2010 audio of Mel Gibson lashing into ex
HA! Oh, Mel - you are a delight. But it was your shitty decision to choose some off-White slut to be your wife. There are plenty of beautiful, normal White Western women you could have chosen who would have given you no such trouble, but no. You had to go for some strangely brown woman off the steppes.

4. White Retired Teacher Apologizes After Presenting Black Former Colleague With KKK Robe, Confederate Flag
Weird gift. He said it was meant to be a joke to a colleague he respected and admired. What exactly would he gift a colleague whom he wasn't fond of?

3. Gay High Schoolers Experience Rape, Bullying and Suicide At Much Higher Rates, CDC Finds
Now some would say this is because our culture is so regressive and terrible, that it drives these misfortunes. But tell me, in your lifetime, have you ever seen Western culture more tolerant and outright protective of queers? Exactly how much more coddling do they need before they will be happy? The answer to me is that their misery is largely the result of their own behavior, and that behavior stems from mental illness, of which homosexual acts are just one manifestation. An unpopular opinion, I know. But the fact it could not even be considered as a possible root cause should tell you all you need to know about that degree to which society goes to shelter these fragile queers.

Right wingers will no doubt find this a positive story, but they really couldn't be more wrong. Firstly, modesty at the beach is actually a really good idea. We should be encouraging more people to develop a sense of shame and cover up. Whether to hide physical ugliness or discourage vanity, modesty is a civilized value. Secondly, the ban demonstrates exactly how ineffectual the resistance to the Muslim invasion is: "You muzzies can stay, I just want you to dress like us." The exact same reasoning that has led to the browning of France - belief that Frenchness is culture not race. I mean, look at the brown people in the water in the following picture from the article. This is a beach in France - and you're worried about the one wearing an Islamic bathing suit? If you Frogs can't realize you need to ban Muzzies, not modest clothing, you are lost. It's like Amerikwans who think the problem with niggers is sagging pants, and not the niggers themselves.

According to this article, one of the reasons Danes are so happy is that they are taught empathy in schools. And how is this accomplished? By every week a kid bringing a cake to class, and having the children sit around and talk about their problems over cake. I find this article to be a laughable bit of propaganda. It just has a hollow ring. It reads like an attempt to shill yet another Leftist, touchy-feely self-helpish bit of treacle to gullible Kwanians. And exactly how would empathy cake fit into Moochelle Obama's plan to starve the children of Amerikwa into fitness? Furthermore, all it would take in Amerikwa is for someone to make a cake considered "culturally insensitive" for the whole tradition to be scrapped in litigious acrimony.


  1. We should applaud the froggies for having the balls to ban the burka,trump would never do it,he apologised a hundred times for saying muslims should be banned

    How long before they legalise pedophilia? It would be homophobic and islamaphobia not to

    What the smug Danes don't tell is that they abort 98% of down syndrome mongs , how very liberal of them

    1. I disagree. I don't believe it takes much testicular fortitude to implement a feminist defense of Muslim women who are the brood mothers of the muzzie invasion. What would take balls is to round them up and get them out.

      How long before they legalize pedophilia? I'm not sure. It will probably go through a lack of enforcement phase before any decriminalization. Sex with animals and incest are more likely to be decriminalized first.

      98%?!? I didn't know that about Denmark. My admiration of the Danes just increased.

      Now if they could just get that remaining 2% under control and then apply the same standards to non-White fetuses, we could get Western civilization back on track.