Saturday, August 06, 2016

Chalky Woman Wins Olympic Gold Shooting Against Chinese Competitors

5. Soon-to-Be-Dad Dies in Molasses Vat at Work
Fighting ... internal struggle ... can't resist sticky situation pun ... ergh ... I'm so ashamed.

4. Mulatto Kills Her Abusive Nigger Daddy to Save Mudshark Mammy
And surprise - her nigger relatives say her daddy dindu nuffin.

3. Newspaper runs side-by-side obituaries of same [nigger] — one from his wife and one from his girlfriend
HA! Oh, the 'Kwa. Outstanding. Even better, the nigger names of his wife and girlfriend (Bearetta and Princess Hall) and son (Jazz).

2. Even weirder results about the 'alien megastructure' star
Turns out no one has a clue what the heck is going on with that star. I recommend, in honor of its odd behavior, that we name it after another dim, erratic star - Randy Quaid.

1. Chalky Woman Wins Olympic Gold Shooting Against 2nd and 3rd Placed Chinese Competitors
Look at the expression on that ching chong's moon pie face (the one on the left, telepathically communicating with the ching chong on the right). I'll tell you exactly what she's thinking - "She may be better than us Clone 2, but we outnumber her 2-to-1."


  1. Oy vey, imagine what anglins chong babies are going to look like

    Disabled athletes have no shame,they bleat on about "don't treat me differently" knowing If they were face to face with proper athletes they would be humiliated,also these disabled athletes are knowingly putting themselves at risk for a stupid meaningless medal

    1. HA! Are you implying that female Olympians suffer from a disability? j/k

      I prefer not to think about what the Quadroon Streicher might spawn.