Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bobblehead Blackface

5. GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump
I wanted to read why, but I couldn't get past her picture. Look at the size of her nostrils. It looks like someone shoved a thumb in each and drug her around by her nose for a fortnight.

4. Ethiopian swimmer displays a very unathletic paunch for 100 metres... And finishes last by half a lap 
Thank you for reinforcing stereotypes about black people not being very good swimmers. Question is, why did Ethiopia choose to send its fattest resident to the Olympics in the first place?

3. Obongo chooses to vacation near piss-contaminated pond
R. Kelly must have recommended it to him.

2. German Nazi Hunter Finds 8 More Elderly Suspects
He looks like a kike to me. 4 of the suspects are women who worked as telephone operators. THOSE MONSTERS! But you know, if not one of those old krauts has the guts to outright deny what happened and call this thing a hoax, even at their advanced age, then they deserve what they get. Because even if every detail about the mass extermination of European Jewry was true, these people have a chance before they die of sticking it to the parasites who have mentally enslaved their descendants.

1. Bobblehead Blackface: Red Sox deem David Ortiz bobblehead racially insensitive
It does seem to feature a kind of blackface mouth that would most typically be paired with a comically oversized slice of watermelon. However, the association would probably be beyond most proles. That might explain how the company got so far as to take delivery and announce they were giving away 15,000 of the things. A smart person would snatch some of these up before the manufacturer destroys them all. The remaining few would be quite the taboo collector's item.


  1. I thought all Ethiopian Shitskins were malnourished,that's what the Christian charity ads keep telling us

    The only thing that's racist is paying these apes millions to kick a ball,there's a nog named Pogba lol who's on a 100 million contract

    Remember the pain of the holohaux is passed down the genes so this will continue forever

    1. Yes, he does shatter the stereotype of the malnourished Ethiopian, doesn't he? But to make up for it, he came in last place in his poolery/swimmeringing.

      White men need to reevaluate why they put so much stock in athletic performance that it has ended up with them importing niggers to fill their football clubs. But White men won't. Because JOOOZZZZZ! j/k There is something infantile and primitive in the White male psyche for them to continue to value physicality in an age of technology that allows billions of people to be wiped out with the push of a button.