Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weiner Whines about his Unwanted Wiener

5. 'Kafka Is Present In U.S. Elections': Mexican Reaction To Trump's Visit
The best reaction was tweeted by a Mexican historian who compared Trump's arrival to that of Cortez's: The caption reads, "And then the foreigner arrived who at first we thought was Quetzalcóatl." HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious. Perhaps the White history of the New World will begin and end the same way.

4. Writer told off a noisy disabled boy - and wasn't ashamed of her actions
The story goes that she told a wheelchair-bound boy to stop banging his spoon at a restaurant, and that the defective's mama caused a scene, defending her son's behavior on the grounds he has "special needs". Special needs deserve special treatment, I always say. And on that topic ...

3. BODY parts and brains of victims of horrific experiments by Nazi doctors have been found at a leading German research institute.
Hey! Don't touch my stuff! ... er ... I mean, that's horrible. How did that get there?

2. Utah Woman Discovers She Is Eight Months Pregnant, Welcomes Baby Girl Hours Later
Well, since she and her husband weigh something in the ballpark of adult manatees, they were probably most surprised to learn they had even been having sex with each other. And now to the opposite extreme in body types...

1. Weiner Whines about his Unwanted Wiener: Anthony Weiner Complained That He And Huma Abedin Rarely Had Sex
Can you blame them for not fornicating? Those two look like Ichabod Crane and Olive Oyl just got out of a concentration camp.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Literal White Guilt Suicidalist Kills Herself for Being Racist

5. We’re Sorry, But Bob Ross’ Curly Hair Is A Lie
Well, kind of. The Joy of Painting freak did that to himself on purpose, apparently because he thought it would save him money on haircuts. But once he became popular, his natural clown wig became a signature he was forced to live with. Now, what is Rense's excuse?

4. Colin Kaepernick’s Mother: He’s Brought Shame To Family
Well, then that runs in the fambly ... because it's his mudshark bio-mother who is speaking out against her son not standing for the National Anthem. So follow along ... she mated with a groid, then dropped her half-nigger bastard off for adoption. But he brought shame to the fambly? Oh, you silly mudshark - start here: Psychological projection. Of course, she could have avoided this shame altogether. How? Well on that note ...

3. Pro-Choice Groups Petition UN to Declare ‘International Safe Abortion Day’
An abortion holiday? Finally, a holiday worth celebrating. There should be bell ringers on the corner holding black cauldrons asking people for pocket change to fund abortions for the needy.

2. Rodney Harrison makes matters worse with his Colin Kaepernick apology
Back to the Mass-Media-Feeding-Frenzy that is Colin Kaepernick, we have this story about a nigger sports commentator who decided Kaepernick wasn't black or a person of color, and therefore couldn't speak on issues non-Whites face. HAHAHAHA! And this foolish media-moron was quickly slapped down by the interwebs who reminded him that 1) all people were supposed to speak out for social injustice, and 2) Kaepernick is half nigger, just like Obongo, as many tweeted. This story is such a wonderful field day for racism =D

1. Literal White Guilt Suicidalist Kills Herself for Being Racist
Again, what a wonderful day for racism! I am just giddy over this story, and I think you will soon understand why, quoting:

A talented teenage gymnast committed suicide after becoming concerned she would be branded "racist" after taking a joke photograph and sharing it with friends, an inquest heard.

Phoebe Connop, 16, uploaded an edited picture of herself where her skin tone had been darkened and she was wearing a scarf wrapped around her head to a private Instagram message, which she shared with friends. 

Miss Connop, who had been speaking regularly to an Asian male, told the group it was what she would have to look like to get approval from her "boyfriend's" parents.

[Her father] had taken her home early due to her feeling unwell but found his daughter hanged when he returned after work. [...]

"There had been some negative reaction and she confided in her friend, who did take the image down at her request, that she was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area."

I love this story! White guilt finally produces a useful outcome. No mudlings from this self-hating white piece of filth. I know, I know - I should be mad at MultiKulturalism and Muzzies and JOOOOOZZZZZZ for leading this white girl astray ... but fuck that. I am tired of being told we should worry about what happens to every weak-minded white fucker. Good riddance. Either be racially strong or die. Her absence from the gene pool is a benefit to the race, and means there will be a few less mudlings to darken Britain in the near future. Also, it's a wonderful punishment for her parents, who let her get involved with a mud in the first place. Win - Win - Win, my racist friends. Praise DATGOY!


Monday, August 29, 2016

Mass Clown Hysteria in SC?

5. Florida millionaire releases surveillance video of his ex-fiancee 'beating herself up' after she claimed he attacked her
HA! It looks like a possessed Miss Piggy whaling on herself.

4. Mariah Carey’s Sister Arrested on Prostitution Charges
If you wanted to see what Mariah Carey would look like without make-up and plastic surgery, here's your chance. Better keep a barf bucket nearby.

3. David Duke Continues Bromance With Donald Trump
A very HuffPo way of saying that Duchess has released a robocall shilling for Trump that the orange fuhrer was forced to disavow. For Jebus's sake Duchess, try to get of that man's coattails and just let him succeed or fail without dragging you and your baggage along. I mean, you want him to succeed, don't you? It's not as if someone is paying you to associate yourself with him because they want your poison stink all over him in this election cycle ... right?

2. Clinton aide Abedin dumps Weiner after more lewd texts
Ah... It's so soothing when people conform to racial stereotypes. Unrepentant, repeat offender, kike-pervert Weiner is one adopted-Asian-daughter away from becoming Woody Allen.

1. Mass Clown Hysteria? Kids: Clowns Are Trying to Lure Us Into SC Woods
O.K. - that's the stuff of all children's nightmares. But this part caught my attention, quoting:  "At first, I thought he was telling a fib," says one woman whose son reported being frightened by clowns. "Then the next day, there was like 30 kids that came up to me and said, 'Ms. Donna, Ms. Donna, there's clowns in the woods.' ... There was more than one kid that seen them, so I feel confident that he was telling the truth."

30 kids spotted these clowns but not one adult, and that instills you with confidence? Yeah. Shall we talk about this story now: African Schoolchildren See Landed UFO and Occupant

My criticism is not that there might not be truth to the clown-spotting, but that this idiot thinks the more children who say something fantastical happened, the more likely it is to be true.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Family of Niggers in GA Outraged Over School Slavery Game

5. Migrants, Smugglers Line Up On Highways, Hit Cars With Branches In Attempts Make Their Way To Britain
French weakings. Far easier for the frog popos to harass fat muzzie grandmas on the beach then reclaim the no-go-zones young muzzie males are carving out of a formerly White homeland.

4. Adults Let A Toddler Hold A Gun and Encourage Him To Curse
And what do you think the complexion of these adults is? What will be great is when this niglet grows up and gets shot by po-pos, BLM will resent rightwingers who will link back to this video as proof he was raised to be a thug. Dats rayciss!

3. Ben Shapiro on Politics and Morality
Oh boy - when Jews want to lecture the cattle on either of these two topics, we know there is going to be trouble. Still, he makes a good point here: Personal unpopularity, as pollsters have noted, now seems completely disconnected from election results. Voters know they’re pulling the lever for liars and charlatans, but they don’t seem to care. In fact, they seem averse to candidates who tell them precisely what they’re going to do. I suggest its a product of the punditry of Mass Media culture. The sheep live in a fantasy world, and dishonesty is required to maintain the comfortable illusions of both Left and Right.

2.  Community Wipes Out Racist Graffiti Before Family Sees It
Are you a nigger? Don't feel like repainting your own home? Spray paint racist graffiti on it, and watch the power of White guilt summon Chalkies from far and wide to make that house look like new! Not that I am saying that is what happened in this case. But such a trick applied in a suitably respectable, mostly-White neighborhood would probably work, wouldn't it?

1. Family of Niggers in GA Outraged Over School Slavery Game
Quoting: A ten-year-old African American elementary school student in Georgia was left traumatized after her teacher made her class play an Underground Railroad game [in which] she was 'sent back to the Plantation six times'. No wonder they were outraged! What a historically inaccurate game. After the first incident, she would have been hobbled, and after the second time, sold down river. And how far could she get with another of massa's mulatto bastards in her womb? Come on! The state of public education in this country is just appaling.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

SHOCKER: Cuban Sandwich Day Not Real

5. 'Do not shoot anyone!' Cops post fliers asking people to refrain from killing each other at next weekend's Brooklyn J'Ouvert 
Well, that's that. There will be no more sub-ape violence from here on out. Problem solved! Now why didn't politicians in Chicago think of this? Honestly, I get so tickled by stories like this. Can you believe how far a civilization can fall that it's law enforcement makes such pronouncements?

4. Niners QB Kaepernick refuses to stand for anthem in protest
If you are The-Sports-challenged like me, allow me to provide the translated version: A leading feetsball player, who is of course a mudblood, has refused to stand for the US anthem because he believes Amerikwa oppresses blacks and non-Whites. Good for him. Fight the oppression of that multi-million dollar career White Amerikwa has granted you because they are a bunch of nigger-loving cretins! Hopefully, your protest will spread, and Whities will have to rectify their patriotardism with their worship of sports-groids.

3. Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon denies antisemitic remarks
If the allegations are true, he wouldn't be the first anti-Semitic Trumpcuck. Still, the way Kikebart shills for Israel, its difficult to believe Bannon really is jew-wise.

2. The True ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ Story Is Complicated, And Virtually Everyone Got It Dead Wrong
Not really. Most people certainly accepted the beaneress's account without fact-checking, but her account has yet to be disproven, however unlikely it may be. Yes, it is odd that the customers accused were a nigger and his beaneress - but that in itself is not the smoking gun. Consider that the White Whateverist movement is filled with racists who smear kikes and decry race-mixing, who then kiss their jewish or chingy chong wives good night. Still, I lean more to the hoax-camp. Regardless, The Daily Caller's response is typical of the receipt-based culture wars. Leftists go on the offensive, rightists get defensive, but the public only remembers the offense, if they remember anything at all.

1. SHOCKER: Cuban Sandwich Day Not Real
A writer invented a fake food holiday, and using minimal resources, he was able to convince social media foodies to embrace his silly whim and mass-promote it through their network of followers. Restaurants across the country decided to honor the occasion with special deals. When his editors found out, they made the writer recant. And the response? No one cared it was a joke meant to prove how stupid people are.

Quoting: "Does it bother you that it's not a real thing?" I asked Gerry Furth-Sides, content editor for Local Food Eater, a blog about ethnic food that posted something about National Cuban Sandwich Day. "No, because what is a real thing?" she responded.

The whole of the Mass Media culture summed up with one exchange. Remember this please:

"Does it bother you that it's not a real thing?"
"No, because what is a real thing?" she responded.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Jebus Pardons White Woman's Former Support of White Genocide Meme

5. Baby ignores his mother and TURNS UP the radio so he can keep dancing to his favourite hip-hop track
Sad little defective =( He suffers from congenital wiggerism.

4. Americans Are Embracing Transgender Rights
Of course they are. Amerikwa is the world's largest, free-range insane asylum.

3. Jimmy Kimmel ridicules conspiracy loon Alex Jones for being a Hillary Clinton pickle truther
Now, Alex Jones career depends on embracing every conspiratorial possibility the interwebs can imagine. But for everyone else, may I recommend not leaping at every scrap of nutjob-bait dangled in front of you? For, as discussed here, if the Mossad is stealing your shoes, you're not doing yourself any favors by going online and complaining about it.

2. French court suspends burkini ban
Western weakness confirmed. Proceed with invasion. As I warned here, the burkini ban was not a positive development. It was a completely useless gesture, but having been reversed, it is now a damaging one as well. It proves the French can't even preserve their culture, let alone their race.

1. Jebus Pardons White Woman's Former Support of White Genocide Meme (After she gets fired from her job for it). WV Attorney-General Fires Spokeswoman For Appearing In White Supremacist Video
What?!? MultiKulturalism and anti-White bias are still universal in the 'Kwa?!? Impossible! The Quadroon Streicher declared the Alt-Right has made it! Enough sarcasm - remember, your White Whateverist "leaders" don't have jobs. That's why they can publicly say racist things. (That, and because most of them are controlled opposition). If you have a job, do not follow their example.

By the way, guess what the former spokeswoman is saying about this now?

Concerns about White genocide? That's just a thing of her past. This is why White Christians cannot be trusted as White Nationalists, because they will always choose their Jew on a Stick over their race. They have a built-in escape for when the going gets rough. Even White Identity types can simply recant and say they now realize Jebus is for everyone, not just Chalkies. For the White race to survive, it must eliminate MultiKulturalism and its precursor, Christinsanity.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

For the Trumpcucks: Watch the Overton Window "shift" back.

5. 4. 3. 2. and 1.

The primary argument of the White Whateverist Trumplings for the past year was that Trump was "shifting the Overton Window." Trump was making White Whateverist positions such as the mass deportation of illegals a part of the national discussion. I previously argued that such a position was actually already in the Overton Window, and was kept covered by the Republican establishment, who preferred dog whistles while Trump just called for his bitches by name. No window had shifted I said, and I warned that without Trump holding the curtain, it would fall back into place. Last night, this is exactly what happened.

In the following video, you can watch Trump perform a stumbling, stuttering manipulation of his worshipers to get them to accept the concept of working with illegals so the "good ones" can stay in this country. A position that every Alt-Righter and White Nationalist on this planet would have previously decried as cuckservatism.

Watch the confusion spread among the crowd as Trump reframes his informal opinion poll question until he gets the answer he wants. The first round of questioning starts: How many people think illegals who have been here 20 years should go through a process to let them stay? How many people think they should go? In the first round of polling, "they should go" wins (6:16). "Do it again!" Trump demands, before complimenting the size of the crowd, and then reframing the options. So the bad ones, the gang members, what do you think? Out! shouts the crowd (7:23). Now what about the person who's been here 20 years and is upstanding and great, do we throw them out? With the reframing complete, he then gives them the two options again: #1 Throw them out - little response (8:14). #2 We work with them - the crowd roars. And there you have it. In two minutes, the sheep have learned their new political position. There are good illegals and bad illegals. So speaks the Law and Order candidate, without sensing the irony. He also assures us "There's no amnesty ... as such." (8:53)

These people are sheep, as I warned the Trumplings. They follow Trump because he is a billionaire reality TV presidential candidate. The evidence is staring you in the face in this video. These people are not awake. They are still filled with the MultiKult poison, and will do as their celebrity mischling-grandpa tells them. Look at how they single out the lone dissenter (10:00). The herd is being shown who not to be. That's what the Mass Media has been doing for decades, pointing to White Whateverists and saying - don't be like him. Can't you see? Even if Trump gets elected, the masses are still poisoned against their own interests. Even a crowd of Trump supporters can be made to applaud coexisting in a Multicultural society populated with "good" beaners, just as they applauded supporting LGBTQ rights during the Republican convention.

Please accept it Trumplings - Trump's sheep will not become your flock. But you have another chance to admit you are not a sheep, nor a shepherd. You have another chance to admit you never had a dog in this fight. You can admit that Trump and Hillary are two sides of the same shekel that their kike grandchildren horde in a little bag of Jew gold around their necks (even if you didn't want to admit this when Trump bragged about his daughter's beautiful Jewish baby at AIPAC).

If you can't admit it, even now, if you default to the position of "better than Hillary" or "He's just saying that to get elected" you will have moved beyond being a Trumpling, and become a Trumpcuck. Why? Because last night, this "White man", this grandfather of mischling, got his followers to change their minds and accept a MultiKultural society in which they will coexist with the brown hordes in a nation that was formerly, overwhelmingly White. And that is what every cuckservative you have been railing against since you invented the term cuckservative has been advocating. Even if he changes his mind (and theirs) again tomorrow and readopts a hardline position, he has shown you that his movement is willing to applaud their demographic displacement and the brown destiny of MultiKultural Amerikwa. To deny that now is to be a cuck, one who enables the replacement of the White majority in their own homelands.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

That's one way to get out of going to school.

5. Leslie Jones' Website Goes Offline After Hacker Posts Her Personal Information and Nude Photos
Good God, just the title made me gag. Looking at those photos will be probably have the same effect as staring at the Ark of the Covenant. Still, I'm not sure why this particular sub-ape-ess is so worthy of being hacked. All this just for getting Milo off Twitter?

4. GOP To Try to Kick David Duke Out
Given his senatorial bid, it's a little late for that, don'tcha think? At any rate, I want to draw your attention to one of his lines from the article: "I have a perfect Republican voting record" And that's something to brag about, duchess?

3. University's #StopWhitePeople2K16 Training Program Slammed By Bloggers, Social Media
The heeb responsible kike-splaining away his brown underlings' racism said: It is my understanding that the hashtag is commonly used ironically. Referring back to Milo again, wasn't that his explanation for what the Alt-Right does as well? Left or Right, Jews all seem to read from the same set of notes, don't they? Cough ... Protocols ... cough ... cough.

2. Curt Schilling Is the Next Donald Trump
Who? Apparently, he is some sort of basesball sportist who says politically incorrect things, and wants to run for Senator in Massachusetts. Isn't it interesting that we have reached the point that when people say the "Next Donald Trump" they are referring to a loudmouth hack wanting to run for political office, and no longer to someone who endeavors to become a billionaire real estate shyster?

1. That's one way to get out of going to school: Boy, 14, 'shoots dead his grandmother because he doesn't want to go to school'
Most shocking aspect of this case? The kid isn't black. I know, right? What are the odds? Given the above-ground pool pictured at the crime scene, the odds were slightly better than those for an average White person. I bet there are some really grateful teachers right now, quietly thanking their lucky stars that grandma took the bullet the little pyscho no doubt would have etched their names into if he had been successfully enrolled.

Grandmas beware.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gender Wars HuffPo Style

5. KFC sunscreen makes you smell like fried chicken
A product designed specifically for mudsharks, no doubt.

4. The alt-right attacks sci-fi
Dammit, if they're going to copy from White Nationalism, the Alt-Right should try burning books instead of reading them. Oh, who am I kidding? They don't read them either.

3. Second-grade Texas teacher introduces controversial new homework policy
I agree with this teacher. If you can get your work done at school, why take it home with you? The policy goes for adults, so why not with kids? When I was in public school and later at university, I would usually do my homework during lectures. In High School it meant I didn't have to lug 50 pounds of books back and forth each trip. There was rarely anything being reviewed that I could not read myself in a fraction of the time it took for a teacher/professor to muddle through it. And here's a novel idea for parents who might be upset that the school doesn't force their children to do homework - how about you assign your kids homework?(Advice not applicable to Asian parents, who are probably already doing this.)

2. Can Israel swing the election Donald Trump's way?
Now why would they want to do that, hmmm? Quoting: Trump in particular has had problems attracting the Jewish vote after claims of anti-Semitic themes in various tweets and the backing he's received from the former head of the KKK, David Duke, and the American Nazi Party. Trump's supporters in Israel don't buy it. [...] "It's crap, it's garbage!" said Sruly Cooper, a Florida voter and Trump supporter. "If you want to judge Trump, judge him by his family. Judge him by his children. Trust me, I do, Sruly. The problem is, almost every other White Whateverist on the planet does not. And if they wanted to ignore that, they could still condemn him for his MultiKulturalism, elitism, and crudity. But, no. They must have their oompa-loompa fuhrer. Your tribe has dumbed down the cattle so far, that you made it possible for White Whateverists to worship a Hollyweird reality television personality with Jewish grandchildren. Incredible, isn't it?

1. Gender Wars HuffPo Style: ‘I Save Children’s Lives Yet My Wife Won’t Have Frequent, Varied Sex With Me’
In this advice column, a female, clinical psychologist unleashes a torrent of raging hatred against a man who complains that his wife is not interested in sex, in spite of his romantic efforts to woo her. Reading his appeal, I was not sympathetic to his rather egotistical approach, and felt he should be more patient and communicative. There is always more to the story, and he was not looking at himself as a possible contributing factor to his own dissatisfaction. But after reading the psychologist's evisceration of him, I was more concerned for the well being of him and his family, should he/they really exist. I was shocked that a mental health professional would publicly treat a human being with such contempt. But then I remembered - this is posted at HuffPo. The point was not to promote mental well-being and understanding between men and women, but to polarize the genders against each other - The MultiKult strategy. And judging from the comments section, that is exactly what happened. Whether you turn Left or Right in the Mass Media, there is only hostility and human misery to be had.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Delightful White Trash Rant: You should have stayed in Africa!

5. China builds first overseas military outpost
Yay! Time for me to dust off my old "Yellow Peril" propaganda. I do love the classics. Crap - I forgot I had it all translated into German for the Kaiser. Sigh. Speaking of Germans...

4. Germany Wants Citizens to Stockpile Food
Nothing to be alarmed about, so it's said. Just want to make sure the migrants are well fed when they finally go on their long awaited rampage. And speaking of being overrun with filth...

3. Gross 'black slime' creeps over Washington DC's most famous monumentsOh, symbolism. As goes the 'Kwa, so go it's monuments. And speaking of discoloration...

2. ‘Good Morning America’ Anchor Apologizes For Using ‘Offensive’ Racial Slur on Live TV
Unfortunately for my desire to be entertained, the offense on this occasion wasn't bleepable or even *!&*%!* worthy. She said "colored people" instead of "people of color". This is an outrage! Somebody get the NAACP on the phone! And while your at it, let them know about this...

1. Delightful White Trash Rant: ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN AFRICA’ Horrifying moment semi-naked mum falls out her bikini during shocking foul-mouthed racist rant
You know what shocks me most about this story? She has no tattoos, and she didn't scream "Go Trump!" But, the ill-fitting bikini in a residential parking lot, combined with the cigarette dangling from her fingers, more than make up for the aforementioned deviations from stereotype. I also enjoyed the sullen, Russian-peasant-looking fellow behind her.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

HS Student Given $6 Million After Year of Sex with His Teacher

5. Trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants 
Some? The article says millions. Wouldn't that be interesting? CNN spins a related tale that Trump's deportation narrative may be shifting. Perhaps. But even if it does happen, would it dissuade Trumpling fuhrer-worship? White Whateverist "leaders" are already standing arms outstretched, waiting for the despairing White masses to take the leap off the cliff should Trump spurn them. What a loser strategy. Their "alpha" says, here, I'm done with this slut - and tosses White America aside. And White Whateverist leaders eagerly line up to take their turn with her unconscious body at the bottom of lover's leap. Whenever you read these "leaders" talking about how Whities will have to turn to them after Trump, please keep my analogy in mind.

4. The 1965 Law That Gave the Republican Party Its Race Problem
The White race is short-sighted as ever. Conservative Whites spent decades vilifying as racist anyone who warned that demographics is destiny, while the Left not only smeared us as racists but also as delusional liars. So here is a Leftist news source admitting what any honest person already knew - MultiKulturalism has been working for decades to destroy White America. So what do the doubting conservative Whities have to say now? "That's why we want a wall!" But what about the 10 million already here? "Well, we can't deport them all, that's not possible." Hence, see story 5 above.

3. Europe’s ‘Oldest Living Inhabitant’ Is [a Tree]
And surely by bringing such prominent attention to it, no jackass human will ever think of doing something stupid, risky, and/or malicious with it to get some of that media attention, right? I suppose we will just have to wait and see.

2. Nevada woman plunges 100 foot to her death from cliff after she tripped over her flip flops trying to take a picture of the Pacific Ocean
I love these stories. Hasta luego, beanerette.

1. HS Student Gets $6 Million To Make Up For A Whole Year Of Sex With His Teacher
You lucky bastard. And why doesn't God just give him the ability to fly as well? No one wants a double-standard for "sexual abuse" of male teenagers by female teachers compared to similar incidents when the genders are swapped. But be honest, there is no straight, adult male in this country who wouldn't have taken the opportunity at age 17 to repeatedly bang his teacher if she was of at least a 4 or above in attractiveness. So what does our insane society do, even if they know this to be true? They give him $6 million tax dollars as well.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

An excellent parody of 90's AOL ads, considering what the internet has become today.

5. Customers Stiff Waitress; Write ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ On Receipt
More Receipt Based Culture Wars. Such an easy thing to hoax, and it doesn't even have to racial - it can be gender/sexual identity based as well. But being the victim of such a hoax is also easy to avoid if you try not being a fucking hypocrite. If you have an objection to being served by a fag or sub-human, don't frequent establishments that employee same. If you do frequent such establishments, it is a pretty niggerish move not to leave a tip for someone who performed his/her/its job effectively.

4. The giant pyramid hidden inside a mountain.
The article claims this is the largest pyramid in the world, but their title about being "hidden inside a mountain" is misleading. This is because the Beaner-American pyramid was made of mud bricks which deteriorated over time into a giant pile of mud. Some "mountain". What an apt metaphor for what will happen to the White homeland as well. Some "homeland".

3. Interracial couple in Washington stabbed after they are seen kissing
Good job, you neck-tattooed, White Trash moron. Surely there will be no more interracial relationships very soon, thanks to your bravery. (NOTE: The previous two sentences were pure sarcasm aimed at condemning the actions of a violent mental defective.)

2. Semi-Literate Mayor Of Bankrupt City Denounces Critics As Racists
The mayor in question is a mulatto Leftist, whose poorly written letter is similar to what can be produced at most 'Kwanian community colleges. Yes, it is foolish, but it is not laugh out loud funny like Reverend Al.

1. An excellent parody of 90's AOL ads, considering what the internet has become today.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Group Of Muzzies Get Electrocuted Trying To Fix an Electric Pole

5. Parents Give Up 'Everything' to Keep Sick Baby Alive
Having exhausted their own resources, they now turn to crowdfunding to keep their doomed progeny alive. This world...

4. Texas sorority video is compared to the ‘gates of hell’
It's actually a pretty good analogy.

3. The Saddest Olympic Celebration
At first I thought, I wonder what that's all about? Then I saw the Olympian in question. Enough said.

2.'Did you know that Sweden has the highest RAPE rate worldwide?' Turkish airport puts up shocking billboard after Stockholm blasted Ankara 'for legalising sex with children'
As soon as I read this I said to myself, so here's proof Turks don't understand the concept of irony. But, the idiot commenters at the Daily Mail didn't see the irony either of child-molesting Muzzies condemning Sweden for becoming the rape capital of the world.

1. Group Of Muzzies Get Electrocuted Trying To Fix an Electric Pole

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Knucklehead Scientists Research Knuckle Cracking

5. Indicted: Brazilians charge Lochte and Feigen with 'false reporting of a crime' after revealing how swimmers lied about robbery to cover up fighting with gas station guard and picking up women for sex
Muh Sports Heroes!

4. Naked Donald Trump Statue Pops Up in Hollywood
You know, if trumpenfuhrer hadn't brought up the size of his genitals during a presidential debate, an excellent case could be made against the infantile, perverted sensibilities of his enemies. As it is, they share the same lack of shame.

3. College Profs Admit Affirmative Action Is Failing Students, Get Called Racist
They created the sty, now they don't want to flop around in the mud? Too bad, so sad.

2. The Tragic Transgender Contagion
The truth. But NRO has become politically irrelevant - who will listen in an election year when the presidential candidates of both parties support the transgender insanity?

1. Knucklehead Scientists Research Knuckle Cracking
Because cancer is cured, and you've got nothing better you could be doing right? Sigh. They took 400 ultrasounds of people cracking their knuckles, and determined there didn't seem to be any evidence knuckle cracking was "bad" for you. This was compared to the findings of a 1990 study that found it was. Hooray for Science and Mass Media!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Seattle Gub'mint Offers Classes on White Fragility

5. Govt Spends $100K To Figure Out Why Black People Don’t Go To Parks
The concept that black people don't go to parks is absurd. Of course they go to parks. But they aren't very well going to admit they were in the park last night where half a dozen White people got robbed at gunpoint.

4. Trump Goes All In With Risky Base Strategy

The executive chairman of Kikebart has been brought in to run the Trump campaign. This prompted a rather humorous quip from a "conservative" talk show host: "Trump's campaign has now entered the Hospice Phase [...] He knows he's dying and wants to surround himself with his loved ones." Delightfully tasteless, but its accuracy has yet to be determined.

3. Haitian Olympian Falls at the First Hurdle Immediately After His Absurd Gorilla Dominance Display to the Crowd

2. Rioting [Nigger] Teen Smacked by Mom Burns Down House 
Do you remember the kid whose mother smacked him around in the streets of Baltimore after he went out to join the riot? Today's #2 story is that he accidentally burned down his house after pouring water on a grease fire. Lesson: You can't smack some sense into a sub-ape.

1. Seattle offers classes on 'white fragility,' to explain roots of guilt
And apparently, tickets have already sold out - much like the majority of the race. I've listened to some excerpts of the professor's interviews. She does make some good points, though she always spins them to a deceptive MultiKult agenda. She says, for example, that White people are socially programmed not to see themselves as White. Agreed. But then she says this is why they respond so defensively to accusations of White privilege, and can't empathize with non-Whites. So what would she prefer? That White people be made very conscious of their White identity? I'm all for that.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sub-Ape-Ess Calls for Burning of Milwaukee Suburbs - Sort of

5. Debate over whether hermaphrodite groid should be allowed to compete in the Olympics as a woman.
Wait - but men and women are equal right? Anything a man can do a woman can do just as well, right? So why do women demand to be segregated at the Olympics? Seriously though, may I suggest a compromise? Integrate the competition, but not fully. Let the top 3 best "female" performers compete against men, and the worst 3 "male" performers compete against women and see what happens. I think it would be very enlightening for fans of diversity.

4. Update on Mark and Megan Short Shooting
As I suspected, the husband was the shooter. Interestingly, police won't release his suicide letter per a request from the wife's relatives. I strongly suspect that is because it would paint her as a selfish, irresponsible, mentally unstable muff muncher who gave no fucks about the misery she was inflicting on her husband and children. Speaking of selfish, irresponsible, mentally unstable muff munchers ...

3. Ellen DeGeneres Posts Joke Usain Bolt Photo and Is Immediately Accused of Being Racist
If you're like me, you will have no idea who Usain Bolt is, but will be able to infer he is some groid in need of MultiKult protection. Ellen's photoshopped image with the nigger athlete probably wouldn't be a problem if the pathetic joke she attached to it hadn't mentioned using him to help run errands. Her biggest crime, once again, is that she is just not funny.

2. Omaha schools meeting goes off rails as angry parents blame trans kids for destroying America
To be fair, it isn't the trannie kids' fault Amerikwa is being destroyed. They are just the mental defective pawns in the MultiKult game. And all the Christian zealots wanting to keep bathrooms holy are once again just lagging behind Kulturally. They will catch up, and be just as happy sharing their bathrooms with trannies as they are letting homos marry in their churches. Why is this? Because MultiKultural values are Christian values minus the Old Testament. It just takes time to break the ancient taboos.

1. Sub-Ape-Ess Calls for Burning of Milwaukee Suburbs - Sort of
This is one of those ready-made pundit flashpoints the Mass Media desperately love. The sub-ape-ess is the sister of the nigger whose death started the riots. She was, in typical nigger fashion, ubba-bubba'ing (verbally stumbling) through her 15 minutes of media attention, and threw off a comment that rioters shouldn't burn her neighborhood, they should take it to the suburbs if they wanted something to burn. Inelegant, and almost Trumpian in its incendiary quality. CNN edited out her burning comments, which conservative media seized as evidence of bias, even though she repeatedly said the word shit in every sentence. But, the narrative has been set, and now all the pundit puppets will dance to the delight of the polarized Mass Media consumers.

Meanwhile, A-drey-drey here can't stop giggling about this part of the sub-ape-esses comments, underlined for emphasis:

“Burnin down shit ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down! We need our shit! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it."


Monday, August 15, 2016

Triumph of the Trumplings

5. At a Donald Trump Rally, a Confederate Flag Goes Up, and Quickly Comes Down
At first, the Kool-Aid drinker who was told he had to remove the flag said that if it was the campaign people who made the decision not to let him raise it, he would have to reconsider his vote. But then he quickly backed down and said he wouldn't. Man of firm conviction, that one.

4. Rape Victim Claims Her Own Mother Said It Was Her Fault for Getting Drunk
You may sympathize with the mother's point of view, but I want you to consider it from this perspective: What if your son had passed out drunk and a frat boy had fingered your son's anus and stuck his dick in your son's mouth. Would you still say it was your son's fault for being drunk? Just curious.

3. Dad and his 7-year-old daughter held at gunpoint in terrifying encounter with out-of-control AZ cop
Po-po thought the rental car was stolen, so he went mental and threatened to shoot a child if she got out of her seat. Most shocking part of this story? The dad and daughter are Chalkies and the po-po a beaner. Oh, the 'Kwa.

2. Comedy Central Cancels ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’
Called it. Noah better start building his ark.

1. Triumph of the Trumplings: Trump Supporters React to Outrageous Campaign Ads - Triumph's Summer Election Special 2016 
It's not just Trumplings who are this stupid, it's Kwanians in general. We all know that. I just wanted to remind White Whateverists how little they have left to work with. Perhaps stooping to their level is a mistake?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Race Mixing Couple Caught Smuggling Dead Toddler into Mexico

5. National Guard activated to help police in wake of Milwaukee violence
=D The one thing I lurv about summertime in the 'Kwa.

4. Brexit could be delayed to late-2019 as government not ready: Sunday Times
What does it say about the state of your bureaucracy that you need three years to divorce yourself from another bureaucracy?

3. Olympics/Corporate Race Mixing Propaganda
Watching the Olympics? You're a race traitor. Turn that shit off. It is MultiKult propaganda wielded by the globalists who want to turn the planet into a brown slave plantation. The commercial video linked shows you exactly their game. You should also be keeping a list of brands to boycott. Add Gillette. Oh wait - I'm supposed to make jokes, not tell White people what is in their own best interest. Since the majority of your "leaders" have so disastrously failed you, I sometimes forget my role. So, after watching that commercial, here's a tagline for this mulatto's mama: Niglet - the best a White trash bitch can expect.

2. Why Do White Supremacists Love Donald Trump?
This is an excellent interview with Tom Metzger, who continues to provide reasoned, truthful observations of both the state of the White race, and the state of those who say they are trying to advocate for the White race. He is also the one White Whateverist who doesn't humiliate the Movement every time he opens his mouth to the enemy press.

1. White Trash / Beaner Bitch Couple Caught Smuggling Dead Toddler into Mexico
Just look at these two. No suspicions raised here by your facial tattoos and your body-shaped duffle bag. Enjoy your visit to Meh-hee-ko! Nice to know MultiKulturalism and carny folk are fully compatible.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Is Trumplingism a Form of White Nostalgia?

5.  Putin May Be On The Verge Of Launching ‘Open War’ On US Ally, Experts Say
Geez, I sure hope so. Let's see Obongo move another red line back again.

4. Jews Don’t Pray Like Christians. So Why Do They in Holocaust Books?
A book-clubber complains that Christian writers are sneaking their silly Jebus superstitions into books about the Holocaust. She calls this a form of cultural appropriation, which is interesting since Hollyweird has made Holocaust mythology integral to post-Western MultiKult society. She also asserts Jews doubt their G-d, and that the Holocaust only deepened that doubt. I doubt that. If anything, it made them more fanatical in their belief they are God's Chosen.

3. Michael Phelps Loses In The Best Possible Way
Another one of these weird, "look what a hero this athlete is because he let someone weaker beat him in a phony match-up" stories. I call it pandering to the cattle. There is no reason you can't swim with a chingy chong or wrestle with a Mongoloid without framing it as a competition to be thrown, and yet, they still do it. I just do not understand Huwhite Human behavior, only the dreadful racial consequences of athlete "hero" worship and White saviorism.

2. Stop Telling Women Not to Run Alone
What is something serial rapists and radical feminists agree upon?

1. Is Trumplingism a Form of White Nostalgia? (Quick Answer: No.)

This article looks to the success of a 1980's-themed television program and draws a connection to reactionary Whites today wanting to regain the simpler, homogenous country of their childhood . It is an idea that has a reasonable appeal at first glance as an explanation for Trumplingism. But, like so many other explanations, it is inadequate as a singular answer.

Yes, adults of today remember fondly a time before the SJW-infested interwebs, LGBTPDQASAPUSOB rights, and a black presbidemf, and therefore perhaps they want to, on occasion, regress to their childhood safe zone as depicted in televised nostalgia. But that doesn't mean they want to get off the interwebs, oppose queer rights, or ban darkies from the White House. Nostalgia does not translate into political conviction. Would you credit the election of Ford or Reagan by people watching Happy Days as the manifestation of the electorate's desire to return to the 1950's? That would be absurd.
Traditionalism is always drawing a line in the sand at low tide and watching it get washed away. But traditionalists/conservatives end up playing in the water at the integrated beach at the end of the day anyway. People who were watching Happy Days were still engaged in the social transformation of the 1970/80's. Watch this clip of Jewish Fonzie knocking down a Whites Only sign, and then consider Reagan's adoption of Martin Luther King Day in 1983. If anything, the urge of nostalgia also includes a rewriting of memories to conform with modern notions traditionalists once opposed but have now embraced.

For all the alleged White angst over "losing their country" and/or "losing their power", White Trumplings are more progressive and MultiKultist than any of their ancestors have ever been. They still do not believe in racial separatism. In fact, they welcome non-Whites to their rallies and cheer when Trump brings them on stage. They have embraced homo-positivity, and welcome any queer or trannie who wants to take a shit at Trump Tower. And they have become big government Leftists who buy in fully to Trump-supported gub'mint ponzi schemes like Social Security, which depend on demographic growth that can only be achieved with the importation of non-Whites because Whities refuse to multiply themselves.

I was a kid in the 1980's. I look back on that time fondly, even though I grew up in poverty in a racially mixed neighborhood. But I also remember it was taboo to say nigger - an early inroad of political correctness. I remember that people who were willing to argue against race mixing and homosexuality still worshiped nigger athletes every Sunday, and were happy to let their kids listen to rock and roll hairband drag queens and watch the Solid Gold prancers. I remember that every television show and news program leaned Left of normal people's values (toward Leftist values that are today the position of the Right). That's why I realize that if we adopted conservative values today, we would simply be adopting Leftism that today's conservatives were watching on TV 30 years ago.

Nostalgia for the 1980's also cannot explain very modern fixations on border walls and banning Muzzies. In the 1980's the concern was more about drugs from Mexico, not Mexican rapists, and Muzzie immigration wasn't on the public's radar at all. If we wanted to deport beaners and muzzies and return to positive population growth rates for Whities, that could be argued as a desire to turn back the clock. Anything else is the aforementioned line drawing at low tide.

Rest assured that in 2040, Kwanians will be watching programs about this era to enjoy some nostalgia of the good ole days of Obongo's Amerikwa. But when it comes to politics, they will turn to their mixed-race, transsexual husbwife and say, I can't vote for Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky because she won't do anything about these half-dog hybrids (HDH) who keep biting cops. Half-dog hybrid lives matter? NO! All lives matter! I'm voting for Barron Trump. He doesn't go for all this Sharia-correctness. He doesn't even make his Islamic toddler wife wear a veil!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Danes Teach Kids Empathy With Cake

5. 'If you get raped by a pack of niggers it’ll be your fault': Newly released 2010 audio of Mel Gibson lashing into ex
HA! Oh, Mel - you are a delight. But it was your shitty decision to choose some off-White slut to be your wife. There are plenty of beautiful, normal White Western women you could have chosen who would have given you no such trouble, but no. You had to go for some strangely brown woman off the steppes.

4. White Retired Teacher Apologizes After Presenting Black Former Colleague With KKK Robe, Confederate Flag
Weird gift. He said it was meant to be a joke to a colleague he respected and admired. What exactly would he gift a colleague whom he wasn't fond of?

3. Gay High Schoolers Experience Rape, Bullying and Suicide At Much Higher Rates, CDC Finds
Now some would say this is because our culture is so regressive and terrible, that it drives these misfortunes. But tell me, in your lifetime, have you ever seen Western culture more tolerant and outright protective of queers? Exactly how much more coddling do they need before they will be happy? The answer to me is that their misery is largely the result of their own behavior, and that behavior stems from mental illness, of which homosexual acts are just one manifestation. An unpopular opinion, I know. But the fact it could not even be considered as a possible root cause should tell you all you need to know about that degree to which society goes to shelter these fragile queers.

Right wingers will no doubt find this a positive story, but they really couldn't be more wrong. Firstly, modesty at the beach is actually a really good idea. We should be encouraging more people to develop a sense of shame and cover up. Whether to hide physical ugliness or discourage vanity, modesty is a civilized value. Secondly, the ban demonstrates exactly how ineffectual the resistance to the Muslim invasion is: "You muzzies can stay, I just want you to dress like us." The exact same reasoning that has led to the browning of France - belief that Frenchness is culture not race. I mean, look at the brown people in the water in the following picture from the article. This is a beach in France - and you're worried about the one wearing an Islamic bathing suit? If you Frogs can't realize you need to ban Muzzies, not modest clothing, you are lost. It's like Amerikwans who think the problem with niggers is sagging pants, and not the niggers themselves.

According to this article, one of the reasons Danes are so happy is that they are taught empathy in schools. And how is this accomplished? By every week a kid bringing a cake to class, and having the children sit around and talk about their problems over cake. I find this article to be a laughable bit of propaganda. It just has a hollow ring. It reads like an attempt to shill yet another Leftist, touchy-feely self-helpish bit of treacle to gullible Kwanians. And exactly how would empathy cake fit into Moochelle Obama's plan to starve the children of Amerikwa into fitness? Furthermore, all it would take in Amerikwa is for someone to make a cake considered "culturally insensitive" for the whole tradition to be scrapped in litigious acrimony.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

WWE Characters Could Be Gay in "Near Future"

5. Did the earliest Americans pass through ice or cross over water? New study fuels debate
This is not a Solutrean Hypothesis article, but instead it communicates doubts about Injuns arriving via the land bridge with Asia story.

4. One of Trump's most senior black officials pressed a loaded handgun against me with the safety off, claims campaign workerQuoting: [The accused] told The Associated Press Wednesday he had recently resigned as both state campaign director and as deputy chair of Trump's National Diversity Coalition. Now who will do the enriching? Diamonds and Silks, you all wanna step in here?

3. Nigger Who Assaulted Dylann Roof First Attempted to Befriend Him
Roofie apparently told the nigger he felt regret for what had happened, to which the nigger's internal monologue responded: “This mother*cker thinks I’m stupid.” That's an actual quote from the article. So Roofie, you still haven't learned to avoid the groid yet, eh? Pathetic.

2. Squirming Niglet Wants No Part Of Morning Show Car Seat Demo!
He is going to be great at resisting arrest.

1. WWE could include LGBT characters in the 'near future,' Stephanie McMahon says
Wait ... what? These characters were supposed to be straight up to this point?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband...

5.  Boy was decapitated on waterslide at Kansas park, source says
Whoa - a couple of days ago it was a spinal injury. Now the speculation is that his head was taken clean off by the safety straps meant to keep him from flying out of the ride. Interesting from a physics perspective would be if the head had the momentum to make it up the second hill on the ride, or if it rolled back down into the first valley while the body kept right on going.

4. Clearly Snapchat Doesn’t Get What’s Wrong With Yellowface
Yes - the biggest problem with it is that it isn't as funny as blackface.

3. Quadruple-amputee toddler who lost her limbs due to meningitis receives customized American Girl doll that looks just like her
If such a poor creature could stay a child forever, dolls and being carried around all day like an especially-beloved sack of potatoes might be enough to keep her happy, and thereby to justify this society's obsession with medical heroics in spite of all common sense.

2. FLA Nigger Shoots Mudshark Ex-Girlfriend In Women's Restroom and Cites Stand Your Ground Law As Excuse
Worst part about this story? She survived being shot in the face. And speaking of mudsharks...

1. ‘When God Sends Your White Daughter a Black Husband’: [Mother] Wants Essay Taken Down After Backlash

Taken as a question, the answer for any decent White woman in a sane society would be to buy a funeral plot for both her husband and her daughter, because her husband is going to kill their daughter and himself by nightfall. A less violent answer would be for her to find another God, because hers is a cuck - but that alone won't atone for the crime of her daughter's bestiality.

Truly, the absurdity of this story speaks for itself. The mother was trying to expose her own racist assumptions, and hold her daughter up as a shining example of Christian virtue, but the MultiKultists wouldn't let her go unchallenged. She wasn't nearly self-loathing enough in her condemnations of her own racism. She has betrayed her race, her grandchildren will be cursed with Negroid DNA, and she still has to suffer for not shoving the anti-racist crown of thorns up her own rectum to please the brown masses. And her response? See below.

Gaye, your failure as a Christian is nothing compared to your failure as a parent.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bobblehead Blackface

5. GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump
I wanted to read why, but I couldn't get past her picture. Look at the size of her nostrils. It looks like someone shoved a thumb in each and drug her around by her nose for a fortnight.

4. Ethiopian swimmer displays a very unathletic paunch for 100 metres... And finishes last by half a lap 
Thank you for reinforcing stereotypes about black people not being very good swimmers. Question is, why did Ethiopia choose to send its fattest resident to the Olympics in the first place?

3. Obongo chooses to vacation near piss-contaminated pond
R. Kelly must have recommended it to him.

2. German Nazi Hunter Finds 8 More Elderly Suspects
He looks like a kike to me. 4 of the suspects are women who worked as telephone operators. THOSE MONSTERS! But you know, if not one of those old krauts has the guts to outright deny what happened and call this thing a hoax, even at their advanced age, then they deserve what they get. Because even if every detail about the mass extermination of European Jewry was true, these people have a chance before they die of sticking it to the parasites who have mentally enslaved their descendants.

1. Bobblehead Blackface: Red Sox deem David Ortiz bobblehead racially insensitive
It does seem to feature a kind of blackface mouth that would most typically be paired with a comically oversized slice of watermelon. However, the association would probably be beyond most proles. That might explain how the company got so far as to take delivery and announce they were giving away 15,000 of the things. A smart person would snatch some of these up before the manufacturer destroys them all. The remaining few would be quite the taboo collector's item.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Murdered Jogger's Mother Drops F-Bombs During Press Conference

5. George P. Bush, a Trump Holdout, Urges Support For Nominee
Pulled a Lil' Marco, eh? I guess beaners just love being humiliated. Holy moly what a cuck. I mean, you know you're a cuck when Jeb Bush has more backbone than you do. Yikes. Speaking of deviant beaners ...

4. [Beaner] Mother, 36 [looks 56], and [beaner] son [douchebeard fan], 19, who fell in love when they met last year after she gave him up for adoption as a baby, say they'll go to JAIL to defend their relationship
Cuz lurv conquers all, right? I mean, what have you people got against lurv? You must have hate and fear in your hearts. Who are you to judge? If you object to this, it must be because you secretly want to fuck your mom or dad. (These repurposed arguments brought to you courtesy of the gay rights movement, who repurposed them from the anti-anti-miscegenation movement).

3. Black Judge Tests Limits of Free Speech With Racially Charged Facebook Jury Remarks
This title seems to have been written by someone who didn't read the article. The darkie judge's Facebook comments are inappropriate because they are critical of a kike attorney who resented having an all-White jury dismissed by said darkie judge. I find this story fascinating because it pits a kike against a darkie in a fight over an all-White jury. Usually, it is the former two united together against the latter.

2. Mum changes her baby daughter’s name after three months because nobody could pronounce it
Jeopardy answer: What is something a nigger would never do?

1. Murdered Jogger's Mother Drops F-Bombs During Press Conference
Quoting:  "My daughter was a force to be reckoned with,” said Vetrano, per the New York Daily News and CBS. "And I guarantee you, you motherf---er, that you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you f---ing burn in hell." "The whole world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth you are," Vetrano continued. "Soon we’re going to have a face to (match) the d---less piece of garbage that you are. ... My daughter was a big believer in karma, and as you can see, she’s magical. The whole world knows she’s magical. And I guarantee you will pay forever." So, this is where we are as a society. Interesting. Here is a picture of the victim, Katrina Vetrano:

Tits a tragedy the family will never forget.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Scarlet L - for Lesbo

5. Controversial Sprinklers Return to Auschwitz
So if you can't have sprinklers to keep people cool in summer, I suppose you also can't have a furnace to keep them warm in winter. That would be insensitive. And having security guards on the property? INSENSITIVE! And asking people to queue in a line to enter the grounds? INSENSITIVE! And eating a bean burrito before visiting Auschwitz? INSENSITIVE!

4. The Holocaust Historian Who Loves Donald Trump
The "Historian" in this case is just another totalitarian-loving Oompa-Loompa apologist. But the article reveals not just the depths the apologists will sink to explain away their buffoon's worst behavior, but also the depths to which Leftist Jews will go to ignore Trump's love of Israel, and his Jewish grandchildren.

3. Christopher Biggins removed from Big Brother following Holocaust comments
I recognized the name, but I couldn't quite place him looking at the photo. Then it dawned on me - he was the fat queer who played Nero in I, Claudius. HA! Any other visitors like that miniseries as much as I did? I'm sure British audiences are more familiar with him in other roles, but that is what I remembered him for. Biggins is right-leaning enough that he should embrace his anti-Semitism and seek membership in the Alt-(Fag)-Right.

2. Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish Holocaust hero, executed in Soviet prison, diaries reveal
Hmm... well, thank you Stalin for that at least. I've always thought Wallenberg looked like he had kike-blood, and according to this, there may have been a reason for my suspicion.

And now for something completely different. I really wasn't intending for today's post to be so Kikey, it just happened. But the following disturbing, non-Kikey story deserves its number 1 position your Compulsory Diversity quota today. Therefore, its bucks the unintentional theme for today:

1. The Scarlet L - for Lesbo: Family of 5, including tot with heart transplant, found dead in apparent murder-suicide

Permit me to briefly summarize before my comments, relying also on information from A family of 5, Mark and Megan Short (40 and 33) and their 3 young children (8, 5,  and 2), were found dead from gunshot wounds in what is being called a murder suicide. Po-pos won't tell us who pulled the trigger.

Their youngest child was born with a defective heart, and had to receive a heart transplant. She was placed on god-awfully expensive immunosuppresant therapy to keep her alive. The cost of her surgery and drugs must have easily been in the range of a few hundred thousand dollars during the course of her brief life. And now she has been murdered by one of her parents. FUCK YOU INSURANCE COMPANIES / TAX PAYERS!

Now for the salacious bit - The mother had left the father in order to pursue a lesbian relationship with a fellow "transplant mom". Here is the social media post where she discussed her decision:

Read that line again: "We are still really struggling. It is a daily battle and I decided to finally live for me!"

The struggle is shared, but she decided to live for her. [Slow, sarcastic, clapping]. Well, lezzie - it was a brief life, wasn't it? Hope you enjoyed your eight weeks of muff munching.

CRETIN. Once you have children, you don't get the option of "living for me" anymore. That's what leads to women letting their toddlers play unattended in the bathtub. "OH, I just turned away for a moment and he drowned! BOO HOO HOO. Want to go out clubbing tonight?" Not that she killed the kids mind you. It's just that the mentality of putting one's romantic life in front of the needs of one's children is unbelievably selfish and yet sooooo freaking typical of the modern age.

According to this article, the mother had PTSD; but since she was a lesbian, we already knew she was mentally ill. It is possible she killed them. We just read a recent story of a mentally ill woman who killed her daughter's to strike at her husband. In this case, I think it is more likely the husband killed them all. Shame, losing one's wife, one's children, and one's financial security can do that to a fellow. It must be even more unbearable having struggled with the terrible medical condition of his youngest, only to lose his whole family based on the sapphic whim of his wife.

I can see it now, the feminists gloating about the evil White man who killed his wife rather than let her be a happy free lesbo. But turn it around, and make it the White man taking the children away from their mother and running off to pursue a romance with some woman he met while his daughter was getting medical treatment, and they would be decrying him as a foul womanizer. It would be a Lifetime movie.

MultiKulturalism is unbelievably messy. DIE-versity deserves is comic misspelling. The West has lost its mind. Think about it. What would a sane society have done?

In a sane society, the doctors would have told these people: Your daughter is grossly defective. We will not pay to keep her alive. We will not add to the burden on society or the genepool. They also would have screened the parents and the other children to determine their fitness or lack thereof, and taken appropriate measures in response.

In a sane society, the parents would have grieved, and let their child go. Their loved ones would have grieved with them given them support, and then helped them move on. It would be understood that the child was unfit for life, and it would have been irresponsible to bring more suffering into the world.

In a sane society, it would be social and legal suicide to commit adultery. It would mean losing everything - being ostracized by one's family, losing one's children, one's wealth, one's job, and all parental rights. It would mean being expelled from the society as an outcast. No scarlet letter - that person would become vapor - perhaps literally if the society was strong enough. And why? Because one's selfish, irresponsible actions impact one's children, which impacts the future of the society. Society has to pay for the mistakes of its members. The whole society has to deal with the consequences of the moral defects of its members. Our mad society has simply gotten really good at ignoring those consequences and pushing them off to the next generation indefinitely.

In a sane society, homosexuals would not have children. Homosexuals would not marry. It would be fundamentally understood that procreation is a heterosexual act, and that the products of procreation are meant to be raised by heterosexual parents. Anyone who pursued homosexuality would not be permitted to adopt, and would lose parental rights. Single people would not be able to adopt either.  IVF would be denied to the innately infertile, homosexuals, and the unwed because if you can't produce children naturally, you have proven that your genes aren't worth replicating. IVF would basically be restricted to heterosexual couples who were otherwise deemed fit but who by injury or accident were denied natural means of reproduction.

Why isn't this stuff self-evident? Why has everyone lost their minds? Let me make it as simple as possible for you. If you disagree with any of the viewpoints articulated in the sane society paragraphs above, it is because you are at worst a selfish, egotistical degenerate, or at best a naive moralizer whose limp-wristedness empowers the selfish and egotistical to turn this world into a sewer.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Chalky Woman Wins Olympic Gold Shooting Against Chinese Competitors

5. Soon-to-Be-Dad Dies in Molasses Vat at Work
Fighting ... internal struggle ... can't resist sticky situation pun ... ergh ... I'm so ashamed.

4. Mulatto Kills Her Abusive Nigger Daddy to Save Mudshark Mammy
And surprise - her nigger relatives say her daddy dindu nuffin.

3. Newspaper runs side-by-side obituaries of same [nigger] — one from his wife and one from his girlfriend
HA! Oh, the 'Kwa. Outstanding. Even better, the nigger names of his wife and girlfriend (Bearetta and Princess Hall) and son (Jazz).

2. Even weirder results about the 'alien megastructure' star
Turns out no one has a clue what the heck is going on with that star. I recommend, in honor of its odd behavior, that we name it after another dim, erratic star - Randy Quaid.

1. Chalky Woman Wins Olympic Gold Shooting Against 2nd and 3rd Placed Chinese Competitors
Look at the expression on that ching chong's moon pie face (the one on the left, telepathically communicating with the ching chong on the right). I'll tell you exactly what she's thinking - "She may be better than us Clone 2, but we outnumber her 2-to-1."