Sunday, July 31, 2016

White [Trash] Lives Matter

5. White Weatherman Loses His Job Over Facebook Jab at BLM
You fool. I will just have to keep saying it and hope against hope that word eventually gets around. RULES THAT APPLY TO TRUMP DO NOT APPLY TO YOU. Political Correctness is still in effect for everyone else except Donald Trump.

4. Why ‘white trash’ Americans are flocking to Donald Trump
Quoting said White Trash: "Gah-huck ... look Lurlene - der's dat guy from the Wrestlemania! I like him! He'll make every trailer a double-wide!" Honestly, I think I have finally stopped feeling bad about the disaster that is coming. It will be richly satisfying when White Whateverists finally figure out that the trailer park lurv of Trumpenfuhrer will not transfer to them ... ever.

3. Khizr Khan: Trump has a 'black soul'
Black soul ... let's see: 1) He sits in a golden throne for press interviews. 2) He mentioned the size of his junk during a televised debate. 3) He fondles his own daughter and fantasizes about dating her. So actually his soul is 2/3'rds negroid and 1/3'rd Woody Allen.

2. Man arrested for YouTube videos threatening Baton Rouge police, David Duke
Getting arrested for empty racist threats - sounds more like something a White Whateverist would do than what a Black Whateverist would do.

1. Buffalo White [Trash] Lives Matter protest decimated by anti-protesters (video)
And by decimated they mean that a gaggle of anti-White White Trash tore the t-shirt off a pro-White piece of White Trash. Pa-freakin-thetic

You can watch the video below.

Karl Hand, the leader of the "Racial Nationalist Party of America" was also there, attempting to hand out literature on behalf of his "party". You can enjoy a graphic captured from the front page of the "party" website below, which by the way is soliciting donations.

An animated white toilet. How appropriate.

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