Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ugliest Jewess in the World Resigning as DNC Leader

5. Obama's Kenyan half-brother says he's voting for Donald Trump
Quoting the sub-ape: "Donald Trump will make goat rape great again!" [Not an actual quote, but the sentiment is no doubt there.]

4. Dying Journalist Writes One Last Column
Quoting the last line written by the dying 43-year-old journalist-ess:  "If there's a heaven, or whatever, I'll see you there." ... Eloquent.

3. 'Kill More Cops': Hateful anti-police graffiti scrawled near busy Los Angeles freeway
I'm sure its not meant to be taken literally - It's simply the thug version of one of those motivational posters with a kitten dangling from a tree with the words "Hang in there." And on a related topic...

Well, they are the easiest kind to shoot.

1. Ugliest Jewess in the World Resigning as DNC Leader
She says the best way for her to accomplish her goals at this point is to step down as party chair. HA! What goals were those? 1) Secure the nomination for the least electable Democrat in history. 2) Make sure the nominee chooses a milquetoast Vice Presidential candidate so as to remove any chance of enthusiasm from the base of the party. 3) Resign in a scandal that would cause the entire opposition within the party to view the nominee as illegitimate. Check, check, check. What's the fourth goal? To blow Donald Trump in the Oval Office on his first day as President?


  1. After the Debbie "UglyJewCunt" story, this is the next-best thing.

    1. HAHAHAHA! Look at how casually he picks the shit out of his mouth and nose. This is obviously *not his first rodeo*.