Sunday, July 03, 2016

Trump is Now [Officially] a Comic Book Villain

Woman gets blood poisoning after kissing dog
Oh, Chalkies - the wet dog stereotype doesn't need more help from you.

Memphis [Sub-ape-ess] charged with grizzly butchering of 4 of her kids
Growing up in a neighborhood with lots of black kids, I overheard several times when sassy black mamas used Bill Cosby's "I brought you into this world, I can take you out." line. Let's hope a trend of sub-ape-esses following through on such promises develops.

Millennial Has Leg Blown off in Central Park Near Elie the Weasel's Funeral
Kid looks like a mischling to me - last name is Golden. Police say they think it was some sort of fireworks accident, but the guy wasn't carrying fireworks. Any conspiracists want to take a crack at this one? I'm listening.

Vigilante dad jailed for hunting down heroin dealers after model daughter's overdose death
His daughter was a mudshark who OD'd beside her nigger boyfriend. Good riddance. And *NOW* the father wants to do something. An ounce of racial hygiene is worth a pound of retributive justice. Honestly, he should be grateful she's dead, so that he doesn't get stuck paying for her to raise her mudlings.

Trump is Now [Officially] a Comic Book Villain
I mean, he was always a kind of one-dimensional cartoonish villain, but now it is official. Take a look:

Not exactly subtle, is it?

I was reading an article last night on a White Whateverist website that is critical of Trump. Surprising that any exist I know, but there are a few. In the comments section, a Trumpling unleashed all the hackneyed defenses of Trumplingism - the same ones I addressed here:
Trump Declares Tomorrow Belongs to His Jewish Grandchildren

Reading those defenses trotted out again, it made me think just how hopeless White, racially aware people are in general. It's not just that they have been losing every battle for the past 150 years, its that they can't think their way out of a wet paper bag. They are the type of people who thought firing the first shot of the American Civil War was a good idea. They are the type of people who thought Germany invading the USSR was a good idea. They can't think strategically. They blunder through their brief lives never thinking of the consequences of their actions a year from now, let alone 10 or 100 years from now.

They've backed another villain. They've joined the losing side - again. Just like their predecessors in the Civil War or WWII, they will see early wins and conclude they are destined for victory. They will arrogantly declare themselves unstoppable, and will be utterly shocked when the inevitable failures begin. When you warn them they are making a mistake, they will call you a defeatist. When they are being defeated, they will turn on those who warned them it would happen.

The saddest ones are the handful of them who are smart enough to know what they are doing wrong, but who resignedly tell you, "What other choice do we have? All I have left is hope."

You poor bastards. If an oompa-loompa flanked by its mischling grandchildren is your hope for racial salvation, you never had any hope to begin with. Get in formation like good little henchmen, and prepare to sacrifice yourselves for your villain.


  1. If golden is not a bernie supporter than I am a gay nigger astrophysist

    Only a couple of years ago trump was on tv all the time,I don't recall the media saying anything as negative about him then

    Comics are nothing more than a vehicle for the jew to brainwash us,filth promoting the aidss lifestyle, transgenderism and mixed race relationships,it's no coincidence the alt fags are really into comics and Japanese culture

    1. HA! Nice dig at Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

      And at the time, White Whateverists had nothing nice to say about Trump. Now he is even more all over TV and the White Whateverists adore him. Strange days have found us.

      I thought the Alt-Fags were into comics because most of them are a bunch of basement-dwelling pedophiles.

  2. is blocking your referer. Noted on that first link.