Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Last Thing Japan's Blackhole Satellite Saw

5. Gretchen Carlson of Fox News Files Suit Against Roger Ailes, Alleging Harassment
Outstanding. Best of luck to her.

4. Alton Sterling shooting: Video of deadly encounter with officers sparks outrage
Yay! Let the Fergusonesque games begin! So many of the proper elements are in the right place, and it is the middle of summer. Unfortunately, I worry that because the fellow had a gun in his possession, he is not as sympathetic a nigger ... er, figger ... oops, figure ... as sparked previous games. Still, fingers crossed!

3. Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Blast Army Over News of Suicide Attempt
Or as I like to call him, Bradley Womaning. If at first you don't succeed, Bradley.

2. Trump's Jewboy Son-in-Law Defends Him Against Charges of Anti-Semitism
I doubt you will find this link on any other White Whateverist website. Here's the best part:

The difference between me and the journalists and Twitter throngs who find it so convenient to dismiss my father in law is simple. I know him and they don’t. It doesn’t take a ton of courage to join a mob. It’s actually the easiest thing to do. What’s a little harder is to weigh carefully a person’s actions over the course of a long and exceptionally distinguished career.

Kikener nailed it perfectly for both sides of the political spectrum - even though I find nothing particular distinguished about Trump's career - both the Far Left and the Far Right ignore any evidence about Trump the contradicts their narrative that he is anti-Semitic / racist / pro-White and/or the next Hitler. Forget weighing carefully, they don't weigh things up at all. Trump doesn't apologize - that is why he won't back down when he throws out some stupid remark like "My African American" or retweets some rightwing meme. He also wants to maintain the upper hand - that is why he is so curt with the media when they try to make him disavow David Duke. He is playing the Right, and that means he sometimes strays into the Far Right of the stage and his kike directors have to remind him where his mark is. But like any diva, he will never admit he blew a take.

1. This Is the Last Thing Japan's Lost Black Hole Satellite Saw Before It Died
Well, since this is Japan we are talking about, it was probably something like this ...

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