Monday, July 25, 2016

Say what now? Mom of prostitute believed to be slain by serial killer stabbed to death.

5. Prince Harry Reveals One of His Biggest Regrets After Princess Diana's Death
Is it that his mother's autopsy revealed her stomach contents at the time of her death to be approximately 2 ccs of Muzzie semen?

4. Sanders was right about the DNC all along
Well, duh. Anyone outside of the Mass Media could have told you the fix was in. This article describes the conceit of the elites thusly: "[...] they know who should run for office better than any uninformed voter." Well of course they do. They know how the shitty system runs, so they choose the plumber who can keep the shit flowing. If you don't choose the candidates for the masses, they will pick someone like Trump, who will have the shit exploding back out of the toilet right into your face when you flush it. Thank goodness Trump's been put on a leash by his Jewish son-in-law, so we can rest assured that the cesspool called Washington D.C. will continue to function regardless of which grandparent of mischling is chosen in November. And speaking of trump and shit...

3. Racist Trump supporter caught on video going apesh*t inside a Manhattan subway train
More pigshit than apeshit in this circumstance. Nice Boss Hog Suit there, lil' fellow - but the pink shirt makes you look queer. Atl-Fag perhaps? No wonder you love Trump. I would remind White people not to do this sort of thing, but when I do, I get called out in the comments section by conspiracists who say all such altercations are orchestrated by Joooozzzzz. By the way, Boss Hog was a Jew. Coincidence? Don't be naïve!

2. TV newswoman newsbabooness plunges 125 feet to death at North Carolina waterfall
I was hoping that she fell to her death while filming, but no such luck. Instead - quite oddly - she was wading in a stream and was swept away by the current. Come now sub-ape-ess, you should have known better than to get into a body of water when it wasn't even September yet [once yearly bathing season for the sub-apes]. And then you know you are supposed to spritz yourself in one of the gub'mint-approved Negro washing stations - public fountains or opened fire hydrants.

1. Mom of prostitute believed to be slain by serial killer stabbed to death
Ah, Mass Media. I love this headline because it is both provocative and confusing at the same time. Let me untangle  this one for you, if I can - A woman whose prostitute daughter was killed years ago, possibly by a serial killer, has herself been murdered by her surviving daughter. The surviving daughter is a schizophrenic, who stabbed her mother during a break wif reality. Now I say wif, because the stabby-daughter is a great example of a typical butt-ugly quadroon. Amerikwanis quadroonus. Enjoy ...


  1. I loved that one of li'l Debbie Wasserman's leaked e-mails made fun of a sheboon Dem staffer named "LaQueenia." What next, a young buck's name: "Dat Me, DaKingia"? How aren't these inane jigroes just not openly mocked everywhere they go? Oh, I forgot, it's da terrible, terrible legacy ob de slabery... pounded into us every other minute with new movies like "Birf of a Nation" and "Koons," I mean "Roots."

    1. DaKingia - HA! Nigger names are an endless source of merriment. Under slabery was the only time in the history of niggers that they actually had properly spelled, pronounced, and otherwise sensible names.

      Working in healthcare in an area heavily populated by Negroes, I have seen some naming doozies. Thing is, even some black people mock other black people's names. I remember years ago one old sub-ape-ess, upon hearing a particularly egregious nigger-name, repeated it with disgust and then followed up with "That's just ign'ant."