Monday, July 04, 2016

Racist Google Strikes Again with White Supremacist 4th of July Doodle

Iowa woman killed when homemade cannon explodes
Every freakin' 4th of July, a fraction of the drunk idiots of the Kwa is culled. Not enough of a fraction to make a difference, unfortunately.

Police investigating death of Wisconsin student in Rome as murder, family says
Guy looks like a mongoloid. Apparently, he was murdered, robbed, and dumped in the Tiber. Quoting: "Two Italians claimed to have seen a man throw a person into the Tiber Thursday night or early Friday morning near Garibaldi Bridge." Wow, that really narrows down the list of suspects. Another interesting bit - he survived a ten-year battle with cancer, only to end up sleeping with the fishes. Death will not be denied.

Drunk Racist Woman Dragged Off a Plane While Screaming Profanities
This video is light on the racism, heavy on the drunk, but is still amusing. Watching a drunk White woman being carried off a plane by two nigger security guards is a helpful reminder of where we are as a society on this Independence Day 2016. And while we're on the subject ...

#AmericaWasNeverGreat Trends On Twitter
So on one side we have Lefties criticizing the 'Kwa for slavery, genocide of the Native Americans, stealing land from Mexico, interment of the Japs, and oppression of women. On the other side, we have Right-wingers lauding the 'Kwa for freeing the slaves, providing equal opportunity for all, being a land of diverse immigrants, fighting the Good War against fascism, and giving women the right to vote - you know, all those things the right-wing tried to stop from happening by happened anyway.

Racist Google Strikes Again with White Supremacist 4th of July Doodle
So what, all stars are White? Is that what Google is trying to say? Why is Google so rayciss? #FuckYouRacistGoogleDoodles


  1. Your "are all stars White" comment brought to mind one forum discussion I read years ago.

    The whites in the forum were talking about how black shadow creatures in a video game were horrible, terrible racist portrayal of blacks. Because anything black is a Negro, apparently.

    The fun started when a black man came to the forum and wrote that while Negroes are black, not all things black are Negroes. Then the whites in the forum (bless their little non-racist hearts) began to argue with him that no, no, it's racist! Don't you see! Fun times.

    I rather wish we had someone like Mengele (however he was in reality) who could dissect these people and determine how they breathe because I honestly can't imagine they have the brain capacity for it.

    - Different Anon

    1. HA! Outrage appropriation - that does sound fun to watch. Reminds me of this ...

      Someone like Mengele? Ooo! Ooo! Me! Me! I volunteer to dissect as many specimens as I can be *legally* provided by the duly appointed *authorities*. Sigh... maybe the reason I am so disappointed with the state of White Whateverism is that I have finally resigned myself to never being able to be the Evil Nazee Herr Doktor I always dreamed I would. <<>>

  2. I'm surprised america hasn't banned all 4th of July celebrations,in fear of offending the invaders

    What do jews do on 4th July? Invent new holohaux tales? In a couple of years they will forget the lampshades and come up with something new

    What's strange is the bug chasers are not using the holohaux to their advantage,if nazis really did exterminate millions of fags we would hear about it non stop

    1. What do Jews do on the 4th of July? Sacrifice a gentile baby dressed up like Uncle Sam and drink its blood.

      I'd be thrilled if the 4th of July was banned. In fact, let's do away with all holidays. Get back to work, wage slaves!!!

      Can't blame the fags for failing to capitalize on the HoloCo$t. The Jews have a monopoly on that cash cow.