Thursday, July 21, 2016

Po-Pos Shoot Negro Who Was Trying to Help Strangely Familiar Autistic Man

5. How Ted Cruz performed the perfect troll
Perhaps. I think all sides are completely overthinking this whole thing. The Cuban Grandpa Munster was stuck with two options - 1) Endorse a candidate who had humiliated him by maligning his wife and family, or 2) Renege on his promise and show the world that he had some backbone. If you can actually say that you would endorse someone who maligned your family like Trump did to Cruz, you are a cuck. It's that simple. And you know that Trump would never have endorsed Cruz if the positions were reversed, nor would any of the Trumplings have expected him to. Everything else is just pundit theater - "It was a bid for 2020. It was political suicide. It was revenge. It was falling into a trap. It was a betrayal. It was standing up for principles." That's all bullshit. It was personal. Rubio was just as humiliated by Trump, but he endorsed Trump because Rubio is a foam party loving cuck. Cruz didn't want to be a cuck in this circumstance. That doesn't mean he won't get another opportunity to be one.

4. The 12 Whitest Dance Moves Seen At The RNC Convention
I know, I know - reverse racism. But remember, you can't be racist toward White people because racism requires power and privilege and blah, blah, blah. Just enjoy laughing at stupid people making fools of themselves. White culture is so degraded and negrified that its no wonder they can't dance to today's music - it's not made for them.

3. 3,000 Year Old Village Unearthed In Britain
Incredible that many of the items recovered are better made and are in better shape than equivalent tools and goods one would find today in Africa.

2. The geeks from hell: Video-gamers planned to shoot up the Pokemon World Championship
As they are led off to prison, they may take comfort in the fact that at least now they won't die virgins.

1. Po-Pos Shoot Negro Caregiver Who Was Trying to Rescue Autistic Man Playing in the Street with Toy Truck
See the picture below, taken moments before the shooting. The retard that Negro is trying to save ... is that ... Matthew Heimbach? Bonus story: Matthew Heimbach is facing criminal charges for ape-handling a babooness protesting at a Trump convention.

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