Friday, July 22, 2016

Paramedics Used Unconscious Patients as Part of Selfies War

5. Romeo and Juliet Balcony Now Open to Same-Sex Couples
As long as they stay authentic and kill themselves afterwards, I can support this.

4. The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s Air Kiss Fail
What the? Did Donald have a senior moment and think he was at the Miss USA pageant?

3. 'It looks like she's in a shampoo ad!' Twitter pokes fun at Ivanka Trump at RNC
Of course they were more focused on her hair blowing around in an enclosed auditorium then they were that she sounded like she too was plagiarizing talking points from Michelle Obama. Basically, she was promising that her daddy will continue to use the power of the state to act as a surrogate husband for womyn, so that they in turn can continue to live in a delusion of personal empowerment. SLOW MARCH LEFT.

2. Munich terror attack comes exactly five years to the day of Anders Breivik's Killing Spree
You can almost hear Breivik now - "I told ya so." Of course, those more attuned to the truth than some common-sense-bound drudge such as myself would point out the purpose of both attacks was simply to spread fear of Muslims, "Because JOOOZ!" Sigh - The response to White racist attacks is to import more Muzzies, and the response to Muzzie terrorist attacks is to import more Muzzies. What does fear of Muzzies have to do with anything? Ooo ... ooo ... ooo - it's because then we will bomb Syria, which makes Muzzies want to come to Europe! But what about all the Muzzies coming from Pakistan, or Sub-Saharan Africa, or Algeria which aren't being bombed by the West? Well, because, because ... SHUT UP AND JOOOZ!

1. Paramedics Used Unconscious Patients as Part of Selfies War
Another new low in human behavior made possible by the Information Age. And it's not even the first time. The picture below is actually from a similar event just last year. The title article goes further into all sorts of abuse patients are suffering at the hands of deviant morons. Remember that its a good idea to have someone you trust advocate on your behalf when you are sick and vulnerable. The few deviants aside, the far more common thing you will encounter will be incompetents and the bad-tempered, overwhelmed competent people who work twice as hard to cover for the incompetents.


  1. Since brevik there have only been a handful of "white supremacist" shootings,wade page and Dylan roof come to mind,and how many muzzie terror attacks have happened since brevik? Joo media fails with its brainwashing again

    Of course the media hates the blonde joo ivanka, the true beauty is michelle obama,her big dick keeps hussein satisfied

    1. Yes, at this point in the 21st century, there have been more brown shooters of cops than there have been pro-white shooters of brown people.

      As for Joo Ivanka, the media I've seen lurvs her. After her convention speech, she was being praised by both the left and right:

      How convenient for the oligarchs.

  2. in the end the Munich shooting has nothing to do with the Breivik shooting? It was just to take attention away from the recent Muslim attacks?

    Come to think of it, I don't see why they are all atwitter over Breivik. Obviously the man wasn't racist. He killed whites. Whites who hadn't even had the time to proliferate yet. It is like two for the price of one. They should rejoice!

    If I recall correctly, you work in the medical field, don't you, Mr Arlott? Has the standards truly fallen so low that they really let in people like in the linked article above?

    Oh, what a silly question. They even let Muslims and Negroes to take care of the elderly who then get raped. Even in their death beds they get that last moment of enrichment!

    Would it be possible to send a robot onto an asteroid and then steer it towards Earth? I feel this could be a feasible plan. Where are those misanthropic engineers when you need one?

    - Different Anon

    1. News out today is that the Munich thing was more of a school kid revenge play, and it was a Muzzie venting his anger at other Muzzies. Comforting to know the West will carry on its tradition of rejected kids killing their peers even after Whities have been replaced by the brown hordes.

      Poor Breivik - nobody wants him. White Whateverists reject him because he killed other Whities or because they think he was a jew tool, or both. The Lefties hate him because he was anti-Muzzie and killed White cuckspawn, but they love how he frightens the Whities away from anti-immigrant sentiment.

      Yes, I work in the medical field. I only got involved this century, so I can't really say what it might have been like historically, and if there has been a decline in standards. I have only ever seen the current low set of standards. The one thing I must reiterate to everyone who passes by this blog - you must question your care, and the care of those you love. You must advocate for yourself or have an advocate on your side. Medical errors happen all the time - you will not get through a hospital admission without an error of some sort being made. Most are low threat, but some are deadly. Yet, there is a tendency for patients to simply trust whatever a doctor or nurse says/does.

      I love the asteroid idea. It should definitely be in the top 10 of our conspiracy's plans.

    2. Yes, it is very comforting that not all Western traditions are lost with whites. It brings a tear to my eye.

      My only question is, why can't they kill more of each other?

      To tell you the truth, I was never much interested in the Breivik shooting. If I got all atwitter over every mass killing, I would have to be so every day. My sister kept talking to me about it, however, and she kept mentioning that he'd killed kids. I kept picturing seven-year-old or so kids, and was a little surprised when I eventually found out they were teenagers.

      (Hah! I guess that is what I get for refusing to read the news.)

      I suppose my only question regarding Breivik is, why didn't he blow up the Storting while he was at it? In fact, why hasn't any white lone wolf blown up their political establishments? Or even mass-media establishments?

      Thank you for your advice, Mr Arlott. I will keep it in mind. It is true that majority of people have a tendency to trust any manner of authority.

      I'm glad to hear you liked the idea! We definitely need to file it away.

      - Different Anon

    3. As for why they don't kill more of each other, I assume it comes down to fear of death or prison. As for why spree killers don't hit more relevant targets, I assume that is because they are far enough out of touch with reality that they no longer fear death or prison, so their targets only make complete sense to them. Kind of like how Breivik's black power salute in court made sense to him, but confused everyone else.

      RE: Trusting Authority. I am sometimes surprised when a subordinate at work does what I say on a matter that I am not certain about. I think - you're not going to question that? But why didn't they? If I consider why I don't question my "superiors" at work and simply follow instructions, its not from any respect or trusting their judgment as better than my own, but out of mental laziness and abnegation of responsibility. X said to do it. I don't really care one way or another, and if it is wrong, it is X's fault, so I have my answer and I have it quickly.

      I wonder how much of what patients do is truly based off of trust in expertise/judgment, and how much is based upon just not wanting to have to think about it / take responsibility for it and wanting a solution now.