Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing'

5. Disturbing Racial Comments Made by Ex-Vanderbilt Football Player Found Guilty of Rape
Racial??? After raping the drunk White moron, he pissed on her face and called it payback for 400 years of slavery. Dishes Cripe - even right-wing media can't call racism racism if it is uttered by the mouth of a nigger-athlete. Fucking cucks. Again, just do your substitution. Imagine a White man had raped a black woman, and then pissed on her saying "Enjoy your eman-ci-pee-tion." ... HAHAHA! I'm sorry, that was too funny to be used an example of Mass Media double-standards in ascribing racist motivations. Moving along...

4. The Pence pick: The time Trump didn't go with his gut
Reports say Trump didn't want Pence, and tried to back out at the last minute. His "power behind the throne" son-in-law Jewey Kushner may have been a big influence in this case. But why? Ambivalent on Trump, GOP Jews gush over Pence. I've noticed the majority of White Whateverists who have commented so far have been mildly-to-completely approving of the pick. Yet another opportunity to get out of their delusions while saving face has passed them by.

3. The Man Cops Say Serially Killed San Diego’s Homeless Is Homeless Himself
So give him a sandwich, a shower, and a change of clothes and get him back out on the street.

2. Movement to create Utah monument leads to another Western land fight
Featherheads and greenies are teaming up to grab land to prevent further development. I really don't care. But I did find this bit funny: “We don’t want to forget about our ancestors,” said Malcolm Lehi, a Ute Mountain Tribal commissioner. “Through them, we speak. That’s the whole concept of protecting and healing this land. They are still here among us as the wind blows.” You're named after a prophet from the freakin' book of Mormon, which claims your jew-redman ancestors murdered their jew-whiteman cousins. Are those the ancestors and healing you are talking about?

1. Outspoken Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing': Police
Qandeel? What a great nigger name. One look at that face and you understand why muzzies throw tarps over their women's heads. Yikes. So she slutted it up and made a spectacle of herself in the Western female fashion. Why assume that is why she was strangled? Perhaps her brother was simply embarrassed that his sister wore a Minnie-Mouse-style dress while doing a kind of Ed Grimly dance on the YouTubes.


  1. It's not all doom and gloom

    Imam collapses after he uses cucumber as dildo, ha ha!

    Was the cucumber halal or kosher?

    1. HAHAHAHA! That's hysterical!

      He was probably filming the Islamic version of Veggie Tales.

  2. Muds sure like to urinate on their victims. Marking territory?

    "They are still here among us as the wind blows."

    But any other day when the wind doesn't blow they aren't? Rather fickle, I'd say.

    A funny thing happened to me some time ago. I was on my way to work when two Mormons stopped me to chat with me, gave me their book, and then went on their merry way. When I related this story to the Christian in my workplace, he said, "don't read that book. It's nothing but nonsense."

    Unlike the Bible, d'you mean? Alas, I didn't ask it since I'd like to keep good but distant relations at work. It's less of a hassle.

    The other Mormon gave the impression of an inbred Russian and the other looked like he had featherhead ancestry. It was quite interesting as I hadn't known there were even a single Mormon in here.

    I'm not quite sure what burned more; the dress or the dance? But she looks oddly manly for a woman. Which reminds me when I carelessly joked to my old friend about Middle-Eastern women.

    She'd gone to a vacation in Turkey, came back and gushed over Turkish men. I said, "you sure they were men? I've heard the women there grow mustaches, too."

    For whatever reason she was offended. I'm unsure if it was because I made fun of the women there or because I implied she'd partaken in a bit of lesbianism.

    - Different Anon

    1. HAHAHA! You were on roll with that post - A++, well done! Re: The Muzziette - Have you noticed her eyebrows? They are obviously cut vertically on either side of her nose from a single great unibrow, leaving a perceptible five o'clock shadow between. There's another scary photo of her at this link, in which she looks like David Koresh in drag (4th pic down):

      I read several parts of the Book of Mormon, in researching their views on race. What impressed me was how much the Book of Mormon sounded like real scripture. Joseph Smith rendered an excellent duplication of the biblical style, and inserted his fantasies in place of Jewish fantasies.

      I have never been approached by Mormons seeking converts. Though I did have a single encounter with a couple of 7th Day Adventists. When I opened the door, one remained smiling, and the other suddenly adopted this expression of panic and dread that amused me to no end. I kept talking to the smiling one just so I could keep the unhappy one trapped, desperate for escape. I couldn't say whether she got some horrible vibe from me or if she just didn't want to be a door to door salesman for her faith, but by YHWH, I enjoyed watching her squirm.