Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mass Media Outraged by "White Elevators" Sign at Trump Convention

5. Amy Schumer reveals her first sexual experience was not consensual
Well, we all could have guessed that. The problem is, this article doesn't identify the man she raped. Typical leftwing bias.

4. First farmers had diverse origins, DNA shows
If by diverse you mean two.

3. Heavily-tattooed white supremacist, 35, is arrested after woman he shot in the face drove two miles to a convenience store and wrote a note telling police that he killed three people
Quoting: "Victims are all white, and [the killer] appeared to be looking for something in the home, police said." Probably a rare pokemon he just had to catch.

2. [Dothead] who bought one of world's most expensive shirts made of gold 'beaten to death'
According to the article: " [...] he bought a shirt made with more than 3kg of gold and worth £186,943-reportedly to improve his luck with women." Instead, he was lured by an invite to a birthday party, and then murdered. HA!

1. Mass Media Outraged by "White Elevators" Sign at Trump Convention
I can see it now. A bunch of Whities pile in that elevator and are shocked to find themselves on the roof of the building instead of the penthouse suite. Then they are told to queue up into the Make Amerikwa Great Again line, which leads them to the edge of the roof to take the victory free fall to the street below.

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