Monday, July 18, 2016

Laughably Ugly Negress Spouts Off About "Natural Beauties"

5. Baton Rouge [Cop] Shooter Claimed Blacks ‘Superior To Whites'
Well, in po-po killing ability, he does seem to have a point. I also enjoyed this quote: "White people’s lack of melanin, [he] argues, makes them genetically less compassionate.
“Lack of Melanin results in a lack of feeling, which automatically produces lack of compassion for oneself, nature, the creator, and for others."
If only that were true ...

4. Sister of slain black officer: 'It's coming to the point where no lives matter'
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! Nailed it! Give that monkey the plush banana! #NoLivesMatter

3. Why Are Third-Graders Afraid of Donald Trump?
Hey, Oompa Loompas are scary. But there is nothing to worry about, you brown filth. You're not going to be deported. No one's going to take you away from your two White mommies. It's all a show. The Elite, Left and Right, have the same plan. A global plantation, populated with debt slaves like you, ruled over by a mischling master race that will include the grandchildren of both presidential candidates. Everything is proceeding as they have foreseen.

2. Meet the world’s saddest polar bear – he’s called Pizza and lives in a Chinese mall
Yep, he looks pretty sad.

1. Laughably Ugly Negress Spouts Off About "Natural Beauties"
Quoting: "Some of you bitches is just naturally ugly, and they ain't nothing you can do about that." HA!


  1. Oh dear, I recoiled when I saw the sibling Negroes. I was sure I was looking at horror movie props. Those are some extremely unfortunate faces there.

    And really, when will whites realize that one shouldn't give pets to the muds and proceed accordingly? Regardless of whites' odd need to put animals in cages or tanks or treat them like little furry children, at least they don't torture them, let them starve to death or put them up in shopping malls. And when they do, it is an aberration on their nature.

    "Why Are Third-Graders Afraid of Donald Trump?"

    Because their parents are morons and quite possibly horrible. If twenty-somethings gain their knowledge of politics by reading headlines of mainstream newspapers and gossiping at work, why would one assume third-graders are all politically savvy on their own?

    - Different Anon

    1. There is a weird tendency for people to ascribe soundness to their beliefs on the basis that either a mud, a defective, or a child believes in them as well.

      For example, there was this Negro child beloved of the Right, who later swung Left:

      It is one of the most confusing of human behaviors. It's as if they trying to use the innocence of children, the from the mouths of babes trope, to provide cover for their own bias. Certainly, children can't be biased because they are so innocent, right?

      I brought it up in the case of Leftist who used a child's confusion over race as proof race didn't exist. I suggested, since the child can't understand calculus, calculus must not exist. But since the child can understand Santa Claus, Santa exists.

  2. Why is trump so popular and nigel farage isn't? Is farage not hardcore enough? America and England have identical race problems,of course america has it on a much larger scale

    People keep saying whites will wake up buy I doubt it, I would have thought after the Rotherham paki rapists abd the french froggies getting continually fucked ,whites would wake up but they haven't

    1. Trump is so popular because he is a reality TV billionaire who made explicit the implicit Republican platform. Farage's take downs in the EU parliament were very amusing, but they can't compete with Wrestlemania Trump in the minds of the sheep.

      I think you're right. Whites won't wake up. I'll go further - they probably aren't asleep - they like MultiKulturalism for the most part. They don't mind having muds around, especially in music and sports. They like watching queers and lezzies and other pervs on the TV and at the movies. They like reading and listening to kike news media. They like having elite traitors tell them they have to go to war to die for Israel.

      We are the ones who are not normal because we hate all of that shit. That was supposed to be the point of White Whateverism. To provide a place outside of the mainstream from which pro-Whites could attack the system.

      Instead, White Whateverists are trying to reform and rejoin the system, which means they watch sports and listen to niggers on the radio, they have become pro-homo and even tolerate kikes as long as they are in the right wing, and they are advocating that White people vote for a man with Jewish grandchildren and who says the state of Israel will exist forever.

      All I can suggest is that you remain loyal to your beliefs and prepare for a struggle that will continue on long after you are dead and these traitors today have been exposed for the fools they truly are.