Monday, July 11, 2016

Kwanian Summer Time: There's Fun in the Gun

5. Michigan shooting: 2 bailiffs, suspect killed at courthouse, official says
Quoting the article: "brave officers were able to come to the rescue and bring the shooter down". Not-really-quoting one of the brave officers speaking to the corpses of the dead bailiffs: "I'm here to rescue you!

4. After Philando Castile Shooting - ‘Where Is the NRA Now?’: Al Sharpton Asks if the Second Amendment Is for ‘Whites Only’
Yeah, probably. I mean, darkies were 3/5ths of a person when the 2nd Amendment was written.

3. Man who witnessed Alton Sterling’s death files lawsuit against Baton Rouge Police
The muzzie who owned the store outside of which Sterling was shot says the cops confiscated his phone and video surveillance equipment without a warrant, and locked him in a hot car for 4 hours. When he complained, he was told "You need to chill the f--k out." HA! I can totally see a pig saying that. I know the impulse will be to defend the po-pos, but remember, if you're a Kwanian tax payer, your money will soon be going to this muzzie because some cop's insecurity about the size of his genitals makes him a total prick.

2. Armed muggers use Pokémon Go to find victims
Are you fucking kidding me? Quoting: Pokémon Go requires that its players walk to a nearly exact point in the real world [...] Apparently [the muggers] were using the app to locate people standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in. Honestly, they were lucky they only got mugged. It sounds like a pedophile's wet dream. But knowing how degenerate and infantile people have become, it was probably a bunch of 20-something hipsters playing Pokémon who ended up getting robbed.

1. Baton Rouge Protests Yielding Propaganda Victories for the Left
Good job, you stupid pigs. This is the ultimate expression of the hysterical fear possessed by decadent White Amerikwa, which has empowered a militarized police state to keep us safe from brown people. Only problem is, it doesn't. And what is the White Whateverist response to this reality? It's just as hysterical. When we read every other week of a nigger raping, torturing, and/or murdering some innocent White person, White Whateverists claim the system doesn't protect us. But when po-pos kill random niggers and enrage the BLM crowd, then you will never find bigger supporters of the system than White Whateverists. Chalkies - stop being such hypocrites. A police state is not a sane system! The fact that we have to militarize the poh-lease should be seen as failure of civil society, not a necessary evil. Do you remember the word Separatism? It's that thing you kept banging on about until Daddy Trump promised to make Amerikwa Grrrr-reat! Again.


  1. Cuck of the century:

  2. Thank you for the link, but he's no cuck - he's a parasite. That kid is a fucking yid, a Hollyweird child actor, and his mother is a social justice freak who most likely wrote him that propaganda.

    Sherri Mann Stewart

    Royce Mann

    The worst possible response is for White people to get defensive. They should applaud and thank him for exposing Jewish privilege.

    If you lurk on other White websites, I request you spread this information around before Chalkies start mistaking this kid for White.

  3. The U.S. is irredeemable, but we can at least marvel
    at a time not so long ago when we enjoyed these kind of pictures.

    1. What Chalkies in their right minds want to get that close to a nigger and even touch its face? Pigs are desensitized to contact with niggers.

  4. Anonymous commenter - I can't let your joke through because it will frightened the easily frightened - but, HA!