Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kidney Ward Becomes Burn Ward

5. Francis tells migrant-averse Poland to 'overcome fear,' welcome strangers
Shut the cuck up, Pope Lenin. Any White person who still attends a Catholic church is a race traitor.

4. 'Sesame Street' retooling ousts three longtime cast members
I only remember the White, Leftie guy. Even as a child I must have dismissed the non-White cast members as of little importance - mere scenery.

3. Meet the orangutan who has learnt to talk like a human
He just secured the Republican nomination, didn't he? This concludes the daily cheap shot at Der Trumpenfuhrer.

2. Connecticut Man Charged After Gun Bust and Threatening Jewish "Houses of Satan"
Quoting Kendall Sullivan, 50: "I will slaughter them and burn their Synagogue to the ground … kids, goldfish, old folks.” HaShem, not even the goldfish were to be spared!

1. Kidney Ward Becomes Burn Ward: Horror as man sets entire hospital ward on fire after row with dialysis patient turns deadly
This is truly a disturbing video (see it uncut here) - so what better way to recognize the suffering of these unfortunate people than with an inappropriate joke about the modern healthcare industry. Here we go: "The worst part about being nearly burned alive in his hospital bed was that the patient was told he had to return to the waiting room for another six hours."


  1. You work in the medical field, so what is your answer when liberals say the NHS would collapse without immigrants?
    I'd say we don't need illiterate incompetent ,rapey, indian,African doctors, not to mention the NHS would cope alot better if it wasn't for freeloading immigrants

    You Americans aren't doing too good either with obongobongocare

    1. Why, thank you for asking. My answer is that the modern medicine is an industry designed for extorting insane amounts of money from the gub'mint to keeping people alive who should just die. Waste, price gouging, astronomic inflation are the norm in healthcare. A sane healthcare system would weigh the future productivity of the individual being helped versus the cost of saving them. And if you don't balance out in the equation, then your insurance (national or private) shouldn't cover you. Pay to keep yourself alive if that's how you want to spend your savings. A sensible system like that would by definition be self-sustaining because it would cull those who would drain the system.

      I believe that healthcare has a dysgenic effect by keeping alive and reproducing the unfit. I know a dothead who has had three children with her dothead husband. Each one of their children has been born with severe physical abnormalities - two had to be operated upon at less than one year of age to keep them alive. That's how immigrants help the healthcare industry. She gets insurance that covers ruinously expensive care for her defective brood, and it is charged on the credit card of future generations. But gee it sure does stimulate the economy today!

      I have witnessed 90+ year old grandmas who cannot walk unsupported be repeatedly readmitted for fractures from falls, that then led to blood clots, that then led to pneumonia, that then led to acute kidney failure, all of which required weeks upon weeks of ungodly expensive interventions so that they could go home and be propped back up in front of the tv until the next time they fall off the toilet and have to be rushed to the ER via ambulance. It is a measure of the insanity of our society that we keep these people alive.

      Oh, but what if it was your grandma? Guess what - I am not so selfish as to think that society should pay to keep one of my ancient relatives alive. Call me old fashioned.

      Oh, but what if it was you? I cannot imagine wanting to live that way. Spending weeks per year in the hospital, and the rest of the time rotting in a wheelchair at home watching daytime tv. And I don't even have religion. Most people believe they are going to the land of gumdrop fairies in heaven where they get to meet Jebus and are reunited with all their old pets when they die. So why are they so determined to cling to this life even if it means living like a human husk, bankrupting future generations, and giving politicians an excuse to import brown people to keep the healthcare ponzi scheme going? Go towards the fucking light, assholes.

    2. Euthanasia is the answer,these brain dead vegetables are in pain 24/7 they are demented and would prefer to be dead,no amount of new age quackery or bible reading is going to help them

      Another issue is when these tarts get boob jobs for free,then there are the Tranny perverts who also get surgery for free, at the same time decent people are denied cancer treatment, it's all about making money and we know it's all about the jooz again

    3. "brain dead vegetables are in pain 24/7 they are demented and would prefer to be dead"

      Certainly that guy in Japan who killed those disabled people thought so. The fact is, without the Western welfare state caring for the worthless, people would be much more supportive of alternatives for life unworthy of life.

      RE: Boobs unworthy of boobs, for those who may not know what you are referring to:

  2. Next up, "orangutans are people, too, you speciest!"

    Honestly, I've long since been puzzled by America's choice of children's shows. Aren't those little muppets creepy? Am I the only one who thinks so?

    Personally I resigned from the church after I'd learned and considered all the facts, and I didn't want to give tax money to something that will just use it to either help the muds proliferate or import muds to replace me and my people. Besides, I was never very religious in the first place even though I did like attending the school's religion lessons.

    Oh no, not the goldfish! Their scales are 24 carats! They survived through the Holocaust, in the Jewish bowels, when Jews were given nothing but dirty water to drink from the Nazi urinals!

    Whatever the altercation was about I hope it was worth it. Was the perpetrator a mud or did he have mud ancestry? Muds sure like to set each other and their mudsharks on fire, after all. Not to mention the completely shortsighted plan that resulted the man setting himself on fire as well and then dying from his injuries.

    In here, I suspect he would have gotten a shorter sentence because "help arrived so quickly". (And yes, that has actually happened before.)

    Oh, humanity. It is so wonderful I'm surprised anyone can be so deluded as to think it is worth preserving.

    - Different Anon

    1. When I started mocking diversity, I simply took it to its logical conclusion and laughed. Then it happened. Case in point, RE: apes are people too:

      HA! I love the idea of a Holocaust story about a Jewish moron who eats - shits - and re-eats is own goldfish everyday to save it from being taken away by the Nazees! Outstanding. Sure to be an Oprah book club favorite.

      It happened in Albania, a muddied, muzzied zone. I thought it might be related to organized crime in some way, but maybe it was just the act of a mad subhuman.

    2. "So, how would you feel about serving up a chimp for your Sunday dinner? Horror, disgust, revulsion: it would look and feel like cannibalism."

      This argument is so completely ridiculous. Most of whites feel horror, disgust and revulsion at the thought of eating insects. Likewise, they feel horror, disgust and revulsion at the thought of eating dogs, or cats, or horses, or dolphins, or any animal they have deemed cute or cuddly. And it has very little to do with "feeling like cannibalisms".

      (Do all mass-media outlets hire nothing but morons? No, forget I asked.)

      First mourners for hire because some morons need that last moment of validation they would know nothing about, now chimpanzees being like little people.

      At the very least humans never really fail to reach new lows or heights.

      But very well, fine. I am ready to acknowledge chimpanzees as humans. In exchange, I want myself removed from the category of "human".

      Next, let's make chimpanzee/human marriages legal because I want their pets to rip the faces off of those degenerate morons!

      And thank you, Mr Arlott. There shall be a movie out in time for the Holocaust Memorial day. It shall be like Finding Nemo--a touching story about a man and his pet goldfish. I'm sure it will win all the Oscar nominations.

      - Different Anon

    3. Thank you Different Anon! It only takes a bit of common sense to see through such Mass Media drivel - but the public don't even have that fraction left to spare anymore. Its incredible.

      ***But very well, fine. I am ready to acknowledge chimpanzees as humans. In exchange, I want myself removed from the category of "human".***

      Yes! 100 times yes. Time to get ourselves out of the human race. Inhumanity is the only sanity left in this world. Everything that humans are capable of proves this to be true.

      You'd like to see the degenerates get their faces ripped off? Apart from loving the idea myself, I must also point out that such is the fate of many a White moron who shacks up with the untermenschen. Therefore, who really cares if they broaden their tastes to chimpanzee?

      Seriously, the goldfish holocaust movie is a really great idea for a parody, if White Whateverists were still interested in making alternative content, as opposed to campaigning for their favorite Grandpa of mischling.