Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Justin Bieber Lookalike OD's at the Motel 6

5. Fury in France over how known jihadists on terror watchlist were allowed to murder priest
Quoting: 'horrified' ex-Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he feared 'everything is being done to trigger a war of religions'. If the West was still Christian, certainly there would have been a crusade launched by now. The problem is, the religion of the modern West is MultiKulturalism, which seeks the death of the White race. What is called Christianity today is nothing but a gateway drug to MultiKulturalism. But, by all means froggies, do prove me wrong. Deus vult, and such.

4. Hand Transplant Recipient Regrets Having Surgery
Listen to this description of his replacement hands: "ill-fitting, flesh-colored anchors fused to his arms". I'm sorry, but HA! People have to understand that medical science around non-organ transplants is basically just Frankenstein butchery. HERE you can watch a story about a beaner who had a successful double-arm transplant. He requires daily therapy and immunosuppressive drugs (which the Mexican state is paying for) to keep his body from attacking his limbs. Combine the ego of physicians + the desperation of patients + the fiscal irresponsibility of the welfare state, and the result is madness such as this. Meanwhile, in Japan...

3. Suspect in fatal stabbing of 19 wrote to a Japanese official about his plan to kill the disabled
The Jap who murdered all those disabled people turned out to be a lunatic who had encounters with UFO's, ranted about Free Masonry, and thought the gub'mint should give him free plastic surgery and 5 million yen for the killings. But within the crazy, there was actually some lucidity. Quoting the article: “looking at the exhausted faces of the caretakers and the lifeless eyes of the employees of the caretaking facilities makes me feel for Japan and the world.” The disabled, he wrote, “live as animals, not humans and many must succumb to a wheelchair for life while often being shunned from their own families.”

2. Make-a-Wish Kid's dream to be garbage man comes true
This is one of those situations where the question "Are you sure?" would have been very appropriate. I think even an evil genie would have asked that question before granting that wish.  "Kid - I'm kind of struggling to come up with an ironic fulfillment of this wish that will make you regret your decision. Just so that we're clear - if you regret this one - it ain't my fault."

1. Justin Bieber Lookalike OD's at the Motel 6
Hmph. I always thought that would be the way the real Bieber would go. I suppose there is still time for that. Now let's get a look at this lookalike ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE? Are you joking? Sure, I mean it looks like a boi dyke, but not that specific boi dyke. How could this get any sadder? Quoting: [The freak] spent five years and more than $100,000 on surgeries to look like Bieber.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It paid someone to do that to it you say? That explains the lumpiness. Outstanding.


  1. All is not lost kepner,you can still be a wanker,something to look forward to

    I have no sympathy for the froggies,they can say "das racist" until they're blue in the face,it only makes isis stronger

    With these latest dindu cop shootings hopefully the myth that "only crazy whites do mass shootings" will be put to rest, forget the shit coloured dindus, the muzzies have done alot more mass shootings than whitey

    1. The funniest reaction to the priest murder was the one saying "This is why we need to vote for Le Pen!" Right - because she is going to round up 11% of the population in her cunt-try (the muzzies) and make France Great Again! Pathetic.

      She appeals to Christians to resist "Islamism" and here we go again - White people can only advocate for their own interests if wrapped in Christian cuckery allied with fucking kikes. Le Pen is screwing an Algerian Jew for fucks sake. Is there one right wing politician/leader in the West who isn't in bed with the Jews, or a faggot, or both?

      If Whites can't quit the kike they are doomed.