Saturday, July 09, 2016

Jew Laments "The Broken World"

5. Dwarf Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had a Facial Tumor
If this tumorsaurus minimus had been a human alive today, Hollyweird would have already signed him to a contract and put him in a low budget comedy flick with an ex-SNL cast member.

4. There Are Just 100,000 Holocaust Survivors Alive Today
Which, by Jew math and the modern definition of "Holocaust", means there are 3 old kikesses alive today who once were startled as children when a German honked the horn of his Volkswagen at them because they wouldn't pick up their ball and get out the street.

3. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos Is Barred From Running Lab for 2 Years
This cunt promoted herself as the next Steve Jobs, right down to stealing his black turtleneck look. She even conned Henry Kissinger into being an advisor to her company, thereby lending his clout to the promise of a secret technology she said would revolutionize healthcare, but that she wouldn't let anyone else see. Meanwhile, her lab couldn't even effectively use existent technology to produce accurate medical results. HA! Way to out-Jew Nixon's Jew-boy!

2. Snoop Dogg got beat on a [Nigger] Family Feud question about weed
Typical misleading headline. At first I thought it would be a funny look at how a burnout can't even answer a pot question on Nigger Family Feud, but it is, unfortunately, less funny. Harvey asked "Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.” His response, “Put hands on him,” ranked low on the board, allowing ["Sugar" Ray] Leonard to dart in and snag the point with a more conventional “Scream at him.” YAWN. Actually, Snoopity-Doopity was just being more honest about what his grandma would do. She would beat the crap out dat nigga for gettin' in her stash. See what I did there? I provided the funny the article failed to deliver. Hope you enjoyed.

1. Kike Journalist: The broken world and all of us: Reflections on where we go after a week of cop killings and killings by cops

Let's read his reflections on these events:

Each day, each of us — within the constricting confines of our existing lives and those of the human condition itself — chooses who to be, and how. Who we see as us, and who as them.

But only on a few days, special and often terrible ones, do we truly realize that we are choosing. That a final day will come for each of us when our time for choices ends.

That isn’t the apocalyptic thinking of the many maniacs shedding blood to set the stage for some supposed final battle, or for its own sake.

Rather, that is our burden as sentient, thinking people, briefly in possession of this strange, sad world we’ve inherited. To strive, however imperfectly, to make it a better place for a bigger us through words and deeds.

What else is there to do?

Oh, Kike ... I can see why your kind so easily bamboozle the goyim time and again. As if anyone "chooses" who to be. As if humans don't simply stumble along through their daily monotony, unconsciously looking to the herd for signals of which way to turn next so they don't get trampled by the mindless cattle around them. "Us" is the them you hope will accept you. And "Them" are the ones the "Us" told you not to accept. I'm sure Jewboy wants to appeal to our sense of a greater "We" - but Yahweh forbid that you would think for yourself! And what unbounded arrogance to believe you are here to make this world a "better" place, when your very existence is what brings such strife and misery. And I don't just mean kikes - I mean humans. Strife and misery are the human condition - and you can't cure it by appeals to humanity. What else is there to do? There's always another option ...


  1. I'm sure that according to Jew logic Holocaust survivalism is hereditary. That way there will always be Holocaust survivors because all Jews since survived it.

    Judging from the excerpt I fail to see why whites always fall for the Jewish wordcraft. It's just so... pretentious with no real substance. Just a rattle of pretty words with no meaning, and dear lord, do they love to blow everything out of proportion.

    As an aspiring writer myself, I hope I will never write anything like it.

    I had this thought after reading what you wrote. I think there is a certain comedic tragedy about humans (or perhaps just whites as I very much doubt other races care one whit for the "greater good").

    There is a certain tendency in humans (or just whites) to strive towards some utopian vision of the future. The good lemmings believe if they just remove all the horrible racists and phobics then they will have paradise.

    The "racists" who aren't aware of the Jewish problem believe if they just removed niggers then they'd have paradise. The Jew-wise "racists" believe if they just removed Jews then they would have paradise (and incidentally many seem to believe that "minorities" only hate on whites because of Jewish witchcraft).

    What is similar about all of these groups is that none is willing to look in the mirror and wonder if they are part of the problem.

    Well, personally I don't believe in utopias of any kind and as such I can't say I'm very interested in making one.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      Yes, it is the next frontier - hereditary survivor of the Holocaust via vicarious trauma.

      "...pretentious with no real substance" HA! As if the Chalkies ever crave substance. What they want is Super Soul Sunday drivel just like what the Jew provided in the article linked. They want to be told there is a deeper meaning/purpose because they sure as hell can't think of one on their own.

      "What is similar about all of these groups is that none is willing to look in the mirror and wonder if they are part of the problem."

      Yes, yes, and yes again. It would also be nice if more people could grasp the concept of unintended consequences. So many failures and atrocities begin with the best of intentions - or at least with the belief in one's good intentions!

      Personally, I am much more interested in dystopias. They are what humans deserve. Meanwhile, the Alt-Right are primarily interested in creating Fruitopia instead of Whitetopia.

  2. I've followed that Theranos story for a while. If ever there was a story that exemplified almost everything that's wrong with Amurika, it's that one. Everybody (libs, lib media) was falling over themselves because here was a supposedly brilliant womyn who was going to be next Bill Gates of the medical world and prove women are just as creative and smart as men. I hope all the investors eat a big shit sandwich and Theranos has to live at her parent's house for the rest of her stupid cunt life.

    1. I agree with you - a big part of the hype was that she was a young, pretty, white *female "scientist"*. Oooooo - break that glass ceiling! And that is also how she was able to so easily con old men who were thinking with the wrong head. (Though I personally think she looks rather goofy). I don't believe this will be the last of her, though. Once people like that get into the finance crowd that has millions/billions of dollars, the elite doesn't kick them out to the trailer park. They put them to use on a new scam.