Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How much more retarded can Zombie movies get?

5. Yale employee smashes allegedly racist stained-glass window, Yale won’t press charges
The window featured slaves with baskets of cotton on their heads. I wonder what would have happened if a White person had done it? Would it have been seen as anti-racism because the window depicted slaves, or racism since the people in the window were black? Can you imagine how upset the administration would have been in such a circumstance if the Chalky refused to answer the question of motive?

4. David Duke Plans to Run for Congress
You know what? Good for Duchess. Get out there and give it your best!

3. Holocaust Museum Bans Pokémon Go
Normally, I am not a fan of trolling, but this one bit was hilarious. Quoting: One user noticed that a Pokémon that emits poisonous gas is stationed in front of an auditorium in the museum where attendees learn about the gas chambers many Jews were placed in. Outstanding!

2. Hilariously Ugly Mulatto Tranny Arrested for Voyeurism at a Target
Oh my non-existent God ... that face ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's like Mulatto Frankenstein ... AHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When I scrolled down ... it was just too much comedy ... ouch.

1. How much more retarded can Zombie movies get?
Some Kwanian idiots gave $70,000 to two mongoloids in order to find out.

If you wanted to create a short film that would symbolically express everything that is wrong with young White Amerikwa, you would be hard pressed to find something more apt than this. Chalkies lurv this shit. They love mongoloids slightly more than they love midgets, which is slightly less than they love nigger athletes.


  1. Breaking news,muzzies launch ANOTHER terror attack in gay paree

    The froggies are finished,the same thing is happening in Sweden but instead of terrorism the camel humpers prefer rape

    1. I'm looking forward to reading alternate media articles about the hologram truck.