Thursday, July 14, 2016

Horrible, Shameful News from France this Bastille Day.

5. Playboy Playmate Shares on Social Media Locker Room Photo of Old Naked Woman
This moment brought to you by the Information Age. You're welcome.

4. Adorable Ducklings Have Abstract Thoughts
Oh, shut the duck up. The evidence seems more to support that the ducks are making instinctive associations that human beings are projecting their concepts of abstract thinking upon in order to devalue the concept of abstract thinking by saying any bird brain can do it.

3. "Men" fall off cliff in California while playing 'Pokemon Go'
A much needed thinning of the herd. Go, Pokemon Go, Go! Gotta kill 'em all! A White, late-20's-something male approached me at work today to talk because he wanted to kill some time before his next meeting. He said that his girlfriend, who is also his same age, wants him to drive her around this weekend going to different Pokemon Go sites. He said it was a cheap date. My response? I wish I could say it was something witty, but I simply stared at him in stunned silence. This Race...

2. Woman is BEHEADED by a train while having SEX beside the world-famous Trans-Siberian railway track
I find news stories about the dismemberment of stupid people to be hilarious. But this story was also disturbing in that it reiterated several times that the woman was only killed because she got up to take a break from "fornicating". It seemed as if the point of the article was to warn people that if they are going to have sex next to the train tracks, the most important thing to remember to do was to climax so that a train won't chop your head off. Thomas the Tank Engine demands the money shot ... or else.

1. Horrible, Shameful News from France this Bastille Day.
Quoting: The sight of barefoot Maori soldiers in traditional dress with their faces painted brought an exotic touch to the annual parade on the Champs-Élysées avenue.

Nothing else worthy of note. Have a nice day, and keep on truckin'.


  1. "Before or after you drop her in daycare?"
    "She's twenty-something."
    "Could have fooled me."

    But I suppose that would have been a little on the impolite side.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      Impolite, but very amusing =D

      I assure you, it wasn't from deference or politeness or political correctness that I didn't say anything. I just couldn't think fast enough. I was dazed by it.

      I find I am suffering from an increasing phenomenon in which I wonder if this is all really happening. The devolution is happening so swiftly in my lifetime, ignorance, incompetence and persistent adolescence are so ubiquitous, I can hardly believe it. And when I encounter it, sometimes it takes me aback because my first impulse is that I must be the one who isn't understanding, that I am simply out of sync with reality. After all, I am an evil, wicked racist with abhorrent beliefs no one else would possibly agree with. So who am I to say that 27-or-so year-olds should not spend their weekends driving around town to play Pokemon Go? But why isn't their peer group more discriminating? When did it become socially acceptable for people that age to waste their time like that?

      Just look at this hipster trash:

      I see that, and I think of this (please see bottom image in this link):

    2. It’s all right, Mr Arlott. I’m afraid that happens to the best of us. Life isn’t a movie where one has a witty line ready for all occasions. But now you are prepared if such an occasion happens again!

      I suspect it is because of life is becoming increasingly easy. I imagine if technology does progress further without some major catastrophe or war, the human species will end up looking like the short-legged and short-handed lards of fat from Wall-E, eternally glued to their flat screens while robots buzz around them and keep them alive.

      “…I must be the one who isn't understanding, that I am simply out of sync with reality…”

      I can relate. I occasionally experience moments of surreality with my family. They are the only ones I’m forced to interact with continuously, and I don’t care to associate with the rest of humanity any more than I need to so I don’t much care what they do.

      “When did it become socially acceptable for people that age to waste their time like that?”

      I’m afraid I’m the wrong person to ask this question as I find even life a waste of time that people desperately try to fill with whatever until the moment they die.

      I sometimes have conversations where the other person wishes that humans could live some hundred years more so “they would have more time to do things”. I just give them a look like they are dumb and crazy, and say they’d be doing the exact same stuff they are doing now.

      But perhaps we should think about this more positively, Mr Arlott. At least that hipster trash is going outdoors unlike the other basement dwellers who probably see sun once a year. And from what I’ve gathered from the news Pokemon Go works as an excellent way to thin the herd!

      Oh, those Japanese are unexpectedly devious.

      (Are they sliding into a volcano in the image you linked to or is it just very high up? It is a little fuzzy on the details.)

      - Different Anon

    3. I find that life can be quite enjoyable if you seize opportunities to increase human misery. They are, unfortunately, few and far between for a law-abiding evil-doer such as myself. But they happen, and it has, so far, been worth the patience. A secondary pastime I recommend is laughing at human folly. Personally, I think it would be great to live for hundreds of years, and indefinitely would be even better - as long as everyone else retained their short lifespans. There are many people younger than me I would like the pleasure of living long enough to see dead and buried.

      What do you take pleasure in, Different Anon?

      Think more positively? HA! You may as well ask me to respect the sanctity of human life. =D I can't even type that phrase without smirking. It is truly a funny coincidence that you jokingly mention positive thinking, because I just wrote a piece about the value of negative thinking. I had intended it for the White Whateverist Self-Help book we discussed, but as it developed, I was disappointed because it wasn't funny at all. Perhaps I shall repurpose it for the blog.

      The picture is from Schindler's list. A conveyor belt to the top of a stack of burning corpses. I think about it when I encounter life unworthy of life. I love that scene because it so freaking over the top - literally. As usual with holocaust stories - the Nazees always were ones for melodrama. If you're going to burn 10,000 bodies, make sure you burn them in an enormous mountain of corpses 3 stories high that covers the surrounding countryside in an inch of black ash.

    4. Yes, it is always fun to laugh at humans. But I would much rather that they magically regain their wits about them; otherwise being surrounded by constant stupid and crassness and promiscuity is too much for me, I’m afraid.

      What do I take pleasure in? That is a rather difficult question. Perhaps reading? It is fun to learn something new or that something you already knew is apparently nothing but fiction.

      Please do repurpose it for the blog! I would be most interested in reading it!

      Oh dear, that scene was hilarious. If all one knows about the Holocaust are the movies, it is a wonder that more people don’t question the veracity of it.

      Oh yes, and in your previous comment you asked this:
      “But why isn't their peer group more discriminating? When did it become socially acceptable for people that age to waste their time like that?”

      I was supposed to answer the first sentence with more length (hah! as if I’m not long-winded enough!) but then it slipped my mind. I imagine the explanation is similar to this:

      To quote: “Bad behavior tends to be tolerated only by people who are expecting you to tolerate theirs.
      If you are engaged in selfish behavior, you will eventually find yourself surrounded only by other selfish people. This shift is gradual and oft times not noticed by the individual. Once you start down this road, it becomes a matter of degrees - who is more selfish.”

      I liked this one, too: “If you see these warning signs we have talked about here, do not choose to ignore them. Do not minimize them. Do not assume that you can control the situation. That is an assumption of omnipotence. You cannot control other human being and the assumption you can is pure arrogance.”

      The little tolerants—with their various manifestations—would do well to learn that last sentence. But of course, most of them are nothing but arrogant.

      - Different Anon

    5. Long winded by the standards of a generation who can't concentrate trough an entire Tweet perhaps, but not to my taste. I still wish to hear more.

      Regarding your shared explanation, the unfortunate situation today is that as one becomes less tolerant of aberrant behavior, one does not find oneself in less tolerant company, but with no company at all. Even in the most intolerant of doctrines, White Whateverism, all sorts of exceptions for their own kind exist that they would never permit in those they condemn as parasites, cucks, and dindus, simply because to do otherwise would mean total isolation.

      I agree that it is arrogance to believe you can control or change another person. Control is an illusion, and I would apply that even to self-control. Is the reason I am not falling down drunk tonight because I have more control over myself? No, it is because I have no impulse to get drunk. Is the reason some party goers are fall down drunk right now because they have no control, or because they followed their impulses that said DRINK DRINK DRINK? It would also be arrogant to assume it is because I possess some greater self-control than they do.

      How does a drunk overcome the impulse to drink? I suggest there must be a greater impulse arising within him/her to counter the other impulse. But is it willpower? How many of our impulses come from conformity with the suggestion provided by the unconscious urge of the herd? How many are from some subconscious recesses of our brains? Why do some of us possess such radically different impulses than those who stop their car in the middle of a street, leave it running with the keys in the ignition, and then rush out to a field to catch a Pokemon on their cellphones? And how can a world function when there are this many people with such devolved impulses? Again - how can any of this be really happening?

      Not that I am piling these questions upon you for answers, Different Anon. I am not sure I am all that interested in the answers, as I am in ... rectifying ... these deviations. One may not be able to control a certain thing, but termination of a thing may still be an obtainable goal if those who have retained their wits would band together to do so.

      I shall repurpose my defense of negativity as a standalone piece.