Saturday, July 30, 2016

God's Restorative Strength Offered After Balloon Tragedy

5. Tucker Carlson Says Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on ‘White Males’ Show Dems Have ‘Pulled the Mask Off’
Quoting: He added [she...] “basically told us everything we expected, which is they don’t like the core population of the country, which is why they’re trying to replace it with immigrants, which is why they’re constantly attacking the middle of the country as racist and retrograde and medieval.” Correct, but you still haven't quite registered what you are looking at, you weenie. What you are seeing isn't simply the Democrat party, or the Leftist MultiKult agenda, but the Jew. And as long as you don't realize it, you are destined to fall.

4. Muslim porn star reveals why she refuses to quit adult films, despite being 'banned from Pakistan'
Quoting: The 25-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles and has family in Pakistan, said she still practices her faith and prays regularly. Yeah, sure she does, because her religion is MultiKulturalism. Western Christians would be wise to look at this muzzie cunt as an example of what their own faith has become - a shallow, selfish, feel-good version of their traditions, which gives them permission to embrace MultiKultural decadence and perversity.

3. Constance Wu on Hollywood's white savior problem: 'Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon'
Quoting: "We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world," Wu wrote. What a man-hating feminist cunt. What about The Blind Side, you slope whore? You see, I actually agree with you about White Saviorism - but don't spread your propaganda that it is just a White male problem, when Sandra Bullock is one of the most famous participants in the trope. White Saviorism is a drug. It is an upper that White people like to indulge in after crashing from the downer of White guilt. In either case, Hollyweird is the pusher, and it is not men who look like Matt Damon running the show.

2. Ancient Bone Shows Evidence Of Cancer In Human Ancestor
Quoting: Nor is today's study alone in its finding that cancer is an ancient affliction, rather than a modern scourge caused by polluted environments and poor diets. Oh, what a relief! Let's go inhale some asbestos and drink a gallon of hydrogenated oil to celebrate!

1. Texas hot air balloon crash: 'No survivors' as ride bursts into flames with 16 people on board
Quoting the governor of Texas: “May God's restorative strength and grace be with the families affected by the tragic hot air balloon crash.” HAHAHAHA! Oops ... I'm sorry. Probably no one else on Earth would find that line funny, but offering "God's restorative strength" after a "tragic hot air balloon crash" just strikes me funny.


  1. I remember that 5th Dimension song from my childhood.
    Isn't it wonderful that five obviously mulatto blacks were able to create some decent music in the '60s?
    As a side note, the Temptations were prescient to the Democratic party's promises for the mud races EVEN THEN with their lyrics in the song "Ball of Confusion:"
    "Vote for me and I'll set you free!"

    1. It really wasn't until the arrival of Rap music in the 80's that Negroes were no longer expected to be able to sing, dance, and/or play musical instruments in order to be musicians. Incredible, isn't it? Then it became any monkey who could talk over the music and say "yeah ... yeah ..." occasionally could potentially be a superstar.

      And don't forget that in addition to promises to set them free, there are also warnings from Massa Biden like this one:

      VP Biden Says Republicans Are 'Going to Put Y'all Back in Chains'

  2. I was searching for a phrase when I stumbled upon a Muslim girl’s blog and, curious, I skimmed it over. I gathered she lived either in Singapore or South Korea, and she sounded exactly like a typical Millennial. The blog was devoted to squeeing over South Korean boy bands and celebrities, and she likened her relationship with her boyfriend to the one in Fifty Shades of Grey.

    I wondered what was the point of the hijab anymore if the cultural rot was already in that deep?

    The Multicultist would have loved her: “Diversity! We’re all the same!”

    The anti-Multicultist would have loved her, too: “She’s the same as us!”

    Before I was racially aware, I used to laugh at the Hollywood’s depiction of white saviour problem. Mainly because, “what bloody obligation do white men have to save the world”, and “why can’t the bloody world save itself”? Then I of course found out that it isn’t white men pushing that myth, but they sure like to sniff that drug.

    Well, that governor sure was full of hot air, wouldn't you say?

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      Fifty Shades, eh? Was her boyfriend a billionaire pervert? I am guessing he had the pervert part covered, the billionaire not so much.

      What's the point of a hijab? What's the point of a white wedding dress when the bride's sex tape is downloadable from the interwebs?

      Christianity itself is a balloon ride, rising on hot air, falling without it. And every so often, it crashes in a firey wreck.