Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clearly Insane Woman Arrested For False Report of Abduction by Biblical Patriarch

5. Corpse Spends Weekend at Fast-Food Restaurant
This article claims the body of a dead drug addict was found three days after he OD'd in a bathroom. Some consumers expressed concern that no one had been in to clean the bathroom in three days. Uh, hello? Have you all ever been in a bathroom at a fast food restaurant before? How in the world do you think they get in that state except through pervasive neglect? The fact we don't find more corpses in fast food restaurant bathrooms is what should be considered shocking.

4. First pictures of Munich's young victims
Pretty brown. So it turns out that the Munich shooting was actually just a nutty Muzzie kid taking revenge on other Muzzie kids. Meanwhile, all the photos of mourners are White Eurotrash hugging in the streets. Pathetic cucks.

3. Robert Reich is furious with Debbie Wasserman Schultz after alleged email leak: ‘Fire her now’
Reich supported Bernie Sanders. The latest DNC e-mail leaks show Wasserman created a culture of bias against Sanders. But ... but ... but ... the hive mind?!? I'm telling you, a faction of Kwanian Jews are throwing in their lot with WASP's to create a hybrid mischling master race to rule the mixed race mud slaves of the Kwa. Sanders has no biological grandchildren, so he is out. Reich has mischling kids himself apparently, so he really needs to get with the program.

2. Ex-KKK leader Duke tries political comeback in US Senate run
Quoting: On Friday [...] he declared “the climate of this country has moved in my direction.” Yep, delusional, with a 100% chance of hypocrisy. Still, he is at least doing something besides dick riding Trump all day. So I reiterate my previous thoughts on the matter - Good for Duchess.

1. Clearly Insane Woman Arrested For False Report of Abduction by Biblical Patriarch
 OK - so that's not really what happened. But look at this nut next to a sketch of her alleged attacker.

Eyes like hers scream "I'M INSANE!!!". And if police relied on her description of the attacker, they would have had to put out an APB on Noah, Santa Claus, or Aleksandr Dugin.

Quoting: Police say Rachael Mattice claimed she was knocked out as was getting ready to work during the early morning hours of June 23 at the family’s campsite in Wells. On July 12, police released a sketch of a man that was being sought in Mattice’s disappearance. The man was described as Caucasian, in his middle to late 50s, approximately 6′ tall, having brown eyes, gray hair, full beard, and weighing 200 to 250 pounds. Police say additional electronic evidence and medical findings were not consistent with Rachael’s accounts. “Nothing Mattice said happened. It’s all made up.”

Of course it was. It took you a month to figure that out? LOOK AT HER EYES! That is the look of a woman who sees dead people. That is the look of a woman who has her boyfriend's severed penis in her glove compartment. That is the look of a woman who stacks her dead fetuses in shoe boxes in her closet. Where have we seen hollow, dead, soulless eyes like that before?


  1. 300 rounds of ammo and only nine dead and 27 injured? It's like they can't do anything right.

    This might be because I'm defective but don't these people feel embarrassed to make a public spectacle of themselves? Weeping and hugging in the streets over people they, most likely, didn't even personally know?

    Heh, Reich. I'm sorry, it was a little funny.

    And that is a very ugly picture of Michelle Obama. I had this acquaintance who said, "Obama is basically a good president", but she also called both of America's political parties right-wing which was very funny. I wondered what radical Tumblr blogs she had to visit to gain that misconception from.

    (She also had the misconception that Negroes are just shot on the front laws of evil white racists in America. How I wish.)

    She was what one could call a SJW and fancied herself to be TOLERANT. She would have also happily seen Sarah Palin dead (because she is ignorant) and one Islam critic dead (because he dares to criticize the holy gang-rapists and clit-cutters).

    Needless to say, I found her extremely hypocritical. The least people could do is be consistent but, alas, it seems to be too much to ask. Especially from people who don't even realize that their ideologies are directly contradicting each other.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      RE: 300 Rounds. Inefficient yes, but I appreciate the effort made. HA!

      RE: Public Spectacle - Freaking amateur mourning-whores. If I was more conspiracy minded, I would say someone hires a few professionals to get the weeping started, and passerbys then stop to get in on the action. Kind of like planting someone to get the applause started during a speech.

      Humans are so worthless.

      The slow decline of the 'Kwa has continued under Obongo, but I have to admit his tenure was actually less catastrophic than the reign of Bush II (started with 9/11, peaked with Gulf War II, ended in financial catastrophe). How much of that is attributable to the presbidemfs themselves is difficult to determine.

      I find the behavior of SJW's to be very consistent when one looks at everything they do from the perspective that they are trying to kill off White people. It's like the Rosetta Stone that translates all their nonsense so a coherent pattern can be observed.