Friday, July 08, 2016

CDN: Racial Chaos and Insanity Edition - 07/08/2016

5. Gingrich: Whites ‘Don’t Understand Being Black in America’
Incredible. A ackbasswards way of confirming the existence of White Privilege, delivered from the mouth of a doughy, elitist, Zionist shill. And if he gets on the ballot with Trump, White Whateverist fools everywhere will endorse his MultiKult pandering with their votes.

4. Nigger High On Synthetic Marijuana Completely Loses His Mind In The NYC Subway (NSFW)
Too bad there was no one nearby with a glass of milk. As we know from previous WSHH videos, that is what cures a bad trip (according to sub-apes).

3. Niggeress Stuffs 2 Used Condoms In Her Boyfriend's Mouth After Catching Him Cheating (NSFW)
WARNING - this is beyond disgusting, but the worse part was he doesn't regain consciousness during the recording and chimpout. I kept waiting for the moment he would spring up and slap the shit out of her, but no - nothing. It was incredibly disappointing. He is so far gone that she is even able to remove and reload the condoms as part of her vengeance. Still, it has a National Geographic quality to it as an example of TNB in their natural habitat - a squalid crack house with a filthy mattress on the floor.

2. Police: 911 caller ambushed, shot officer in Georgia
Shooter was apparently a chingy chong, but his name is very White Bread. Crazy Hapa perhapas?

1. Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson was Army reservist in Afghanistan, had massive cache of weapons in his house
I cannot say what I really want to say in this case. I won't be able to publish any comments that say things like what I really want to say in this case. As Speer once said, "May the work speak for itself."


  1. The BLM chimpout in dallas wont change anything,
    of course it should, and the cops should be alot more stricter on these chimps, and BLM should be Treated as a criminal/ terrorist gang, but once again it is the filthy subhuman low iq apes who are seen as the victims, more of the same " we must come together as a COONmunity" nonsense, more speeches from barry hussein

    1. And if it changes nothing, and the Slow March Left continues, those who go along with it will get exactly what they deserve when the scales finally tip them into minority status in their homelands. Meanwhile, rightwing White people who believe law and order should prevail in a society as anti-White as ours, are inadvertently supporting the system that seeks to replace them with a cheaper, duskier slave caste. They too will get what they deserve. It's all very logical, very fair, and very unfortunate, considering the millennia of work our White ancestors put in trying first to survive and then to seize this world for their progeny.