Friday, July 29, 2016

CDN: "Animals are people too." Edition 07-29-2016

5. Rock-Throwing Elephant Kills Young Zoogoer
The victim was a 7-year-old Moroccan girl. Free joke for the lefties: This elephant would make a perfect mascot for the RNC.

4. FIFTY animals starved to death in Venezuelan zoo
Oh, for Pedro's sake. Venezuelans are fleeing to neighboring countries because of food shortages. Why didn't you let them eat the zoo animals? Oh! But that wouldn't be right! So letting fifty zoo animals starve to death was preferable?

3. Two men are arrested for dousing a HAMSTER in gasoline, setting it on fire and recording it on Snapchat
Another horror, courtesy of the Information Age. The most surprising aspect of this case is that only one of the two "men" was a nigger.

2. ‘I Knew We Weren’t Gonna Catch Him’: Wild Bodycam Video Allegedly Shows [Gorilla] Easily Outrunning Cops
Don't worry. Eventually, the gorilla is this case gave up on his plan, sat down on the sidewalk and waited for the po-po's to handcuff him and take him to jail.

1. Animal lover found guilty in duck-feeding fight
Quoting: Quinten Putnam, the animal lover whose former neighbor accosted him for feeding Muscovy ducks, was found guilty Thursday of battering that neighbor. That's right, two grown "White" men got in a fight over feeding ducks. And the one who did the feeding and delivered the beating showed up in court with a rubber duck that he clutched while the verdict was read. You can watch the video at the title link, but be warned, my calculations show it will increase your anti-human sentiment by a minimum of 34%.


  1. I’m unsure if I should feel ashamed that I was among the twelve percent who thought that the elephant story was hilarious. Not because a little girl died, but because of the aim. This elephant could be the next sports star!

    If the elephant truly threw the rock out of frustration or boredom, then the obvious solution would be to release the animals back into the wild where they belong and ensuring muds don’t hunt them for potency cure. Considering that this won’t ever be an option for the humans (as they would much rather euthanatize any caged wild animal that acts as per its nature or out of character of its nature because of said imprisonment) then I might just as well think it hilarious.

    Incidentally, I’ve only been to a zoo once (well, twice, but I was just a baby the first time and for obvious reasons cannot remember it). My sister took her kid there and invited me along and like an idiot I went. It was an extremely hot day, there wasn’t even a cloud in the sky, and all the animals were hidden in whatever patches of shade they could find in their cages. But this was only for the felines. The wild boars (and the rest of the artiodactyls) had no trees or bushes, just a sorry little shack and a puddle of mud on dusty ground.

    The only animals that were actually free were barnacle goose which, funny enough, are protected and they were everywhere. As such, their faeces were also everywhere.

    I was horrified and kept thinking, is this fun? This is fun? People actually do this for fun? They pay for this?

    Of course it was, Mr Arlott! Wild animals are caged for the humans to coo and aww over while livestock are caged for humans to eat! But, to be honest, I would have rather let the animals eat the humans than let the humans eat the animals.

    Perhaps one can make the argument that if one slums with sub-apes then one’s own mentality cannot be that much better than another sub-ape’s?

    Sadly the video did not work for me. It’s a shame; I was in the mood for some anti-human sentiment. Did the man actually do anything with the ducks or did he just raise them for fun? Seeing as he is clutching at a rubber duck like a safety blanket then I cannot imagine that he has any other reason than mental illness.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      The elephant wasn't the one only desperately bored. The people must have been so as well if they wanted to go to a zoo. I can understand the curiosity around zoos in a bygone era before television and the internet. What other way was there to see such creatures? But wandering around an animal prison just to be able to stare at the creatures firsthand in their unnatural habitat just doesn't make sense anymore.

      I am always pleased to hear when a human gets mauled/killed at a zoo, a circus, or a trained animal act. It serves them right. Now LEARN. This is the price they pay for being ignorant. But what hope is there humans will learn their lessons? It's like when you hear about aid workers who get raped and/or murdered helping migrants, or while doing relief work in some Third World hellhole - LEARN. Stop doing that. "But we are saving people!" Yes - so that they can create even more needy people for you to save - LEARN. Stop doing that.

      The dumbduck in story 1 was feeding wild ducks that his neighbor viewed as a nuisance. The neighbor yelled at the dumbduck and triggered him, and he then attacked the neighbor. Again, a perfect example of typical White Trash behavior. The dumbduck was clearly a mental defective. You don't yell at a retard on the street for feeding ducks - that's White Trash behavior. Use your White privilege powers - organize with the neighborhood association or animal control to have the ducks removed. If that doesn't work, tap into your innate Chalkie devil and scheme to have the vermin extirpated.

      As for the defective, a sane society would see a grown man pawing a rubber duck in a courtroom as life unworthy of life, and would deal with him accordingly. Of course, we do not live in a sane society.

    2. Did you hear about the lady in China who got mauled by a tiger when she got out of the car in the middle of an animal park? She got mauled, and another woman who got out after her died.

      Hm... Learn and stop doing something? I’m afraid that most people are incapable of it. The silly aid workers who get raped by the very people they attempt to help would rather hide the crimes and let them go on to create new victims than “incite racist sentiments”. Even if the brown refuse do something, they have created an ideology where muds aren’t the least bit autonomous and everything is ultimately white man’s fault.

      Oh, your pet Negro raped you and set you on fire? Well obviously it’s because of the legacy of slavery and colonization and racism!

      No, I very much doubt they would learn even when they stare up at their rapists who rape them to death, douse them in bleach, and then throw them away like trash.

      As for the rest of the human trash that doesn’t learn and stop doing something, there will always be other feel-gooders (and those who benefit) to help create an even bigger nanny state and continue the increasing infantilization of its citizens. They won’t learn because they don’t have to, and they won’t learn because very few people are self-aware and responsible enough to change their own behaviour.

      This is slightly off-topic (and I hope you don’t mind) but it is rather astounding how dumb humans can be. Just recently I took my nephew to a nearby park. For whatever reason this park has an animal enclosure in it and we walked past it.

      The fence was circled with big signs that read, “please do not feed the animals”, and just underneath those signs dozens of morons were shoving grass and other feed to the animals. Of course, I also saw kids with their families who were chasing pokemons and also a few negro-wannabe Asians who were doing the same. It was all rather… vapid. And made me wish for that asteroid strike.

      So that is what happened. Thank you for giving me the summary, Mr Arlott. Come to think of it, whites are rather pathetic at using either their powers of privilege or channelling their innate devil. The White Whateverists would say this is because whites are little beautiful angels but I have my doubts about that.

      - Different Anon

    3. Hello Different Anon,

      Thank you for the link! I didn't catch that story. I good lesson for all those "Tiger Moms" - Chinese women should realize they are most dangerous behind the wheel of a car and use it to their advantage in such situations.

      I completely agree with your assessment of the inability of humans to learn from the consequences of their behavior, and how they are being sheltered from such consequences by the ever-growing nanny state. But is there a limit to the ability of the nanny state to prevent consequences? Why aren't more people eaten by tigers, both literally and metaphorically?

      I used to think eventually the universe would right itself, and all the idiocy of this world would be exposed and punished by a self-correcting natural system. But it doesn't seem to work that way. To use a video game analogy, its like being able to decrease the difficulty setting to such a point that the game runs independently of the player. It adds to my sense of surreality.

      Did your nephew wish to join in the misbehavior at the park? That seems to be the system by which the lack of consequences spreads. Why should we be the only ones following the rules? Of course, my answer is that is what being White with a capital W is all about.

    4. I think there is a limit. But even if a few people every now and then get eaten by tigers then the nanny state will work that much harder to ensure that no other will. To use the above-mentioned incident in China as an example; instead of thinking that maybe animal parks aren’t such a good idea, or just letting morons get eaten by tigers, they might just put child safety locks in every car so that morons can’t get out of the car.

      And observing Leftists I have noticed that no actual accident or crime needs to happen. They might as well use a hoax to increase the nanny state. As most feminists have done.
      Funny that you mention video games. I used to casually play when I was a child and a teenager. It’s not just that people can nowadays decrease the difficulty. The games are designed in a way that it is more impossible not to finish them than to finish them.

      I don’t think my nephew wished to join in the misbehaviour. It could be because he was with me but I think he just had no interest in feeding the animals. He was more interested in the few special features in the park but sadly those would have costed money and I had no cash. Oh well, at least he was outside for a bit.

      I’d say it also depends on the rules a bit. One of the rules now, if I may call it that, is to squander away one’s heritage, land and life for the muds. Of course, in such a situation whites could channel their inner devils and pretend to follow the rules while scheming to overthrow the current system. But that would require dedication and intelligence and hard work. So that’s that, I suppose.

      - Different Anon

    5. Safety locks to keep people in their cars ... You know, I can see that happening once we get driverless vehicles. Can you envision it too? Future date 2030. People live with their parents forever. The parents walk their grown children to the driveway each morning, put them in their driverless cars, and seat belt them in place. The doors lock. The car drives them to work. Their boss unbelts them and walks them to their desk, gets them a juice box and plugs them into their computer terminals. They work for two hours before nap time, which is followed by social media hour, and then lunch. Then two more hours of work, and the boss walks them back to their car and pins their paycheck to their shirt so they don't lose it before they get home. If only I had the resources, that would make a great short film.

      I remember the days when games only gave you 3 lives and were designed to kill you to take your quarters. It still like video games, but like all Mass Media, I find it has all been done before. It's all so repetitive, formulaic, and predictable. Nowadays when I consume Mass Media / video games, I am acknowledging to myself that my imagination has failed me and I am basically waiting out whatever time left I have on Earth.

      You make a great point about following rules - which rules are we talking about? I was speaking more metaphysically, in that I viewed Whiteness as a means of imposing order on human chaos. In a way, the orderliness of White people hasn't disappeared, it has been redirected. People who think political correctness is out of control now don't know what it was like living as a non-Christian White person in the past. MultiKulturalism supplanted Christianity as the humorless bludgeon that does not tolerate dissent or criticism.

      "...whites could channel their inner devils and pretend to follow the rules while scheming to overthrow the current system."

      This is what I am hoping for. And yes, that is that, you suppose correctly. Perhaps there are those who will try it. But I have no evidence it is being done. The unawakened have no interest in such a thing, and the awakened don't seem to understand what they are up against. They speak of moving the position of a window, while the roof will soon crash in on their heads.

    6. HAHA! Now that you have painted such a lurid picture I can easily see it. My only question is, who then walks the parents to their cars? Surely the parents of cattle are as infantilized and domesticated as their brood?

      I do, too. That is why I always snort when my nephews complain that some modern game is hard. I am still fond of the video games I used to play as a teenager; I liked the stories within them. There are even a few modern ones I’ve liked. But they are few and far between.

      But you are correct, it is all repetitive, formulaic and predicable. I suspect it is because the makers decided to make video games like Hollywood movies, then most of them decided to cater to Leftist anti-white, multicultist sentiments, and lastly, they cater to people who apparently have no life, short attention spans and a need for instant gratification. Seeing as I don’t fit into any of those categories, it’s been a long time since I’ve last played anything.

      “MultiKulturalism supplanted Christianity as the humorless bludgeon that does not tolerate dissent or criticism.”

      Hah! Of course, it is the spawn of secularized Christianity after all. It reminds me of a Leftist acquaintance of mine who told me about her Christian friend. He had told her she wouldn’t be able to go to Heaven, and she was offended.

      I wondered what the hell was she offended for when she wasn’t even religious and didn’t believe in Heaven or God. But then it occurred to me if it was the thought that regardless of how “good” of a person she is, she won’t be getting to Heaven that offended her. In other words she wanted to be rewarded.
      Which just came back to the narcissistic need for validation of the current generation. It also didn’t seem to occur to her that if she was truly a good person, she wouldn’t want some sort of mystical or secular reward in the first place.

      The awakened ones have many strategies! One is to act like an anti-social internet asshole. The other is to be open and honest and fair because that is exactly what the Jews did when they slowly infested every academia, mass media and political party.
      More seriously, I suspect we would have more of a chance with our Asteroid Conspiracy.
      - Different Anon

    7. I assumed the parents would be prisoners of their own retirement communities. People would have to be forcibly retired at 40 just so there would be enough jobs to go round in the age of automation.

      To commiserate with a fellow disenchanted gamer for a moment, I wonder if you have felt as I do a longing for a return of the silent protagonist. What you said about games becoming more like movies resonated with me. Some of my favorite games were created in the early era of voice-acted video games in which the other characters spoke, but the main character did not. Often, the main character would have lists of questions they could ask to explore the back story of the game.

      It seems like all the best games in the past 10-15 years started out that way, and then released sequels with voice acted characters that impose their viewpoint on the story via running commentary. And, of course, it is typically a MultiKult, Millennial-friendly pile of BS viewpoint. They don't ask questions, because that would lead to too much dialogue and exposition. If you want to sell 10 million copies the first month, the audience you are targeting is not going to have the attention span for that. At least there is some balance offered by games that offer player choice, but if the main character is voice acted, the choices are usually limited to be cool or be a dick. Oh, well.

      "...if she was truly a good person, she wouldn’t want some sort of mystical or secular reward in the first place."
      HA! Yes. It is incredible that the absurdity can be summed up so neatly, but you did it. Well done.

      To continue with the Christinsanity theme for a moment, I am starting to liken pro-Whiteness with the story of the angels visiting Sodom. They go looking for the righteous men, but all they find are sodomites. And when they think they have found one, they watch as he offers his daughters up to be debauched by the mob rather than let the angels be sullied. I have always thought that to be one of the most horrible stories of the bible. With the slightest change, the story could be found redeeming, by Lot offering himself up, but no. After all, the angels intervened anyway to stop the mob, they were never in any danger.

      This is the metaphor of White racial death I am trying to communicate - in order to preserve his disgusting Semitic faith, the White man will deliver up his progeny to the MultiKult, with the expectation that God will intervene and rescue them all. And if God did intervene, where would that lead? Well, where did it lead Lot and his daughters? Into a cave to get drunk and make incest babies. Oh, White Whateverism ...

    8. May I ask what your thoughts are on the possible age of automation? I mean, if it comes around without any sort of human or natural disaster to intervene and obsoletes majority of the jobs?

      Should the people be—how to put it—forced into any sort of make-believe jobs just for the sake of working? Or could they be free to pursue things like, say, music, art, crafts, science, literature or even gardening?

      Then there is also the issue that if a machine does all the work and all one needs to do is press a few buttons then won’t even a retard be able to do the job? Would society need people with average or above average intelligence when people below that average could just as well press those buttons and are easier to control?

      (I’d have more questions on this subject but I’m afraid to make this comment too long or how to put them all.)

      Now that you mention it, my favourite games are ones with no voice-acting at all or had a silent protagonist. Although there is one game I like that had a voice-acted protagonist but overall it had terrible graphics, dialogue and voice-acting. Still, it has a strange sort of charm.

      I’m unsure if I can call it longing as I can always just play my old favourites. I do wish that there would be fewer games that imagine themselves to be social commentary on “deep and important subjects” (aka the same rehashed BS that Hollywood peddles to the cattle with every movie) and just focused on being games. And for all that is unholy, I wish they would stop with the ubiquitous magic Negroes. It is especially tiresome to play (or read, or watch) something that is supposed to be about ancient Europe or Scandinavia, and little magic Negroes are running in the snow. It’s enough I see them everywhere in the present; I do not wish to see them in our past.

      (Though I am waiting for the time when they decide to start painting all the great European portraits as black! Don't fail me SJWs!)

      But as we are on the topic of games, there was one I was playing months ago casually. I watched a short video clip about it in Youtube, scrolled down to skim the comments, and then one special someone said to another, “what if I told you this game is nationalistic?”

      I wondered what it was supposed to mean? Does it make the game automatically terrible? Where is the argument? Where is the meaning? What is the reaction you are trying to fish?

      (Another hilarious Youtube comment was in a classical music video. One of them said how Nazis ruined classical music, and amused, I thought, those wicked Nazis! They just got their grubby hands on everything!)

      “It is incredible that the absurdity can be summed up so neatly, but you did it. Well done.”

      Why, thank you! I try.

      Isn’t the bible full of stories where the God’s chosen people do or are about to do something horrible to their family members in the name of their God but then at the last second God intervenes, and all is well and good? In his blog Chechar called it ascending to a new psychoclass but as I’ve not read anything about the subject I cannot comment. But if true then it is about time whites ascended over that disgusting and parasitic Semitic faith.

      But it is amusing that you mention incest babies and White Whateverism. I once jokingly thought that racially aware whites should just start breeding with their cousins as it seems to be one contributing factor in the muds’ tribalism.

      - Different Anon

    9. In my profession, I get lots of questions about automation and creating electronic systems to replace or augment human labor. I'm afraid it would be me who would be overly long on the topic.

      During the economic downturn last decade, I had a reputation for putting people out of work that made me a figure of dread. When I showed up in a department, people knew all hiring was about to cease, and job attrition was about to increase massively. The fact is, so much can already be done better and more cheaply by automation and/or by electronic systems, but there is mental resistance to the loss of the human touch. Some of my most efficient suggestions have been rejected because they were considered too impersonal.

      My own approach has been to make people support the machines, and program the electronic systems to tell the humans what needs to be done. The humans add flexibility and mobility, but they are far too prone to routine error. As long as machines remain inflexible and immobile, there will be a use for humans. I don't know how long it will take
      for humans to figure out how to overcome this barrier in automation. Perhaps the species has reached its creative limit in that regard. However, a possible bridge between the two is to automate the human mind - a robot mind in a human body would provide the finesse and mobility for certain jobs, combined with the efficiency and logic of a machine.

      "Should the people be—how to put it—forced into any sort of make-believe jobs just for the sake of working? Or could they be free to pursue things like, say, music, art, crafts, science, literature or even gardening?"

      People have plenty of free time to pursue those things now, but I see very little evidence of people doing so. They consume the creations produced by others. They work in their boring, uncreative jobs, and then spend their money being diverted by pop versions of music, art, crafts, science, and literature. Gardening - not so much. Unless organic vegetable markets manned by hippies count.

      Given more free time, I suspect people would become vegetative like many retired people are. They would burn out on consumption of the creative efforts of others, but still not be able to create for themselves. The fact is, we live in a peasant society filled with people whose only function is to work. Their existence makes the Ancient Aliens theory almost plausible. They were created to mine gold for their masters.

      When I am walking down the street and see trash and cigarette butts near homeless people, I think - there's the work for them to do. Why not round up the homeless and put them to work meticulously picking up every scrap of trash? But then, I also think, if it wasn't for all these worthless humans around, there wouldn't be so much trash in the streets in the first place. Therefore, the permanent answer is to eliminate worthless humans. There's that AI trap that sci-fi is so obsessed with.

      Should there be make-believe jobs? Why is there so much work to be done in the first place right now? As I have gotten older, I have become a very poor consumer. I am a minimalist who lacks the desire to purchase things. I don't pay for entertainment. I reject holidays and their related spending madness. Can you imagine what would happen if millions of people who had decent incomes were to just stop buying what they don't need? The economy would freeze up. Millions of low income people wouldn't be able to get the things they need because many of them only have jobs because the better off spend so much of their wealth on stuff they don't need. So, nobody save any money or else the whole thing will fall apart!!! How do you feel about the consumer culture, Different Anon?

    10. RE: Nationalist Video Games
      I don't know if you caught the furor over Skyrim being a White racist Nazi Wunderland. I played that game and found it to be rather disparaging of the Nords.

      It is just part of the White suicide impulse to see White people wanting their freedom as evil. Doesn't matter that those Nords are race mixing all over the freakin' place in that game. If the same independence storyline had been put in place for the Redguards (Elder Scrolls niggers) all White gamers would have been united in their love of the concept. And, typical me, I didn't want to get involved with either group. I finished the main quest and never got around to helping either side win their war.

      RE: Christinsanity in White Whateverism
      I cannot understand how any reasonable person can read the Bible, both old and new testaments, and not be disgusted. I cannot understand how such execrable nonsense managed to capture the White imagination in the first place, and why its hypnotic effects still cannot be cast off. I feel part of it might be that most White people really haven't read it, or they cannot grasp what it is saying, and they are willing to believe the interpretations provided by others out of superstitious fear. Regardless, it is a huge red X in the "deserves their geno-suicide" category.

    11. Thank you for replying to my question.

      You’re right. I must admit I might have thought too much of myself. I like to study languages and read about astronomy, human bio-diversity, history, bioluminescence, light, geography and biology among other things, and now I’m in the middle of reading old European/Nordic classics and folklore. I need to balance all these interests with work and writing, and I also have the unfortunate habit of solely focusing on one interest at the expense of others. So sometimes I really do feel I don’t have enough time to read everything. I also think gardening could be interesting, if I had the means to do it, but it is possible I’d grow tired of it within a year or two.

      I would also love to try composing but I don’t where to study it or how to fit in among the other things I like to do.

      As for make-believe jobs, I had in mind an internship girl at my workplace who went on to study media studies. What I gathered from her description is that they will graduate to become modern day witch-hunters so that no media depicts anything remotely racist or sexist or discriminating.

      (She said she did an essay on the racism in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings; apparently the dwarves were obviously Jews. As she said it all I could think was, well, first of, sweetheart, what do YOU know about Jews? I went on to tell this to that Leftist acquaintance of mine who said Lord of the Rings isn’t racist, (because she likes it) but it could have done with more minorities (because she wanted to be a proper little multicultist). Really, it just showed that she didn’t understand the work either. All around it was quite amusing.)

      Also, still regarding to the age of automation, I had in mind that if the people were orderly, prudish and civil, but their only fault was that there weren’t enough jobs to go around, would they be deemed worthless?

      - Different Anon

    12. How do I feel about the consumer culture? Oh, this reply might get long, I hope you don’t mind.

      Personally, I consume very little. I have one shelf of my favourite movies and one shelf of my favourite games; the rest are books and there aren’t very many of those either. If there is something like, say, a game I would like to try and I can get it by downloading I would rather do that.

      My family has always lived below average income; my family members have for majority of their lives lived in debt and yet they have this almost compulsive need to purchase, purchase, purchase. And most of those are things they have no need for. For whatever reason, or perhaps because I grew up watching them, I am very frugal. I don’t like spending money neither do I have the impulse to do so. (I have also never spent money on holidays or birthdays; at most I pay a part of a gift someone else bought.)

      But to demonstrate what I feel about consumer culture, perhaps an example would work? My sister likes to complain how humans just destroy and litter and waste, and yet when I look around her apartment I see two computers, a laptop, three televisions, tablets, bookshelves full of garbage movies (which they changed all from dvds to blu-rays), blu-ray players in every room, game platforms in every room, and they go through cell phones like socks. But it is her husband that is the worse offender; everything he buys needs to be a brand and at least over hundred euros. Obviously, his need to consume pointless trash drains his entire pay check. Which he, incidentally, then blames on my sister.

      What I feel, Mr Arlott, is disdain. It is very disgusting to look at.

      But there was an unintentionally funny fellow at my workplace who said that if we in the Western countries just consumed less there would be less trash in the Third World. I thought, yes, I’ve heard that too. When whites stop consuming all trash in the Third World just magically disappears! It wasn’t even that I disagreed with him; I just found the need give a ridiculous, and pointless, moralization to something that should just have been sensible or have its own worth disgusting.

      I tried playing Skyrim, I really did. But I found it incredibly boring and I hated watching niggers and other species frolic around what was supposed to be ancient Scandinavia. It was especially egregious when one of the Nords had a nigger woman as a confidante. I did like the scenery so I spent most of the time I played running in the snowstorms. It made me miss snow.

      The game I mentioned was actually a part of a game series developed in Japan. I did notice the nationalistic overtones but, on the other hand, it also has the apparently mandatory fantasy racism (or speciesism) and how those two species work together and save the world. But at least there weren’t any Niggers, hah!

      I really do suspect that most whites haven’t read the bible and can’t grasp what is says.

      - Different Anon

    13. If there is anyone here guilty of thinking too much of his or her self it is me. My entire online persona was constructed around magnifying my elitist impulses for comic effect. But I am a peculiar elitist. I am not well read. I have few liberal education interests in the classical sense of the term.

      My elitism is that of the efficiency demanding, technical bureaucrat. Science exists as a means to solve problems, not to understand the world or satisfy curiosity. One of the reasons I sympathize with Nazism is their reputation for order and regimentation. Another is the idea of them burning books and devaluing art. I have no need of foreign languages. I'd be quite comfortable with one universal language for the West. Peoples would be distinguished not by different languages, but by the extent to which they could master the universal one.

      I am impressed with the skill and imagination of artists, authors, musicians, and such, because I do not possess such creative potential. But, on the other hand, I cannot find utility in much of what they create. That is because I believe the primary utility of art is entertainment, diversion, and distraction, not personal or cultural enrichment. Humans cannot be improved by acts of imagination, they simply imagine themselves better for the experience.

      I have encountered the same type of people who virtue signal about how such-and-such would have been better with more diversity. I saw the first Lord of the Rings movie in the theater and was startled by how White the crowd was. I had never read the books, but went with Tolkien fanatics who enthusiastically regaled me with obscure details of their mythology. l I liked the film, but my aversion to midgets makes me unsympathetic to the protagonists.

      When I was a kid, the Hobbit cartoon movie was shown on television. The animation was horrific, the characters looked to me like disgusting mutants, I just hated everything about it.

      I have read among White Nationalists that they find implicit White identity messages in The Lord of the Rings books and movies. I can see that, from the perspective of fighting hordes of invading black monsters while saying its because they are evil, and not because they are black monsters. It also plays into their subconscious belief in their own moral perfection and the absolute good of their cause. But, I don't really understand it anymore than your acquaintance. Please feel free to elaborate your take on it, if you are so inclined.

      If people were orderly, prudish, and civil (how tantalizing a vision!), they would also realize that human life is innately worthless. Only in the generational struggle, the kind summarized in a 4x strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate), does the life of an individual have any value. White people keep getting stuck at the eXploit phase, they rarely follow through to the necessary eXterminate. Then, fattening from their exploitation of the world around them, they become decadent. They entertain fantasies of goodness, and equality, and the sacredness of life - gag. Sorry, reflex action. They falter, they decline, and they suffer. And eventually, a ruthless generation is reborn and resumes the generational struggle.

      I don't know if this cycle can occur again. The dysgenic effects of Western technology might be too powerful for a ruthless germ to be passed on.

    14. Thank you for sharing your views on the consumer culture, I certainly sympathize with them. This was, I must confess, not always the case. I grew up in poverty. As we tried to get back into the middle class, I got the impression that possessions would be the symbol of security and success. Into my young adulthood, I was an excellent consumer and stuffed my apartment with every trapping of comfort and with generous portions of Mass Media culture. I gave people ridiculously overpriced gifts and spent money as soon as I got it. I did, however, scrupulously avoid debt. But, having satisfied those security and comfort needs and proven to myself that I wasn't poor anymore, I watched my possessions collect dust. I had lost the impulse to acquire, and I am still not sure why. Perhaps part of it was that my rising racial awareness led me to conflate consumer culture with the degenerate Jewish and Negroid culture of Hollyweird and the Mass Media in general. Or perhaps it was just that I had worked through my childhood fears of poverty.

      I suspect the Third World desperately wants to work through its own sense of privation by adopting the Western consumer culture. What I still don't understand is why middle class and well-off people in all cultures still consume as much as they do. But again, if they ever stop wanting to consume - everybody better watch out. The whole house of cards will come crashing down. If the West wasn't so ravenously hungry for the trinkets and gadgets produced by the Third World, the Third World's problem wouldn't be having too much trash as a byproduct of supplying the West, but in not being able to satisfy their own basic needs at all.

      I found the most boring part of Skyrim to be the respawning monsters. I know the world would feel really empty without them, but come on. I just want to walk down this road again without having to get in a fight every 20 feet. At least give us monster dens we can wipe out if we don't want them respawning too quickly or something. From a racist perspective - there is always the opportunity to ethnically cleanse Skyrim, even if most of the bastard Nords won't appreciate your efforts on their behalf ;)

    15. I can freely admit that I like to read about various subjects only to satisfy my own curiosity. Neither do I think it makes me any more intelligent than I already am; all that knowledge is pointless if I don’t apply it or think about it. There are people who consider themselves more intelligent because they read non-fiction books and know how to repeat the data in them. Usually they are also the types who never really think about what they have read.

      I think English is—or is becoming—the universal language of the West even if they still have their own mother languages. Most non-English Europeans can write it quite well, if not speak.

      I’m unsure if I can express this well but I hope you can bear with me. You are correct that there is very little utility in art. But I see art as an expression of the collective spirit of a people. If that collective spirit degrades, or is already debased, then art reflects it. Likewise, if they have a higher spirit, or aim for a higher spirit, then art reflects it.

      My sisters once made me watch the movie Hangover Two, saying how funny it was. I sat through the entire movie in a bored and disgusted silence. I could feel by brain cells dying, Mr Arlott. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

      You are also correct that humans can’t be improved by acts of imagination. But it still doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to wallow in their own filth—which, I think, is what Mass Media culture is doing. It is appealing to the basest emotions and values just so humans can indulge in a moment of metaphorical masturbation.

      Essentially I see Tolkien’s works as extensions of European folklores, just that. In that regard it should be obvious why there weren’t any fags or non-Whites in his works because there weren’t any fags or non-Whites in the rest of the European folklores. They are completely unimportant from that point of view.

      I also think that Tolkien wrote out of his love for linguistics and European folklores and past, and because of a longing to escape the depravity of his modernity. It is possible he also wanted to give meaning and value to human existence through an epic struggle but, as the man was Christian, he did it through Christian morality. It was diluted as a struggle of morality, a battle between good and evil.

      But really, to assert it as racist or whatnot is to project one’s contemporary values which is ridiculous.

      At the very least you lost that impulse. You also seem to be self-aware enough to objectively consider your own behaviour and impulses, and I doubt you would condemn others for a behaviour you indulged in yourself. What I disdained the most was my sister’s condemnation of other people’s lives while she couldn’t even reflect those values in her personal life.

      The thing is, how can one expect other people to live as they want if they can’t even live that way themselves. This is one of the reasons why I despise multicultists. Generally they are the loudest to preach its values and yet they are also the ones who live the furthest away from it.

      Oh, one of the reasons why I would love to see the West go down is to see the Third World fall right after it like a house of cards.

      “From a racist perspective - there is always the opportunity to ethnically cleanse Skyrim, even if most of the bastard Nords won't appreciate your efforts on their behalf”

      HAHA! Perhaps I should try this. I did once wonder what would happen if a player decided to kill all the NPCs in a video game; would the world in the game become empty or would they just respawn? However, as of yet, I haven’t had the interest to try.

      - Different Anon

    16. A most thought-provoking response, Different Anon.

      When art was an expensive product of the aristocracy, I can see it as having been an effort to strive for a higher spirit. One may expect that the elite would want to demonstrate their elevation over the masses. But once art became a money-making industry to suck shekels from peasants, it ended up playing to their basest instincts in a positive feedback loop of degeneration. That's why I disagree with the monocausalists who say the JOOZ used Hollyweird to systematically dumbed down and perverted the cattle class. No. They gave the cattle what they wanted, like a bartender serving drinks to an alcoholic. If the culture wasn't so approving of intoxicated buffoonery, it wouldn't be so full of drunks. Case in point ...

      I saw the first Hangover movie in the theater with a group of people from work. They ranged in age from their 20's to their 40's. They universally enjoyed the experience. I believe that may have been one of the last, if not *the* last movie I watched in a theater. I am not sure which. I kept thinking to myself, why am I here with these idiots? Why did I pay to watch this pile of crap? And then I repeated to myself, I am not doing this anymore. This year, people have asked me if I wanted to see the Star Wars movie, or some of the comic book movies that I really know nothing about. I tell them I am not interested. Occasionally, I ominously warn the smarter ones - eventually, you will get tired of it too.

    17. In an age where White/European identity is itself racist, Tolkien's folklore is now racist, regardless of his intent. Anything that is not MultiKultural is racist. That is also why the first Star Wars movie is racist. The only nigger actor in the cast is doing a voice over. That is why depictions of Jesus with blonde hair are racist. And all this is perfectly consistent with the beliefs of the MultiKult West today, regardless of the past intent. From that perspective, the intern you mentioned wasn't wrong in attacking the Lord of the Rings for being anti-revolutionary (anti-MultiKultural), she was just a hack who inelegantly executed her witch hunt. The Leftist who said LOTR wasn't racist but needed more minorities is an anti-revolutionary thought criminal, but she carries the MultiKult's poison.

      White people (even some White Whateverists) do not approve of segregation. They would hate the idea of a black child being left out of a nativity play or school play just because none of the characters were historically black. This sense of fair play is a psychological vulnerability that the MultiKult has been exploiting for seven decades. And the exploitation started at a time when non-Whites were single digits statistically. Now they are 10, 20, 30 % of the population and growing. This is even more stark in the school systems where White children may be outnumbered by non-Whites in communities that actually have overall White majorities. Too late, there is a realization among some Whites that their Western culture is being replaced by MultiKulturalism. They push back in petty, ineffective ways like decrying the War on Christmas, or arguing that the Confederate flag isn't racist, or supporting Trump's calls for a border wall. But the poison is already in them.

      To one degree or another, they are all complicit in the poison MultiKultural system. Perhaps by their desire to be entertained by the athleticism of Negros. Perhaps by their admiration of the intelligence of Jews and Asians. Perhaps by their support of gay rights. Perhaps by their nurturing love for autists, retards and other defectives. They want to be good. They want to battle evil. MultiKulturalism teaches them that the evil is in themselves - their Whiteness. And as long as they take in the poison of MultiKulturalism, they will begin hacking away at themselves and each other to remove their offending parts.

      I have seen White Whateverism struggle with its MultiKultural opponent in several different ways. One is to try to integrate racial politics into existing morality, be it Christian (Christian Identity) or Secular (Alt-Right/Left). Again - as long as any of the values are MultiKultural, the system is unstable, contradictory, and weak. I've also seen the reasoned approach, which tries to explain racial instinct as something divorced from morality, a biological drive that can be analyzed and justified by science. But no one arrived at their racial instincts via reason, so what is being called reason is in fact rationalization. And rationalization is also weak. And then there is the embrace your evil tack - one that I have supported the most. And what has this yielded? For the most part, it has become a hipster joke that co-opted Nazism for memes and trolling, or it has devolved into short-sighted thugery and violence. I won't condemn people for the mistakes they have made in the past, but I will condemn them for continuing to make the same mistakes, and/or for not addressing the consequences of their past mistakes that persist in the present.

      Sigh. I apologize for ranting. For the record, yes, you can kill off loads of NPC's in Skyrim, and they don't respawn. But as I said, the bastard Nords won't appreciate your efforts to ethnically cleanse their homeland, and they will often come to the defense of those you attack. I will leave it to your imagination how I figured that out.