Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Weasel Finally Pops Off for Good

Indian Chief Stole $56,000 In Taxpayer Funds Meant For Her Own Village
Embezzles with Wolves. Dammit - conform to stereotypes! Are you a Jew or a Featherhead? Isn't there a pile of garbage somewhere you should be crying over while simultaneously swilling fire water?

Donald Trump's use of Jewish imagery prompts backlash
Every now and again he puts a dog whistle between his buttcheeks and farts in the general direction of the Alt-Right, just to keep his queer fascist fanboys swooning.

Crazed Homeless Nigger Stabs Beaner Boy in the Neck During Crappy Movie
Oh Lord, Kumbaya - the Brown Singularity will bring universal peace once evil Whitey stops beaming his subliminal messages through the movie screen, driving the mud people to such uncharacteristic acts of violence.

Parents of Chalkies Held Captive by Taliban Plead For Pregnant Daughter's Release
Gotta bring that mud-rape-baby back to the 'Kwa! Actually, she is being held with her husband, so it *might* be his. What's funny about this story is that the couple were hugely fat hipsters who decided to vacation through some Central Asian warzones. That may seem like a bad idea, but they've lost a ton of weight after being held prisoner. Another Taliban Diet success story!

Elie the Weasel is Dead
Finally. Lampshade makers at the ready! Someone better lock up Carolyn Yeager's shed so she can't get a shovel and dig that kike up so she can finally find out whether or not he had a prisoner tattoo.

Thanks to Weasel, we learned that Jewish children were highly flammable, and made great kindling in the Nazi baby burning pits he witnessed his first night in Birkenau.I was overseeing the process at the time, and told Heini it was easier just to shovel the babies into the pits while standing on the bed of the truck, but he insisted the men toss them in one by one. He said it was more dramatic that way in case there were survivors who would go on to paint the scene one day.


  1. Good riddance weasel,you can enjoy rotten gefilte and play that stupid board game driedel in hell

    The anglin fanboys are going crazy with the pedophile manga,frog memes and hitler photoshop, ask these retards this, what makes anglin different to the "cucks"?
    How is telling millions of your readers to fuck asians good for whites in any way?

    1. What makes QS different is that he spouts overt racism and anti-Semitism while at the same time encouraging his fanboys to worship mischling makers, despise White women, and indulge in yellow fever.

      If his fanboys could think critically about what they read, they wouldn't need to communicate via frog memes in the first place.

  2. If they were Talibans and in Afghanistan isn't it more likely they raped the husband? Aren't Talibans notorious for their taste for little boys? Don't tell me my racist stereotypes are wrong!

    Also, Nazis roasted marshmallows on those baby burning pits because that's how evil they were.

    Oh wait, or because they were Germans and Germans are renowned engineers (who for whatever reason couldn't come up with a better mass termination system) they noticed how flammable Jewish babies were and decided to use them as Molotov cocktails against the incoming liberation armies. Nothing lowers the enemy morale quite like throwing burning babies at them.

    Perhaps I should become a Holocaust survivor writer as well. I feel I have a knack for it.

    Embellishments are fine, too, right? "To keep the memory alive".

    (I hope you don't mind my anecdotes but when I first looked into the "Holocaust Denial", I jokingly said to my sister that "Muslims are right! No Holocaust happened". Of course, the joke flew right over her head because to her Muslims are the ultimate evil.

    She asked me why would the survivors lie? I asked her why would people lie about anything? That, too, flew right over her head.

    Of course, then she kept asking me if I believed in conspiracies, if I thought all Jews deserved to die, if I thought all Jews are evil, et cetera, and then she got quite offended when I became cross with her, hah! That was fun.)

    - Different Anon

    1. No, you are quite correct. Afghans lurv little boys. Which is, no doubt, why the doughboy in that case decided to grow out his neckbeard to throw off any pedophiles. One can just imagine the disappointment on the faces of the Afghan rape-monkeys when they had to settle for a woman.

      "...they noticed how flammable Jewish babies were and decided to use them as Molotov cocktails against the incoming liberation armies."

      HAHAHA - I have a new favorite Holocaust horror story thanks you!

      Your sister sounds like a sensitive soul. If she is like the sensitive souls I know, she prefers ignorance to unpleasant truth. The ones I have encountered, when their ignorance of the details of Holocaust is exposed, say "Even if 1 Jew was hurt or killed, the Nazis deserved everything they got!!!" They instinctively protect their narrative of moral perfection that justifies The Good War, even if you don't question said justification.

      Personally, I prefer to accept all the evidence presented as absolute truth and then let the contradictions and absurdities speak for themselves. Now - unleash the Jew-baby molotovs!

    2. I thought they might have used the woman as a breeding machine for fresh little boys. The younger the better seems to be the law of the land in the culturally enriching parts of the world. What I don't understand is why the white couple thought it a good idea to go frolicking in war zones.

      Oh, I feel like this could be a beautiful friendship, Mr Arlott. I doubt there is anyone else I could joke with about Molotov Jew Babies without the other person being weirded out or, dear lord, offended.

      She is a curious combination of sensitive and cynical. Makes for an interesting case study. But somehow, I feel like white nationalists should have started with a self-help guide on how to deal with ones non-racist family members.

      - Different Anon

    3. Well, their prophet set the precedent, didn't he? One theory was that the Chalky loons in this case were sympathizers with Islam who then got a rude awakening. Kind of like Bowe Bergdahl. Maybe it isn't true, but it makes more sense than the idea of nature-trailing through a war zone.

      I agree this could be a beautiful friendship, Different Anon! It is rare to find people who get that terrible things can still be inherently funny, even if they offend the sensibilities. They sputter "That's not funny!!!" Yes, it is.

      One of the things that irritated me about Trumplingism was that I couldn't mock Trump because it offended my White Whateverist visitors. Well, I'm long done with that - and with it, I have stopped pulling punches at the other absurd figures in Der Movement.

      It is so tiresome dealing with people who let their beliefs and moral posturing get in the way of objectively appreciating a good joke.

      She is both sensitive and cynical? Twice cursed by the Gods. Years ago, I would have said such a hypothetical WN self-help guide would include being honest, standing up for your beliefs, and reasoning. Now I suggest deception, beliefs don't matter, and writing off the "normals" because they can't really be awakened anyway. Do you think my latter strategy would make for good reading? If so, I might have to write such a guide.

    4. So they weren't just morons but TOLERANT morons? Good lord, I sure hope they got their rude awakening.

      I can relate. It is also tiresome to deal with people who let their beliefs and moral posturing get in the way of objective reality and logic. Personally I don't care what they believe in but at least admit to the truth. Or be consistent. (I really don't think it is that much to ask for but judging from humanity at large apparently it is.)

      Hah! I would certainly read your book as I'm sure it would be insightful and fun to read.

      - Different Anon

    5. Yes, for God's sake be consistent! Perceptions of reality differ because human beings are flawed. Logic is still limited by garbage in / garbage out. In that sense, consistency is a much more attainable goal than correctness, and it limits the variables that influence an outcome, helping one spot what produces a favorable/unfavorable result. Therefore, it can help one move toward correctness.

      RE: A WN self-help guide. Given our Jew-baby molotovs discussion, I suspect your idea of fun is as delightfully warped as mine! I shall get started.