Friday, July 01, 2016

Moron Dies While Posing for Pic at Machu Pichu

'Remains' of Loch Ness monster wash ashore
I won't wreck the reveal. Take a look for yourself. To me, it looks like a typical British breakfast.

Marine Corps Gives Women The Option Of Ditching Pullups For Pushups Instead
HA! Oh, Equality. Are we talking bras or training for combat? Semper Mediocre.

The World According to Zoey Tur
Zoey Tur is the tranny who threatened Ben Shapiro. He is kind of a trailer park Caitlyn Jenner. Humorously, he claims that Jenner is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome caused by years of White Male Privilege. HA! again. Tur's nonsense reads like a speech for a Gender Diversity Seminar after it was shredded and then taped back together haphazardly.

Homeless [nigger] shoved a bag of feces down a woman's shorts
And when po-pos came to arrest him, he said God did it. Not made him do it, God did it. Outstanding. A remarkable low for the New Black Standard of Sanity.

Man Dies While Posing for Photo at Machu Picchu
Very good. Thank you Vanity for ending this fool's useless life. Quoting: While posing for a photo at the edge of a ravine, [the imbecile] apparently decided to jump in the air to make it look like he was flying. Instead, he ended up falling off the cliff.

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