Friday, July 15, 2016

Apparently, Milo Designed New Trump/Pence Logo

5. Central Park explosive that blew off the foot of college student, 18, was made with 'chemicals found in hardware stores'
Popos are being really, oddly casual about a guy having his foot blown of by a mysteriously discarded explosive in Central Park. They seem strangely convinced this was not an attack and won't happen again, though they've released no details in that regard.

4. Israeli startup aims to grow meat without the animal
They say this will address religious/kosher and ethical/politic concerns, and they have a bunch of rabbis backing them up as part of their marketing strategy. They even think this may be a way to get pork back on the their menu. May I recommend they form a strategic partnership with Trump steaks? They can even put shiksa Ivanka on the brand label.

3. Turkish president addresses nation in crisis via FaceTime
There was an attempted coup in Turkey today. Erdogan is apparently not in the country, but the media think they have tracked him down. So where is the next most logical place to find a Turkish man? Here's a hint - it's Germany. Oh, wait, that wasn't a hint. I guess the answer was so obvious, I couldn't think of a hint for it.

2. What we know about Nice suspect: Father of 3, solitary & not very religious
And a raghead, of course. I'm sure that comes as a huge surprise. The article claims he was once convicted after an altercation stemming from a road rage incident. HAHAHA! Reform is a discredited fantasy, you miserable frogs.

1. Apparently, Milo Designed New Trump/Pence Logo
Here's the link: Twitter has decided the Trump-Pence logo is pure filth
I first read about the logo in another article that described it as "a T penetrating a P". My thought was, "Say what now?" But by golly, if that wasn't accurate. It looks exactly like the gesture of using the middle finger of one hand to penetrate a hole created by touching the index finger to the thumb of the other hand. And it didn't take long for the interwebs to bring this thing to its logical conclusion in gif form ...

HA! Trump really knows how to play to his Alt-Fag fanboys.


  1. If milo really designed it there would be multiple black cocks and gifs of mens asses

    Obviously sad that innocent people were killed by a deranged camel fucker,but the froggies bring it on themselves,importing millions of muzzies will always end bad

    The joke is on the alt fags, if trump does win he won't do anything to help the white race,he used these childish twats to bump up votes

    1. HAHAHA You're right about Milo. The Trump/Pence logo is simply too understated for a faggot who is so attention hungry.

      Yep, I agree with you there. When the frogs look at bloody tire tracks swerving through the streets, they have no one to blame but themselves. And shrill cries that such a realization is racist "victim blaming" just reveals how desperate they are to avoid any responsibility for their own delusional choices.

      I agree with you again, the joke is on the Alt-Fags, and they just don't know it yet. I think it is because they are blind to the irony of their predicament. The betrayal is coming, it just takes time. To give you an idea what it will be like - it will be like watching a guy at a bar returning to a table with two drinks, but the girl he was just chatting up has walked out with another guy. Of course, since this is the Alt-Right we are talking about, it was probably wasn't a girl, but an Asian tranny.