Wednesday, July 20, 2016

African Butterflies' Evolution Impacted by Loss of Males

5. Melania Trump Speechwriter Takes Blame For Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s Speech
So Melania got a little more help than she claimed she did. And good help is so hard to find, isn't it? Quoting the plagiarizer on the source of the borrowed material: [Melania] dictated lines over the phone that she hoped to use as inspiration for her address. “A person she has always liked is Michelle Obama [...] Over the phone, she read me some passages of Mrs. Obama’s speech as examples." Ugh ... Melania didn't plagiarize, but she finds inspiration from Michelle Obama - and this is better how?

4. Racists, Idiots and Sociopaths Get Down at the RNC’s Big Gay Party
Best line of this article says event coordinator Milo Fagiopolis has embarked "on a career as a sort of camp villain, an evil Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served?" HA! And while we are on the subject of the Alt-Right's favorite bottom ...

3. Twitter Bans Milo Yiannopoulos for Leading the Abusive Charge Against Leslie Jones: Who Is He?
Oooo ... there is no greater insult to an attention whore faggot than asking "Who's that?" And sticking with the faggy theme ...

2. Charlize Theron: HIV spread through sexism, racism, homophobia
Oh, Chalize. Approximately 1% of it is spread through those things combined. The remaining 99% is spread by black dicks. And on that note ...

1. With no males, these African butterflies are evolving into separate species
And neither can open jars.

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