Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A-drey-drey Advises Against "Just Trying to Stay Positive"

5. Nigger Sheriff David Clarke Prompts Massive Applause at GOP Convention
Gee, the rightwing Chalkies still lurv having them house niggers around now, don't they? And by the way, his wife is White - so, "Yay! race-mixers at the RNC!" That Overton Window sure has shifted!

4. High-fat diets ARE the best
Of course they are. It's not as if the Mass Media has spent the last 30 years associating dietary fat with heart disease.

3. Fighting HIV In Two High-Risk Groups: Sex Workers And Truck Drivers
In this very serious article about how AIDS is ravaging Africa, I found this hilarious little blood diamond: Theodora Tongowashe from Doctors Without Borders is walking through the alley. She's chatting with the women about HIV while handing out chocolate- and banana-flavored condoms. HAHAHA! Banana flavored? What, were they all out of watermelon flavored condoms? 

2. Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing
Pointing and laughing, but pointing nonetheless. So it appears that a couple of lines from the potential future First Whore's RNC speech might have been plagiarized from the current First Tranny's speech to Democrats in 2008. Who knew platitudes could be copyrighted? Message for Migrant Melania - assimilate! In Amerikwa, darkies copy of the papers of the Whities in class, not vice versa.

1. A-drey-drey Advises Against "Just Trying to Stay Positive"

Last week, in own life, I experienced three separate occasions in which people used the line "I am just trying to stay positive." In the interest of fairness, I considered if it was simply because I might have been the one being negative in the conversation, a hazard of being a critic, and in one of the three cases I will concede I was the bearer of bad news. But in the other two cases, I was a passive listener who was hearing problems being described, that were then wrapped up with the line "I am just trying to stay positive."

I find this expression rather odd, because it is such an ill-defined response to circumstance, isn't it? What exactly does it mean? I think the intention is to say that one is actively looking for positive in a bad situation, but instead it gets used as a way of ignoring the negative. In other words, in all three cases in which this expression was used in discussion with me last week, it was a way of terminating a discussion of problems without having found a solution or affirming that there was anything positive about the current circumstance. It killed the tension of dissatisfaction in a socially acceptable way to abrogate further personal responsibility for future outcomes. Never was it considered that perhaps the tension was justified, that it could be harnessed for change, that it was warning you that suffering will only be worse later if you don't do something about the problem now. And that got me thinking back to other times when people had told me they were "staying positive." Perhaps you have experienced similar circumstances. If so, I offer this take on the matter, in hopes you too will reconsider the value of "staying positive".

Last year I was dealing with a project leader whose project was many weeks behind schedule. A simple equation of required hours of work versus deadline to achieve the project goals revealed it was impossible the goals could be met before the deadline. When I pointed this out, I was told to "stay positive". Theoretically, the message I was supposed to take away was that having a negative attitude won't increase productivity, and therefore it can't help us reach the deadline any sooner. That is the New-Agey positive thinking approach that also says you are more likely to beat cancer if you have a positive mental outlook. This may, or may not be true. Personally, I think studies showing correlation between recovery and positive thinking do not take into account the level of pain and debilitation those who are not winning their health battle may experience. Those with ineffective treatment may have a more negative attitude because they truly are not being saved by treatment. Then, when they lose the battle, people have the gall to say it was the patient's fault because she or he didn't stay positive. But such a consideration isn't staying positive about staying positive, now is it?  We return to the idea that being negative about something won't make that something any better, so stay positive instead, even if perhaps staying positive really isn't making it any better either. Why do this? Because apparently for most humans it feels better to be positive than to be negative, to smile rather than to frown, so it has an intrinsic value beyond its dubious mind over matter credentials.

No, being negative won't make something any better. I will give you that, with the caveat that I am not convinced that being positive will make something any better either, though it might make you feel better about something that you are doing nothing to make any better. Going back to the aforementioned circumstance, the project in question did not get completed on time. Many goals went unmet. A flawed, incomplete system was put into place, and many smaller initiatives had to be implemented later to compensate for the weak performance of the original team. But, positive thinking at least made everyone feel good about the little they had been able to achieve, and they never had to reassess what they could have achieved otherwise because of another New Agey mantra, "You can't change the past, but you can change the future." And the future certainly had changed -  Because the culture of positivity had triumphed, the result was that failure had become the new standard of performance. The lesson that had been learned was that not meeting your goals was acceptable. Mediocrity will not only be tolerated, but rewarded with a paycheck. Others will compensate for your failures, so there are no consequences to your actions. And of course, everyone gets a ribbon just for participating. Sound familiar? It should, because it is a basic list of every value that has been embraced since Western Civilization died and was replaced with MultiKulturalism.

But could negativity have made the situation any better? Again, in and of itself, no. I give you that. But the energy of negativity, the dissatisfaction, the discomfort, the distress, could have been harnessed for change. That is the opportunity that gets missed when negativity is silenced by the culture of positivity. Reconsider the concept of not being able to achieve goals by a certain deadline. Rather than using positivity to deny the observable reality of the current state, what if the question had simply been asked - What could we do that might avert failure or at least minimize it? If you are a New Ager who wants to claim that is what positive thinking is all about, I will point out that you are in fact being disingenuous - because what your kind told us to do originally was to ignore the negative in order to stay positive, not to address the negative, because that would have validated it. But if you are saying now that positivity is about actively addressing negative realities, I'm willing to accept that as an alignment of thought at this time.

The White Whateverist movement has long been infected with pernicious pessimism that goes well beyond object negativity. It has historically focused on how the all-powerful Juden are in absolute control, or, for the Jew-friendly traditionalist types, it has focused on how Lefties and Commies have unfairly rearranged society to give non-Whites preferential treatment and punish White people for their ancestors crimes against non-Whites. It has advocated escape (separatism) or catastrophe (social collapse and race war) as the two inevitable outcomes toward which Western Civilization will move because nothing can be done to stop the all-powerful Jews and Lefties/Commies. Yet, it has failed to produce either outcome, and even actively decried those who chose not to passively wait for the supposedly inevitable. And then there's Trump.

Over the past year, nearly the entire White Whateverist movement has been seized with a mass hysteria that Amerikwa could be restored to Whiteness and  that separatism or race war would no longer be necessary. That a neo-Hitler was going to shift the Overton Window so that Whites could openly advocate for their own racial interests in a MultiKultural Society, and somehow this would result in the return to a homogeneous White society. But what do you think has been directed at those of us who have raised concerns that White Whateverists might be suffering from a mass delusion, and that they might be engaging in a grand act of wishful thinking? Well, apart from death threats, profanity, and denunciations from our former peers for our negativity, there is an admittedly milder strain that hears our concerns and says "You may be right, but I am just trying to stay positive". And when asked, what will you do if it turns out that we few dissenters were correct? The answer is often, "Then all is lost, and we have to wait for social collapse".

So there you have it - the options of the deluded truly aren't between actions that positively or negatively contribute to the outcomes we desire, but sensations of optimism versus pessimism over things for which they have no control. If it truly were the former, the concern would not be retaining a sensation of positivity, but with making sure everything was being done to bring about a positive outcome in the face of negative realities. That's what I ask you to consider today. The next time you are seized by the impulse to "try to stay positive", consider that you may be missing an opportunity to actively pursue a better outcome by addressing the negative, because trying to remain positive could make you content with settling for failure, or at a minimum, less than you might have achieved otherwise.


  1. Hah, you were right, Mr Arlott. It isn’t funny but it is astute as always.

    In other words “positivity” has replaced God for the non-religious crowd? “Don’t worry, God will take care of things”. (So you don’t have to.) “Only God can judge”. (So you either can’t or don’t have to.) “Don’t worry, God will save you/us.” (So you don’t have to do anything to save yourself.)

    It’s not like “trying to stay positive” offers any alternatives. It doesn’t imply what is positive about the circumstances or what, in particular, it is one should be positive about. It’s like having a bit of a negative sneeze and the other person goes, “bless you”.

    In the example you gave what would have been positive was if the project leader had been fired for incompetence. (Personally I can’t say I have any particular motivation for work. But if you are HIRED to do something then you damn better do it because someone has to do it anyway and that someone might as well be you. This is why inefficient people annoy me.)

    “…though it might make you feel better about something that you are doing nothing to make any better.”

    I think this is basically the summary of your post. People use it as an excuse to shirk their duties and for inaction. And instead of owning up to their own behaviour, the responsibility is on you for daring to be negative.

    This is something that has long puzzled be about the White Nationalists. One faction preaches Jew-awareness and the other faction preaches Leftist/Communist awareness (and hey! whites are just too wonderful for their own good!), but if or when we are all aware THEN what?

    Either the Jews or the Left (and Right) Elite will just say the jig is up and relinquish their power? They will somehow magically change their mind about white genocide or global plantation and give those special racist whites their own homeland?

    Hah! I am all for a social collapse. Mostly because I want to completely level this world to the ground, have at least over half of the world’s population dead, and start anew. Hopefully without all the nonsense; most specifically the Christian nonsense that has spawned most of the axiologies plaguing the West.

    But it does have two questions: when or if it happens. And in the meanwhile what is a racist white, who wants whites to become separate species, to do? One thing I can think of is to become independent and quietly veer off one’s respective society (though I cannot for certain say how one goes about achieving this).

    Stop feeding the monster. Let the filth collapse under its own weight. Let the tolerants and their pet projects turn against each other as they have time and again shown themselves wont to do.

    In the meanwhile, what one can really do is better one’s own circumstances.

    (I hope you don’t mind me constantly linking to the same site but this entry in particular made me think of White Nationalists: http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/bear_hunting.htm

    In short: instead of focusing on how to better their own individual or racial situations, they are focusing all their attention in “unveiling the other”, whether that is Jews, Negroes or Leftists. After that, I suppose, someone else gets to take the mantle and make all the reformations possible.)

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      Yes, that's a rather good comparison. "Stay positive" is a secular version of "have faith".

      Where I work, people only ever get fired for repeatedly getting angry, expressing racism, cursing in front of the wrong person, or sexual harassment. Gross incompetence is the norm. As a child raised by television, I was under the impression that the worker was in constant fear of being fired for poor performance. The job security trope. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity I have never seen anything like that in my work life. I like to say my only motivation for work is my paycheck, but I admit I also derive satisfaction from an anti-Christian version of the "Protestant Work Ethic". The latter alone however would not sustain me in absence of the former.

      You make a great point about awareness in White Whateverism. I have heard the same pointless "Wake up!" message for two decades. I compare it to a prison on fire in the middle of the night. A handful of prisoners are screaming wildly, "Everybody wake up! We're about to be burned alive!" OK - so we're awake - now what? If we couldn't dig a tunnel or saw through the bars before, what makes you think we can do it now? There is a belief that once a critical mass of awareness is reached, Whities will stand up and fight back. But fight back against what? Even White Whateverists are embracing MultiKulturalism via the trap of just wanting to be on top of the pile of human dross. If they got their White homeland, they'd invite in their favorite Jews, fags, and non-Whites to keep them company.

      I don't believe social collapse will occur in our lifetimes. There will be nothing more than the slow sad spectacle of White decline. Wicked racist that I am, I still don't see that much of a difference between Obama's Amerikwa and GW's Amerikwa. They are just different points on the same trajectory. A White Republican recently said to me regarding BLM, "You never saw racial violence like this before Obama was President." I responded "Didn't you grow up in the 60's?" Embarrassed, she said "I mean after the Civil Rights Movement." I responded "What about the L.A. riots?" She said "OK, but I still think race relations are worse under Obama." I think what she really senses, but cannot articulate is, that White people are in decline, and that Obama's presidency is proof of that. But the decline has been going on for decades, and would have happened even without the Mulatto Messiah specifically because White people won't acknowledge their own role in their decline.

      I agree that racially aware Whites need to check out of the system, and focus on strengthening their own position. Stop imagining that winning an argument on Twitter is the equivalent of retaking your homelands from non-Whites. The MultiKult is absurd and destructive. It only unifies when it has a common enemy. Stop being that common enemy and getting fucked by the bear.

      RE: Antisocial Behavior - Here's a related topic I think connects to the website you shared.

      In the article I linked today about Milo Fagiopolis, there is this quote: ***“If people cannot be trusted to treat one another with respect, dignity and consideration, perhaps they deserve to have their online freedoms curtailed,” Yiannopoulos declared four years ago in an article entitled, “The internet is turning us all into sociopaths.” Yiannopoulos couldn’t realize how prescient he was, never mind that he was writing about his future self.***

      But is that his true self? Milo claims it was a victory for free speech when he got Twitter to ban him and other users for harassing a sub-ape-ess. The consequence of his behavior this week is much more in keeping with his viewpoint four years ago, isn't it? I'm not saying it was his intent to end Twitter as a free speech zone, but he has helped move Twitter in that direction and calls it a victory.

    2. It got me wondering if trolling isn't just another form of Western suicide. White Whateverists have embraced destructive internet trolls/shitlords and have chosen to associate themselves with what will probably turn out to be just a poisonous fad of the Millennial generation. The far right internet fringe laugh that the Republicans had their party hijacked by Trump trolls like Milo. But what if the extreme right was actually the first casualty of those trolls? What if their Movement was coopted to lump the entire right into the socially unacceptable category? In that case, the Overton Window won't shift right, it will be slammed shut under the justification of stopping the antisocial Right. This doesn't have to be the intended consequence, or part of a conspiracy. Perhaps it will simply result from a juvenile impulse to see who can be the biggest asshole on the internet.

  2. Sadly, me neither. I only know of people getting fired for drug addiction. And perhaps extreme alcoholism. I find it ridiculous.

    There was this Russian fellow at my workplace who was late four days a week and almost every week skipped one day (because of a hangover). I was surprised he was allowed to stay but I suppose it was because he was on an internship.

    The other troublesome co-worker was a Negress Muslim girl. She was cute, (very) quiet, polite and came to work on time. She was also dumb as a brick, inefficient and generally useless. Whenever she was supposed to work, she either gossiped with the other workers or on her phone. Luckily, she was also on an internship but never have two months felt so long.

    “If they got their White homeland, they'd invite in their favorite Jews, fags, and non-Whites to keep them company.”

    Haha! I suspect it would also be something like this, “But guys! They were on our side! They would feel BAD if we don’t invite them in!”

    It’s just so ridiculous, all of it.

    Well yes, I very much doubt it will happen in our lifetimes. Just recently I had this thought that the seeds of decline are sown long before a civilization has even flourished, and it takes hundreds of years for it to struggle in its dead throes before it finally is replaced by something else. Usually by other peoples.

    “The MultiKult is absurd and destructive. It only unifies when it has a common enemy. Stop being that common enemy and getting fucked by the bear.”

    This, Mr Arlott. I really wish they would understand this. No matter how respectable, soft-spoken or clean-cut of an image they try to project, they will still always be Wicked Evil Racist Nazis and the more they try to pander to Multicultism that they aren’t any sort of a threat then the more they will lose the values they wanted to uphold. And it is a lot easier for the Multicultists to rally against something they can actually point at than just ghosts. (And if those they point at also happen to be antisocial assholes on the internet then it is all the easier.)

    For example, my dear sister whom “proper society” would deem as Wicked Evil Racist Nazi had a bit of a nervous breakdown over Jared Taylor of all people because “he sounds like a Nazi”. If a somewhat racist person, who is sympathetic towards Nazis, reacts like that, I really see no hope in convincing any great mass of whites to wake up and spontaneously rebel.

    Perhaps this is just me but I really fail to see how getting banned is a victory for free speech? Isn’t it contradictory? How did harassing someone online help the great white decline? Did it stop mass-immigration? Did it make the politicians change their minds? Did it stop Jews or the white Elite? Did it convince anyone that maybe White Nationalists aren’t antisocial assholes with superiority complexes who live in their mother’s basement? (Because stereotyping and generalizing are bad!)

    Apparently all it achieved was yet another excuse for censorship. If it was a victory it was so for the Multicultists.

    “What if their Movement was coopted to lump the entire right into the socially unacceptable category?”

    This is possible. But on the other hand, as I said about Jared Taylor, I suspect it would have been socially unacceptable anyway. Of course, now the Movement really seems to be drawing only those mentally challenged antisocials and it seems to be heading in a worse direction than before.

    - Different Anon

    1. There is a Muzzie girl at work now who just got hired. No one knows how to pronounce her name, and everyone is too terrified to ask how because they don't want to be thought of as racist. Instead, they all just whisper to each other in panicked voices - how do you say her name?!?

      The getting-fucked-by-the-bear problem from my perspective is that White Whateverists are engaging with the Mass Media in the first place. There is such a thing as bad press. Ask anyone who has lost their jobs because the media picked up on them calling someone a nigger on Kikebook. I am of the opinion that pro-White people are defective compared to their sheepish cousins, and they will go looking for like-minded defectives. They don't watch Donahue and say - Gee, that smug fellow who says "Jews look Huwhite too me" sure does make me want to form a White Nationalist Republic." They aren't watching the Trisha Goddard show and thinking "That 14% African chap has convinced me Whites need their own shantytown!" Any White person (liberal or conservative) whose primary knowledge of David Duke comes from the Mass Media will have in innate loathing of him, even if they are soft-racists - yet he keeps seeking another 15 minutes over and over again. Why? Ostensibly to get the message out to exactly the wrong audience. These "leaders" are either tools, or ignoramuses, or egomaniacs, or all of the above.

      The big tent approach automatically tends toward the lowest common denominator. The Alt-Right banding together with faggots, non-Whites, and huwhite-looking-kikes to take on the Left is only possible because the current Right has become the Old Left. And then you have the reaction against the Alt-Right, which calls itself the Alt-Left, because being pro-White means embracing state socialism apparently. Oh my fucking non-existent God would this Movement just throw itself in the oven right now, please?

      There was a time when I thought the disparate viewpoints gathering in White Whateverism were a good thing. There was room for both the respectable and the trashy, religious and heretical, the ordered and the chaotic. They just needed to do their own thing and keep providing the "Alternative" to MultiKulturalism. But uniformly they have increasingly embraced MultiKult (anti-White) viewpoints in order to make interwebs alliances with antisocial guttertrash that are rejected by mainstream MultiKulturalism for unorthodoxy. The White Whateverists get to still be anti-establishment, but without feeling so lonely (tear drop - frowny face - #NazisNeedFriendsToo). But they aren't providing the Alternative to MultiKulturalism anymore. They don't get that their pro-White sentiments are ironic kitsch to the MultiKult hipster freaks with whom they have allied themselves. Analogy - its like those handful of popular kids who would occasionally challenge the social hierarchy of high school by chatting up some Star Trek dweeb and pretending to be interested in what the kid said.

      Huwhites won't rebel - it's their system too. They don't want it torn down. The MultiKult ones get off on the feeling they are being cucked. And the anti-MultiKult ones just want to feel like they are on top of the writhing brown heap of humanity again. But none of them want to turn off the Jew Cyclops. This weekend, you will find them at the movies, or Church, or watching The Sports, or playing with their pokeballs - and of course, CONSUMING. And this goes for White Whateverists as much as it goes for the rest of the White sheeple.

      So there's the negativity, but what do I suggest be done about it? I defer to your previous counsel - focus on improving yourself first. Second, I defer to my previous counsel - hide in plain sight and prepare for a generational struggle. Eventually, the only White people left will be those of us who learned to retain pro-Whiteness without triggering the MultiKult goons or giving them fodder to feed their cattle.