Sunday, July 31, 2016

White [Trash] Lives Matter

5. White Weatherman Loses His Job Over Facebook Jab at BLM
You fool. I will just have to keep saying it and hope against hope that word eventually gets around. RULES THAT APPLY TO TRUMP DO NOT APPLY TO YOU. Political Correctness is still in effect for everyone else except Donald Trump.

4. Why ‘white trash’ Americans are flocking to Donald Trump
Quoting said White Trash: "Gah-huck ... look Lurlene - der's dat guy from the Wrestlemania! I like him! He'll make every trailer a double-wide!" Honestly, I think I have finally stopped feeling bad about the disaster that is coming. It will be richly satisfying when White Whateverists finally figure out that the trailer park lurv of Trumpenfuhrer will not transfer to them ... ever.

3. Khizr Khan: Trump has a 'black soul'
Black soul ... let's see: 1) He sits in a golden throne for press interviews. 2) He mentioned the size of his junk during a televised debate. 3) He fondles his own daughter and fantasizes about dating her. So actually his soul is 2/3'rds negroid and 1/3'rd Woody Allen.

2. Man arrested for YouTube videos threatening Baton Rouge police, David Duke
Getting arrested for empty racist threats - sounds more like something a White Whateverist would do than what a Black Whateverist would do.

1. Buffalo White [Trash] Lives Matter protest decimated by anti-protesters (video)
And by decimated they mean that a gaggle of anti-White White Trash tore the t-shirt off a pro-White piece of White Trash. Pa-freakin-thetic

You can watch the video below.

Karl Hand, the leader of the "Racial Nationalist Party of America" was also there, attempting to hand out literature on behalf of his "party". You can enjoy a graphic captured from the front page of the "party" website below, which by the way is soliciting donations.

An animated white toilet. How appropriate.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

God's Restorative Strength Offered After Balloon Tragedy

5. Tucker Carlson Says Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on ‘White Males’ Show Dems Have ‘Pulled the Mask Off’
Quoting: He added [she...] “basically told us everything we expected, which is they don’t like the core population of the country, which is why they’re trying to replace it with immigrants, which is why they’re constantly attacking the middle of the country as racist and retrograde and medieval.” Correct, but you still haven't quite registered what you are looking at, you weenie. What you are seeing isn't simply the Democrat party, or the Leftist MultiKult agenda, but the Jew. And as long as you don't realize it, you are destined to fall.

4. Muslim porn star reveals why she refuses to quit adult films, despite being 'banned from Pakistan'
Quoting: The 25-year-old, who lives in Los Angeles and has family in Pakistan, said she still practices her faith and prays regularly. Yeah, sure she does, because her religion is MultiKulturalism. Western Christians would be wise to look at this muzzie cunt as an example of what their own faith has become - a shallow, selfish, feel-good version of their traditions, which gives them permission to embrace MultiKultural decadence and perversity.

3. Constance Wu on Hollywood's white savior problem: 'Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon'
Quoting: "We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world," Wu wrote. What a man-hating feminist cunt. What about The Blind Side, you slope whore? You see, I actually agree with you about White Saviorism - but don't spread your propaganda that it is just a White male problem, when Sandra Bullock is one of the most famous participants in the trope. White Saviorism is a drug. It is an upper that White people like to indulge in after crashing from the downer of White guilt. In either case, Hollyweird is the pusher, and it is not men who look like Matt Damon running the show.

2. Ancient Bone Shows Evidence Of Cancer In Human Ancestor
Quoting: Nor is today's study alone in its finding that cancer is an ancient affliction, rather than a modern scourge caused by polluted environments and poor diets. Oh, what a relief! Let's go inhale some asbestos and drink a gallon of hydrogenated oil to celebrate!

1. Texas hot air balloon crash: 'No survivors' as ride bursts into flames with 16 people on board
Quoting the governor of Texas: “May God's restorative strength and grace be with the families affected by the tragic hot air balloon crash.” HAHAHAHA! Oops ... I'm sorry. Probably no one else on Earth would find that line funny, but offering "God's restorative strength" after a "tragic hot air balloon crash" just strikes me funny.

Friday, July 29, 2016

CDN: "Animals are people too." Edition 07-29-2016

5. Rock-Throwing Elephant Kills Young Zoogoer
The victim was a 7-year-old Moroccan girl. Free joke for the lefties: This elephant would make a perfect mascot for the RNC.

4. FIFTY animals starved to death in Venezuelan zoo
Oh, for Pedro's sake. Venezuelans are fleeing to neighboring countries because of food shortages. Why didn't you let them eat the zoo animals? Oh! But that wouldn't be right! So letting fifty zoo animals starve to death was preferable?

3. Two men are arrested for dousing a HAMSTER in gasoline, setting it on fire and recording it on Snapchat
Another horror, courtesy of the Information Age. The most surprising aspect of this case is that only one of the two "men" was a nigger.

2. ‘I Knew We Weren’t Gonna Catch Him’: Wild Bodycam Video Allegedly Shows [Gorilla] Easily Outrunning Cops
Don't worry. Eventually, the gorilla is this case gave up on his plan, sat down on the sidewalk and waited for the po-po's to handcuff him and take him to jail.

1. Animal lover found guilty in duck-feeding fight
Quoting: Quinten Putnam, the animal lover whose former neighbor accosted him for feeding Muscovy ducks, was found guilty Thursday of battering that neighbor. That's right, two grown "White" men got in a fight over feeding ducks. And the one who did the feeding and delivered the beating showed up in court with a rubber duck that he clutched while the verdict was read. You can watch the video at the title link, but be warned, my calculations show it will increase your anti-human sentiment by a minimum of 34%.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kidney Ward Becomes Burn Ward

5. Francis tells migrant-averse Poland to 'overcome fear,' welcome strangers
Shut the cuck up, Pope Lenin. Any White person who still attends a Catholic church is a race traitor.

4. 'Sesame Street' retooling ousts three longtime cast members
I only remember the White, Leftie guy. Even as a child I must have dismissed the non-White cast members as of little importance - mere scenery.

3. Meet the orangutan who has learnt to talk like a human
He just secured the Republican nomination, didn't he? This concludes the daily cheap shot at Der Trumpenfuhrer.

2. Connecticut Man Charged After Gun Bust and Threatening Jewish "Houses of Satan"
Quoting Kendall Sullivan, 50: "I will slaughter them and burn their Synagogue to the ground … kids, goldfish, old folks.” HaShem, not even the goldfish were to be spared!

1. Kidney Ward Becomes Burn Ward: Horror as man sets entire hospital ward on fire after row with dialysis patient turns deadly
This is truly a disturbing video (see it uncut here) - so what better way to recognize the suffering of these unfortunate people than with an inappropriate joke about the modern healthcare industry. Here we go: "The worst part about being nearly burned alive in his hospital bed was that the patient was told he had to return to the waiting room for another six hours."

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CDN: Womyn Edition 07-27-2016

5. Miss Cleo Is Dead at 53
Bet she didn't see that coming.

4. Watch the Hillary Clinton Video Her Campaign Killed
No one is quite sure why it was pulled, but that won't stop me speculating. The video is ostensibly about Clinton's mother, but it actually says very little about her. It just keeps wildly veering off into feminist cliches every 30 seconds or so. Perhaps the reason it was pulled was because they thought no one would believe Hillary was born of a woman, and not a jackal.

3. State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby assails police, pledges to pursue reforms
More Mulatto Mediocrity. She completely blew the prosecution, and then blamed it on the inability of the po-pos to investigate themselves - in other words for them to make her case for her against their own interests. Newsflash: You can't fight corruption by expecting the corrupt to tattle on themselves.

2. Owen Smith apologises for ‘smash Theresa May' remark
A Labour Party hack just got in trouble for directing insensitive words against the new Prime Minister. Doesn't he know his own Leftist ideology has turned plastic cutlery into a threat to public safety? Words are just as bad as deeds to Leftists. He simply thought he could get away with it because he was talking about a "conservative". He forgot she outranks him in the grievance hierarchy.

1. Prominent feminist writer drops off social media after rape threat against her 5-year-old daughter
Prominent meaning almost no one has ever heard of her. It's terrible if true, but let's see some proof. Leftists have a troubling history of false sexual allegations and hate crime hoaxery in service to their MultiKult agenda.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Justin Bieber Lookalike OD's at the Motel 6

5. Fury in France over how known jihadists on terror watchlist were allowed to murder priest
Quoting: 'horrified' ex-Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he feared 'everything is being done to trigger a war of religions'. If the West was still Christian, certainly there would have been a crusade launched by now. The problem is, the religion of the modern West is MultiKulturalism, which seeks the death of the White race. What is called Christianity today is nothing but a gateway drug to MultiKulturalism. But, by all means froggies, do prove me wrong. Deus vult, and such.

4. Hand Transplant Recipient Regrets Having Surgery
Listen to this description of his replacement hands: "ill-fitting, flesh-colored anchors fused to his arms". I'm sorry, but HA! People have to understand that medical science around non-organ transplants is basically just Frankenstein butchery. HERE you can watch a story about a beaner who had a successful double-arm transplant. He requires daily therapy and immunosuppressive drugs (which the Mexican state is paying for) to keep his body from attacking his limbs. Combine the ego of physicians + the desperation of patients + the fiscal irresponsibility of the welfare state, and the result is madness such as this. Meanwhile, in Japan...

3. Suspect in fatal stabbing of 19 wrote to a Japanese official about his plan to kill the disabled
The Jap who murdered all those disabled people turned out to be a lunatic who had encounters with UFO's, ranted about Free Masonry, and thought the gub'mint should give him free plastic surgery and 5 million yen for the killings. But within the crazy, there was actually some lucidity. Quoting the article: “looking at the exhausted faces of the caretakers and the lifeless eyes of the employees of the caretaking facilities makes me feel for Japan and the world.” The disabled, he wrote, “live as animals, not humans and many must succumb to a wheelchair for life while often being shunned from their own families.”

2. Make-a-Wish Kid's dream to be garbage man comes true
This is one of those situations where the question "Are you sure?" would have been very appropriate. I think even an evil genie would have asked that question before granting that wish.  "Kid - I'm kind of struggling to come up with an ironic fulfillment of this wish that will make you regret your decision. Just so that we're clear - if you regret this one - it ain't my fault."

1. Justin Bieber Lookalike OD's at the Motel 6
Hmph. I always thought that would be the way the real Bieber would go. I suppose there is still time for that. Now let's get a look at this lookalike ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT THE? Are you joking? Sure, I mean it looks like a boi dyke, but not that specific boi dyke. How could this get any sadder? Quoting: [The freak] spent five years and more than $100,000 on surgeries to look like Bieber.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It paid someone to do that to it you say? That explains the lumpiness. Outstanding.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Say what now? Mom of prostitute believed to be slain by serial killer stabbed to death.

5. Prince Harry Reveals One of His Biggest Regrets After Princess Diana's Death
Is it that his mother's autopsy revealed her stomach contents at the time of her death to be approximately 2 ccs of Muzzie semen?

4. Sanders was right about the DNC all along
Well, duh. Anyone outside of the Mass Media could have told you the fix was in. This article describes the conceit of the elites thusly: "[...] they know who should run for office better than any uninformed voter." Well of course they do. They know how the shitty system runs, so they choose the plumber who can keep the shit flowing. If you don't choose the candidates for the masses, they will pick someone like Trump, who will have the shit exploding back out of the toilet right into your face when you flush it. Thank goodness Trump's been put on a leash by his Jewish son-in-law, so we can rest assured that the cesspool called Washington D.C. will continue to function regardless of which grandparent of mischling is chosen in November. And speaking of trump and shit...

3. Racist Trump supporter caught on video going apesh*t inside a Manhattan subway train
More pigshit than apeshit in this circumstance. Nice Boss Hog Suit there, lil' fellow - but the pink shirt makes you look queer. Atl-Fag perhaps? No wonder you love Trump. I would remind White people not to do this sort of thing, but when I do, I get called out in the comments section by conspiracists who say all such altercations are orchestrated by Joooozzzzz. By the way, Boss Hog was a Jew. Coincidence? Don't be naïve!

2. TV newswoman newsbabooness plunges 125 feet to death at North Carolina waterfall
I was hoping that she fell to her death while filming, but no such luck. Instead - quite oddly - she was wading in a stream and was swept away by the current. Come now sub-ape-ess, you should have known better than to get into a body of water when it wasn't even September yet [once yearly bathing season for the sub-apes]. And then you know you are supposed to spritz yourself in one of the gub'mint-approved Negro washing stations - public fountains or opened fire hydrants.

1. Mom of prostitute believed to be slain by serial killer stabbed to death
Ah, Mass Media. I love this headline because it is both provocative and confusing at the same time. Let me untangle  this one for you, if I can - A woman whose prostitute daughter was killed years ago, possibly by a serial killer, has herself been murdered by her surviving daughter. The surviving daughter is a schizophrenic, who stabbed her mother during a break wif reality. Now I say wif, because the stabby-daughter is a great example of a typical butt-ugly quadroon. Amerikwanis quadroonus. Enjoy ...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ugliest Jewess in the World Resigning as DNC Leader

5. Obama's Kenyan half-brother says he's voting for Donald Trump
Quoting the sub-ape: "Donald Trump will make goat rape great again!" [Not an actual quote, but the sentiment is no doubt there.]

4. Dying Journalist Writes One Last Column
Quoting the last line written by the dying 43-year-old journalist-ess:  "If there's a heaven, or whatever, I'll see you there." ... Eloquent.

3. 'Kill More Cops': Hateful anti-police graffiti scrawled near busy Los Angeles freeway
I'm sure its not meant to be taken literally - It's simply the thug version of one of those motivational posters with a kitten dangling from a tree with the words "Hang in there." And on a related topic...

Well, they are the easiest kind to shoot.

1. Ugliest Jewess in the World Resigning as DNC Leader
She says the best way for her to accomplish her goals at this point is to step down as party chair. HA! What goals were those? 1) Secure the nomination for the least electable Democrat in history. 2) Make sure the nominee chooses a milquetoast Vice Presidential candidate so as to remove any chance of enthusiasm from the base of the party. 3) Resign in a scandal that would cause the entire opposition within the party to view the nominee as illegitimate. Check, check, check. What's the fourth goal? To blow Donald Trump in the Oval Office on his first day as President?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clearly Insane Woman Arrested For False Report of Abduction by Biblical Patriarch

5. Corpse Spends Weekend at Fast-Food Restaurant
This article claims the body of a dead drug addict was found three days after he OD'd in a bathroom. Some consumers expressed concern that no one had been in to clean the bathroom in three days. Uh, hello? Have you all ever been in a bathroom at a fast food restaurant before? How in the world do you think they get in that state except through pervasive neglect? The fact we don't find more corpses in fast food restaurant bathrooms is what should be considered shocking.

4. First pictures of Munich's young victims
Pretty brown. So it turns out that the Munich shooting was actually just a nutty Muzzie kid taking revenge on other Muzzie kids. Meanwhile, all the photos of mourners are White Eurotrash hugging in the streets. Pathetic cucks.

3. Robert Reich is furious with Debbie Wasserman Schultz after alleged email leak: ‘Fire her now’
Reich supported Bernie Sanders. The latest DNC e-mail leaks show Wasserman created a culture of bias against Sanders. But ... but ... but ... the hive mind?!? I'm telling you, a faction of Kwanian Jews are throwing in their lot with WASP's to create a hybrid mischling master race to rule the mixed race mud slaves of the Kwa. Sanders has no biological grandchildren, so he is out. Reich has mischling kids himself apparently, so he really needs to get with the program.

2. Ex-KKK leader Duke tries political comeback in US Senate run
Quoting: On Friday [...] he declared “the climate of this country has moved in my direction.” Yep, delusional, with a 100% chance of hypocrisy. Still, he is at least doing something besides dick riding Trump all day. So I reiterate my previous thoughts on the matter - Good for Duchess.

1. Clearly Insane Woman Arrested For False Report of Abduction by Biblical Patriarch
 OK - so that's not really what happened. But look at this nut next to a sketch of her alleged attacker.

Eyes like hers scream "I'M INSANE!!!". And if police relied on her description of the attacker, they would have had to put out an APB on Noah, Santa Claus, or Aleksandr Dugin.

Quoting: Police say Rachael Mattice claimed she was knocked out as was getting ready to work during the early morning hours of June 23 at the family’s campsite in Wells. On July 12, police released a sketch of a man that was being sought in Mattice’s disappearance. The man was described as Caucasian, in his middle to late 50s, approximately 6′ tall, having brown eyes, gray hair, full beard, and weighing 200 to 250 pounds. Police say additional electronic evidence and medical findings were not consistent with Rachael’s accounts. “Nothing Mattice said happened. It’s all made up.”

Of course it was. It took you a month to figure that out? LOOK AT HER EYES! That is the look of a woman who sees dead people. That is the look of a woman who has her boyfriend's severed penis in her glove compartment. That is the look of a woman who stacks her dead fetuses in shoe boxes in her closet. Where have we seen hollow, dead, soulless eyes like that before?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Paramedics Used Unconscious Patients as Part of Selfies War

5. Romeo and Juliet Balcony Now Open to Same-Sex Couples
As long as they stay authentic and kill themselves afterwards, I can support this.

4. The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s Air Kiss Fail
What the? Did Donald have a senior moment and think he was at the Miss USA pageant?

3. 'It looks like she's in a shampoo ad!' Twitter pokes fun at Ivanka Trump at RNC
Of course they were more focused on her hair blowing around in an enclosed auditorium then they were that she sounded like she too was plagiarizing talking points from Michelle Obama. Basically, she was promising that her daddy will continue to use the power of the state to act as a surrogate husband for womyn, so that they in turn can continue to live in a delusion of personal empowerment. SLOW MARCH LEFT.

2. Munich terror attack comes exactly five years to the day of Anders Breivik's Killing Spree
You can almost hear Breivik now - "I told ya so." Of course, those more attuned to the truth than some common-sense-bound drudge such as myself would point out the purpose of both attacks was simply to spread fear of Muslims, "Because JOOOZ!" Sigh - The response to White racist attacks is to import more Muzzies, and the response to Muzzie terrorist attacks is to import more Muzzies. What does fear of Muzzies have to do with anything? Ooo ... ooo ... ooo - it's because then we will bomb Syria, which makes Muzzies want to come to Europe! But what about all the Muzzies coming from Pakistan, or Sub-Saharan Africa, or Algeria which aren't being bombed by the West? Well, because, because ... SHUT UP AND JOOOZ!

1. Paramedics Used Unconscious Patients as Part of Selfies War
Another new low in human behavior made possible by the Information Age. And it's not even the first time. The picture below is actually from a similar event just last year. The title article goes further into all sorts of abuse patients are suffering at the hands of deviant morons. Remember that its a good idea to have someone you trust advocate on your behalf when you are sick and vulnerable. The few deviants aside, the far more common thing you will encounter will be incompetents and the bad-tempered, overwhelmed competent people who work twice as hard to cover for the incompetents.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Po-Pos Shoot Negro Who Was Trying to Help Strangely Familiar Autistic Man

5. How Ted Cruz performed the perfect troll
Perhaps. I think all sides are completely overthinking this whole thing. The Cuban Grandpa Munster was stuck with two options - 1) Endorse a candidate who had humiliated him by maligning his wife and family, or 2) Renege on his promise and show the world that he had some backbone. If you can actually say that you would endorse someone who maligned your family like Trump did to Cruz, you are a cuck. It's that simple. And you know that Trump would never have endorsed Cruz if the positions were reversed, nor would any of the Trumplings have expected him to. Everything else is just pundit theater - "It was a bid for 2020. It was political suicide. It was revenge. It was falling into a trap. It was a betrayal. It was standing up for principles." That's all bullshit. It was personal. Rubio was just as humiliated by Trump, but he endorsed Trump because Rubio is a foam party loving cuck. Cruz didn't want to be a cuck in this circumstance. That doesn't mean he won't get another opportunity to be one.

4. The 12 Whitest Dance Moves Seen At The RNC Convention
I know, I know - reverse racism. But remember, you can't be racist toward White people because racism requires power and privilege and blah, blah, blah. Just enjoy laughing at stupid people making fools of themselves. White culture is so degraded and negrified that its no wonder they can't dance to today's music - it's not made for them.

3. 3,000 Year Old Village Unearthed In Britain
Incredible that many of the items recovered are better made and are in better shape than equivalent tools and goods one would find today in Africa.

2. The geeks from hell: Video-gamers planned to shoot up the Pokemon World Championship
As they are led off to prison, they may take comfort in the fact that at least now they won't die virgins.

1. Po-Pos Shoot Negro Caregiver Who Was Trying to Rescue Autistic Man Playing in the Street with Toy Truck
See the picture below, taken moments before the shooting. The retard that Negro is trying to save ... is that ... Matthew Heimbach? Bonus story: Matthew Heimbach is facing criminal charges for ape-handling a babooness protesting at a Trump convention.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

African Butterflies' Evolution Impacted by Loss of Males

5. Melania Trump Speechwriter Takes Blame For Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s Speech
So Melania got a little more help than she claimed she did. And good help is so hard to find, isn't it? Quoting the plagiarizer on the source of the borrowed material: [Melania] dictated lines over the phone that she hoped to use as inspiration for her address. “A person she has always liked is Michelle Obama [...] Over the phone, she read me some passages of Mrs. Obama’s speech as examples." Ugh ... Melania didn't plagiarize, but she finds inspiration from Michelle Obama - and this is better how?

4. Racists, Idiots and Sociopaths Get Down at the RNC’s Big Gay Party
Best line of this article says event coordinator Milo Fagiopolis has embarked "on a career as a sort of camp villain, an evil Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served?" HA! And while we are on the subject of the Alt-Right's favorite bottom ...

3. Twitter Bans Milo Yiannopoulos for Leading the Abusive Charge Against Leslie Jones: Who Is He?
Oooo ... there is no greater insult to an attention whore faggot than asking "Who's that?" And sticking with the faggy theme ...

2. Charlize Theron: HIV spread through sexism, racism, homophobia
Oh, Chalize. Approximately 1% of it is spread through those things combined. The remaining 99% is spread by black dicks. And on that note ...

1. With no males, these African butterflies are evolving into separate species
And neither can open jars.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A-drey-drey Advises Against "Just Trying to Stay Positive"

5. Nigger Sheriff David Clarke Prompts Massive Applause at GOP Convention
Gee, the rightwing Chalkies still lurv having them house niggers around now, don't they? And by the way, his wife is White - so, "Yay! race-mixers at the RNC!" That Overton Window sure has shifted!

4. High-fat diets ARE the best
Of course they are. It's not as if the Mass Media has spent the last 30 years associating dietary fat with heart disease.

3. Fighting HIV In Two High-Risk Groups: Sex Workers And Truck Drivers
In this very serious article about how AIDS is ravaging Africa, I found this hilarious little blood diamond: Theodora Tongowashe from Doctors Without Borders is walking through the alley. She's chatting with the women about HIV while handing out chocolate- and banana-flavored condoms. HAHAHA! Banana flavored? What, were they all out of watermelon flavored condoms? 

2. Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing
Pointing and laughing, but pointing nonetheless. So it appears that a couple of lines from the potential future First Whore's RNC speech might have been plagiarized from the current First Tranny's speech to Democrats in 2008. Who knew platitudes could be copyrighted? Message for Migrant Melania - assimilate! In Amerikwa, darkies copy of the papers of the Whities in class, not vice versa.

1. A-drey-drey Advises Against "Just Trying to Stay Positive"

Last week, in own life, I experienced three separate occasions in which people used the line "I am just trying to stay positive." In the interest of fairness, I considered if it was simply because I might have been the one being negative in the conversation, a hazard of being a critic, and in one of the three cases I will concede I was the bearer of bad news. But in the other two cases, I was a passive listener who was hearing problems being described, that were then wrapped up with the line "I am just trying to stay positive."

I find this expression rather odd, because it is such an ill-defined response to circumstance, isn't it? What exactly does it mean? I think the intention is to say that one is actively looking for positive in a bad situation, but instead it gets used as a way of ignoring the negative. In other words, in all three cases in which this expression was used in discussion with me last week, it was a way of terminating a discussion of problems without having found a solution or affirming that there was anything positive about the current circumstance. It killed the tension of dissatisfaction in a socially acceptable way to abrogate further personal responsibility for future outcomes. Never was it considered that perhaps the tension was justified, that it could be harnessed for change, that it was warning you that suffering will only be worse later if you don't do something about the problem now. And that got me thinking back to other times when people had told me they were "staying positive." Perhaps you have experienced similar circumstances. If so, I offer this take on the matter, in hopes you too will reconsider the value of "staying positive".

Last year I was dealing with a project leader whose project was many weeks behind schedule. A simple equation of required hours of work versus deadline to achieve the project goals revealed it was impossible the goals could be met before the deadline. When I pointed this out, I was told to "stay positive". Theoretically, the message I was supposed to take away was that having a negative attitude won't increase productivity, and therefore it can't help us reach the deadline any sooner. That is the New-Agey positive thinking approach that also says you are more likely to beat cancer if you have a positive mental outlook. This may, or may not be true. Personally, I think studies showing correlation between recovery and positive thinking do not take into account the level of pain and debilitation those who are not winning their health battle may experience. Those with ineffective treatment may have a more negative attitude because they truly are not being saved by treatment. Then, when they lose the battle, people have the gall to say it was the patient's fault because she or he didn't stay positive. But such a consideration isn't staying positive about staying positive, now is it?  We return to the idea that being negative about something won't make that something any better, so stay positive instead, even if perhaps staying positive really isn't making it any better either. Why do this? Because apparently for most humans it feels better to be positive than to be negative, to smile rather than to frown, so it has an intrinsic value beyond its dubious mind over matter credentials.

No, being negative won't make something any better. I will give you that, with the caveat that I am not convinced that being positive will make something any better either, though it might make you feel better about something that you are doing nothing to make any better. Going back to the aforementioned circumstance, the project in question did not get completed on time. Many goals went unmet. A flawed, incomplete system was put into place, and many smaller initiatives had to be implemented later to compensate for the weak performance of the original team. But, positive thinking at least made everyone feel good about the little they had been able to achieve, and they never had to reassess what they could have achieved otherwise because of another New Agey mantra, "You can't change the past, but you can change the future." And the future certainly had changed -  Because the culture of positivity had triumphed, the result was that failure had become the new standard of performance. The lesson that had been learned was that not meeting your goals was acceptable. Mediocrity will not only be tolerated, but rewarded with a paycheck. Others will compensate for your failures, so there are no consequences to your actions. And of course, everyone gets a ribbon just for participating. Sound familiar? It should, because it is a basic list of every value that has been embraced since Western Civilization died and was replaced with MultiKulturalism.

But could negativity have made the situation any better? Again, in and of itself, no. I give you that. But the energy of negativity, the dissatisfaction, the discomfort, the distress, could have been harnessed for change. That is the opportunity that gets missed when negativity is silenced by the culture of positivity. Reconsider the concept of not being able to achieve goals by a certain deadline. Rather than using positivity to deny the observable reality of the current state, what if the question had simply been asked - What could we do that might avert failure or at least minimize it? If you are a New Ager who wants to claim that is what positive thinking is all about, I will point out that you are in fact being disingenuous - because what your kind told us to do originally was to ignore the negative in order to stay positive, not to address the negative, because that would have validated it. But if you are saying now that positivity is about actively addressing negative realities, I'm willing to accept that as an alignment of thought at this time.

The White Whateverist movement has long been infected with pernicious pessimism that goes well beyond object negativity. It has historically focused on how the all-powerful Juden are in absolute control, or, for the Jew-friendly traditionalist types, it has focused on how Lefties and Commies have unfairly rearranged society to give non-Whites preferential treatment and punish White people for their ancestors crimes against non-Whites. It has advocated escape (separatism) or catastrophe (social collapse and race war) as the two inevitable outcomes toward which Western Civilization will move because nothing can be done to stop the all-powerful Jews and Lefties/Commies. Yet, it has failed to produce either outcome, and even actively decried those who chose not to passively wait for the supposedly inevitable. And then there's Trump.

Over the past year, nearly the entire White Whateverist movement has been seized with a mass hysteria that Amerikwa could be restored to Whiteness and  that separatism or race war would no longer be necessary. That a neo-Hitler was going to shift the Overton Window so that Whites could openly advocate for their own racial interests in a MultiKultural Society, and somehow this would result in the return to a homogeneous White society. But what do you think has been directed at those of us who have raised concerns that White Whateverists might be suffering from a mass delusion, and that they might be engaging in a grand act of wishful thinking? Well, apart from death threats, profanity, and denunciations from our former peers for our negativity, there is an admittedly milder strain that hears our concerns and says "You may be right, but I am just trying to stay positive". And when asked, what will you do if it turns out that we few dissenters were correct? The answer is often, "Then all is lost, and we have to wait for social collapse".

So there you have it - the options of the deluded truly aren't between actions that positively or negatively contribute to the outcomes we desire, but sensations of optimism versus pessimism over things for which they have no control. If it truly were the former, the concern would not be retaining a sensation of positivity, but with making sure everything was being done to bring about a positive outcome in the face of negative realities. That's what I ask you to consider today. The next time you are seized by the impulse to "try to stay positive", consider that you may be missing an opportunity to actively pursue a better outcome by addressing the negative, because trying to remain positive could make you content with settling for failure, or at a minimum, less than you might have achieved otherwise.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Laughably Ugly Negress Spouts Off About "Natural Beauties"

5. Baton Rouge [Cop] Shooter Claimed Blacks ‘Superior To Whites'
Well, in po-po killing ability, he does seem to have a point. I also enjoyed this quote: "White people’s lack of melanin, [he] argues, makes them genetically less compassionate.
“Lack of Melanin results in a lack of feeling, which automatically produces lack of compassion for oneself, nature, the creator, and for others."
If only that were true ...

4. Sister of slain black officer: 'It's coming to the point where no lives matter'
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! Nailed it! Give that monkey the plush banana! #NoLivesMatter

3. Why Are Third-Graders Afraid of Donald Trump?
Hey, Oompa Loompas are scary. But there is nothing to worry about, you brown filth. You're not going to be deported. No one's going to take you away from your two White mommies. It's all a show. The Elite, Left and Right, have the same plan. A global plantation, populated with debt slaves like you, ruled over by a mischling master race that will include the grandchildren of both presidential candidates. Everything is proceeding as they have foreseen.

2. Meet the world’s saddest polar bear – he’s called Pizza and lives in a Chinese mall
Yep, he looks pretty sad.

1. Laughably Ugly Negress Spouts Off About "Natural Beauties"
Quoting: "Some of you bitches is just naturally ugly, and they ain't nothing you can do about that." HA!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mass Media Outraged by "White Elevators" Sign at Trump Convention

5. Amy Schumer reveals her first sexual experience was not consensual
Well, we all could have guessed that. The problem is, this article doesn't identify the man she raped. Typical leftwing bias.

4. First farmers had diverse origins, DNA shows
If by diverse you mean two.

3. Heavily-tattooed white supremacist, 35, is arrested after woman he shot in the face drove two miles to a convenience store and wrote a note telling police that he killed three people
Quoting: "Victims are all white, and [the killer] appeared to be looking for something in the home, police said." Probably a rare pokemon he just had to catch.

2. [Dothead] who bought one of world's most expensive shirts made of gold 'beaten to death'
According to the article: " [...] he bought a shirt made with more than 3kg of gold and worth £186,943-reportedly to improve his luck with women." Instead, he was lured by an invite to a birthday party, and then murdered. HA!

1. Mass Media Outraged by "White Elevators" Sign at Trump Convention
I can see it now. A bunch of Whities pile in that elevator and are shocked to find themselves on the roof of the building instead of the penthouse suite. Then they are told to queue up into the Make Amerikwa Great Again line, which leads them to the edge of the roof to take the victory free fall to the street below.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing'

5. Disturbing Racial Comments Made by Ex-Vanderbilt Football Player Found Guilty of Rape
Racial??? After raping the drunk White moron, he pissed on her face and called it payback for 400 years of slavery. Dishes Cripe - even right-wing media can't call racism racism if it is uttered by the mouth of a nigger-athlete. Fucking cucks. Again, just do your substitution. Imagine a White man had raped a black woman, and then pissed on her saying "Enjoy your eman-ci-pee-tion." ... HAHAHA! I'm sorry, that was too funny to be used an example of Mass Media double-standards in ascribing racist motivations. Moving along...

4. The Pence pick: The time Trump didn't go with his gut
Reports say Trump didn't want Pence, and tried to back out at the last minute. His "power behind the throne" son-in-law Jewey Kushner may have been a big influence in this case. But why? Ambivalent on Trump, GOP Jews gush over Pence. I've noticed the majority of White Whateverists who have commented so far have been mildly-to-completely approving of the pick. Yet another opportunity to get out of their delusions while saving face has passed them by.

3. The Man Cops Say Serially Killed San Diego’s Homeless Is Homeless Himself
So give him a sandwich, a shower, and a change of clothes and get him back out on the street.

2. Movement to create Utah monument leads to another Western land fight
Featherheads and greenies are teaming up to grab land to prevent further development. I really don't care. But I did find this bit funny: “We don’t want to forget about our ancestors,” said Malcolm Lehi, a Ute Mountain Tribal commissioner. “Through them, we speak. That’s the whole concept of protecting and healing this land. They are still here among us as the wind blows.” You're named after a prophet from the freakin' book of Mormon, which claims your jew-redman ancestors murdered their jew-whiteman cousins. Are those the ancestors and healing you are talking about?

1. Outspoken Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in 'Honor Killing': Police
Qandeel? What a great nigger name. One look at that face and you understand why muzzies throw tarps over their women's heads. Yikes. So she slutted it up and made a spectacle of herself in the Western female fashion. Why assume that is why she was strangled? Perhaps her brother was simply embarrassed that his sister wore a Minnie-Mouse-style dress while doing a kind of Ed Grimly dance on the YouTubes.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Apparently, Milo Designed New Trump/Pence Logo

5. Central Park explosive that blew off the foot of college student, 18, was made with 'chemicals found in hardware stores'
Popos are being really, oddly casual about a guy having his foot blown of by a mysteriously discarded explosive in Central Park. They seem strangely convinced this was not an attack and won't happen again, though they've released no details in that regard.

4. Israeli startup aims to grow meat without the animal
They say this will address religious/kosher and ethical/politic concerns, and they have a bunch of rabbis backing them up as part of their marketing strategy. They even think this may be a way to get pork back on the their menu. May I recommend they form a strategic partnership with Trump steaks? They can even put shiksa Ivanka on the brand label.

3. Turkish president addresses nation in crisis via FaceTime
There was an attempted coup in Turkey today. Erdogan is apparently not in the country, but the media think they have tracked him down. So where is the next most logical place to find a Turkish man? Here's a hint - it's Germany. Oh, wait, that wasn't a hint. I guess the answer was so obvious, I couldn't think of a hint for it.

2. What we know about Nice suspect: Father of 3, solitary & not very religious
And a raghead, of course. I'm sure that comes as a huge surprise. The article claims he was once convicted after an altercation stemming from a road rage incident. HAHAHA! Reform is a discredited fantasy, you miserable frogs.

1. Apparently, Milo Designed New Trump/Pence Logo
Here's the link: Twitter has decided the Trump-Pence logo is pure filth
I first read about the logo in another article that described it as "a T penetrating a P". My thought was, "Say what now?" But by golly, if that wasn't accurate. It looks exactly like the gesture of using the middle finger of one hand to penetrate a hole created by touching the index finger to the thumb of the other hand. And it didn't take long for the interwebs to bring this thing to its logical conclusion in gif form ...

HA! Trump really knows how to play to his Alt-Fag fanboys.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Horrible, Shameful News from France this Bastille Day.

5. Playboy Playmate Shares on Social Media Locker Room Photo of Old Naked Woman
This moment brought to you by the Information Age. You're welcome.

4. Adorable Ducklings Have Abstract Thoughts
Oh, shut the duck up. The evidence seems more to support that the ducks are making instinctive associations that human beings are projecting their concepts of abstract thinking upon in order to devalue the concept of abstract thinking by saying any bird brain can do it.

3. "Men" fall off cliff in California while playing 'Pokemon Go'
A much needed thinning of the herd. Go, Pokemon Go, Go! Gotta kill 'em all! A White, late-20's-something male approached me at work today to talk because he wanted to kill some time before his next meeting. He said that his girlfriend, who is also his same age, wants him to drive her around this weekend going to different Pokemon Go sites. He said it was a cheap date. My response? I wish I could say it was something witty, but I simply stared at him in stunned silence. This Race...

2. Woman is BEHEADED by a train while having SEX beside the world-famous Trans-Siberian railway track
I find news stories about the dismemberment of stupid people to be hilarious. But this story was also disturbing in that it reiterated several times that the woman was only killed because she got up to take a break from "fornicating". It seemed as if the point of the article was to warn people that if they are going to have sex next to the train tracks, the most important thing to remember to do was to climax so that a train won't chop your head off. Thomas the Tank Engine demands the money shot ... or else.

1. Horrible, Shameful News from France this Bastille Day.
Quoting: The sight of barefoot Maori soldiers in traditional dress with their faces painted brought an exotic touch to the annual parade on the Champs-Élysées avenue.

Nothing else worthy of note. Have a nice day, and keep on truckin'.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How much more retarded can Zombie movies get?

5. Yale employee smashes allegedly racist stained-glass window, Yale won’t press charges
The window featured slaves with baskets of cotton on their heads. I wonder what would have happened if a White person had done it? Would it have been seen as anti-racism because the window depicted slaves, or racism since the people in the window were black? Can you imagine how upset the administration would have been in such a circumstance if the Chalky refused to answer the question of motive?

4. David Duke Plans to Run for Congress
You know what? Good for Duchess. Get out there and give it your best!

3. Holocaust Museum Bans Pokémon Go
Normally, I am not a fan of trolling, but this one bit was hilarious. Quoting: One user noticed that a Pokémon that emits poisonous gas is stationed in front of an auditorium in the museum where attendees learn about the gas chambers many Jews were placed in. Outstanding!

2. Hilariously Ugly Mulatto Tranny Arrested for Voyeurism at a Target
Oh my non-existent God ... that face ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's like Mulatto Frankenstein ... AHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When I scrolled down ... it was just too much comedy ... ouch.

1. How much more retarded can Zombie movies get?
Some Kwanian idiots gave $70,000 to two mongoloids in order to find out.

If you wanted to create a short film that would symbolically express everything that is wrong with young White Amerikwa, you would be hard pressed to find something more apt than this. Chalkies lurv this shit. They love mongoloids slightly more than they love midgets, which is slightly less than they love nigger athletes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rape-ity, Rape-ity, Raper Roosh

5. How Donald Trump Is Helping White Christian America Commit Suicide
At least it's the way they want to go out - grinning deliriously from under an ugly trucker hat.

4. Dallas Cop-Killer Micah Johnson Was Blacklisted by Black-Power Groups as ‘Unstable’
HA! What's sad is that the Black-Power movement has higher standards for recruits than the White-Power movement.

3. Boi-nie Endorses Shillary
He waited as long as he could hoping for the FBI indictment, but once there was no chance of that, he finally compromised his principles as we all knew he would.

2. GRAPHIC PHOTOS: On Black Death Porn
If you were a visitor to Der Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormer, I am sure you would not be reading this line right now. Instead, you would have broken your finger eagerly clicking on the link because it contained the words "black" and "porn". But, since you are still with us, I can let you know that this article makes a valid point that the 'Kwa is strangely comfortable with images of dead and dying black men in the Mass Media.

1. Rape-ity, Rape-ity, Raper Roosh

Recently, someone asked me what I thought of Roosh V. Well, I personally think it is an excellent name for a vacuum. The Dyson Roosh V has ten times the sucking power of other bagless floor cleaners.

To be honest, I haven't thought about him since the Alt-Fags tussled over him in February of this year. It was one of the reasons I grew so disgusted with the Alt-Right and their ever widening circus tent of internet clowns. They lauded his hatred of White women and his rapey philosophy right up to the point he crawled out his mother's basement and onto the pages of the Daily Mail. Then, suddenly, most of them realized he was a mud, figured the rape allegations might be true, and distanced themselves from him.

Roosh has an amazing amount in common with Alt-Right internet personalities. He plays on the paranoia, helplessness, and angst of a bunch of failures and channels it into modest financial gains that keep him from having to get a real job. It's pretty much the business model of the Cult-Right. The Cult-Right are filled with fanboy's eager to proclaim the genius of their own personal Jebus, and that is, I think, why there is so much overlap between the Alex Jones / Stephen Molyneaux / Roosh acolytes, the Alt-Right Richard Spennttthhher fanboys, and the troll Army of the Quadroon Streicher. Their followers are professional cult members who are used to receiving their validation impersonally from a minor internet celebrity.

But perhaps things changed in the intervening months? Perhaps I needed to reevaluate my impression? To find out, I scanned through Roosh's Twitter feed, checked out some of the articles he linked, and then captured screenshots of the one's that made me laugh the most. Conclusion: He is just as laughable a figure now as then. Why? Well, let's start out with this...

I'll take things a rapist might say for $400. I cannot take credit for that joke, though I wish I could. It was from an episode of Cinematic Titanic.

Because those are basically the only options the West has left, right Roosh? You're sure you aren't an EBT-card-carrying member of the Alt-Right?

 You tell us, because previously you decried the Alt-Right as a bunch of racist betas.

Because you look like one of the muds arrested in Rotherham scandal? And while we are on the subject ...

This one is funny to me, because it is so poorly thought out. You see, the problem is: What morality do men possess, if women evolved the way they did because men were a bunch of murdering rapists? But I am sure there are White disciples of this mud who so hate White women that they would defend this defamation, because remember - the Rotherham girls loved their rapists!

So that's what I think about Roosh, and by extension his whole alpha-male of yo' mama's basement philosophy. The fact that this mud is funded by White fanboys so he can wander around in White countries like some typical Middle Eastern child sex predator doesn't prove how alpha he is, but how beta his followers are.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Kwanian Summer Time: There's Fun in the Gun

5. Michigan shooting: 2 bailiffs, suspect killed at courthouse, official says
Quoting the article: "brave officers were able to come to the rescue and bring the shooter down". Not-really-quoting one of the brave officers speaking to the corpses of the dead bailiffs: "I'm here to rescue you!

4. After Philando Castile Shooting - ‘Where Is the NRA Now?’: Al Sharpton Asks if the Second Amendment Is for ‘Whites Only’
Yeah, probably. I mean, darkies were 3/5ths of a person when the 2nd Amendment was written.

3. Man who witnessed Alton Sterling’s death files lawsuit against Baton Rouge Police
The muzzie who owned the store outside of which Sterling was shot says the cops confiscated his phone and video surveillance equipment without a warrant, and locked him in a hot car for 4 hours. When he complained, he was told "You need to chill the f--k out." HA! I can totally see a pig saying that. I know the impulse will be to defend the po-pos, but remember, if you're a Kwanian tax payer, your money will soon be going to this muzzie because some cop's insecurity about the size of his genitals makes him a total prick.

2. Armed muggers use Pokémon Go to find victims
Are you fucking kidding me? Quoting: Pokémon Go requires that its players walk to a nearly exact point in the real world [...] Apparently [the muggers] were using the app to locate people standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in. Honestly, they were lucky they only got mugged. It sounds like a pedophile's wet dream. But knowing how degenerate and infantile people have become, it was probably a bunch of 20-something hipsters playing Pokémon who ended up getting robbed.

1. Baton Rouge Protests Yielding Propaganda Victories for the Left
Good job, you stupid pigs. This is the ultimate expression of the hysterical fear possessed by decadent White Amerikwa, which has empowered a militarized police state to keep us safe from brown people. Only problem is, it doesn't. And what is the White Whateverist response to this reality? It's just as hysterical. When we read every other week of a nigger raping, torturing, and/or murdering some innocent White person, White Whateverists claim the system doesn't protect us. But when po-pos kill random niggers and enrage the BLM crowd, then you will never find bigger supporters of the system than White Whateverists. Chalkies - stop being such hypocrites. A police state is not a sane system! The fact that we have to militarize the poh-lease should be seen as failure of civil society, not a necessary evil. Do you remember the word Separatism? It's that thing you kept banging on about until Daddy Trump promised to make Amerikwa Grrrr-reat! Again.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bull 1 Matador 0

5. The horrifying ‘gay cure’ experiments that were purged from scientific history
Yet another inaccurate headline totally at odds with the content that follows. This article is a very interesting look at an American neuroscientist who engaged in many experiments that skirted medical ethics and produced mixed results. One of the experiments was a "gay cure" and, of course, that is what the Leftist media use to bait their hook. Then, they edited the rambling story so poorly that it laps itself halfway through. Still, an enjoyable read.

4. Former Philadelphia police commissioner said America is ‘sitting on a powder keg’
Gee, I sure hope so. And also, here's hoping the BLM "people" are carrying sparklers.

3. Stopped 52 times by police: Was it racial profiling?
Turns out Philando Castile was constantly being pulled over by po-pos. Seems kind of strange that this one time things went haywire. Interestingly, members of the NRA are questioning their own leadership over the slow response to Castile's death. Outstanding!

2. Wharton students pen open letter to alum Donald Trump: 'We have been deeply disappointed in your candidacy'
Quoting: “We, proud students, alumni, and faculty of Wharton, are outraged that an affiliation with our school is being used to legitimize prejudice and intolerance,” the letter reads. Oh, calm down. You do understand that the trailer park crowd that worships Trumpenfuhrer wouldn't know Wharton from Patrick Warburton, right? They probably think Trump went to Trump University.

1. Spanish matador killed on live TV: Is bullfighting culture or cruelty?
Both, of course. Only when something like this happens is it worth watching.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Jew Laments "The Broken World"

5. Dwarf Duck-Billed Dinosaur Had a Facial Tumor
If this tumorsaurus minimus had been a human alive today, Hollyweird would have already signed him to a contract and put him in a low budget comedy flick with an ex-SNL cast member.

4. There Are Just 100,000 Holocaust Survivors Alive Today
Which, by Jew math and the modern definition of "Holocaust", means there are 3 old kikesses alive today who once were startled as children when a German honked the horn of his Volkswagen at them because they wouldn't pick up their ball and get out the street.

3. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos Is Barred From Running Lab for 2 Years
This cunt promoted herself as the next Steve Jobs, right down to stealing his black turtleneck look. She even conned Henry Kissinger into being an advisor to her company, thereby lending his clout to the promise of a secret technology she said would revolutionize healthcare, but that she wouldn't let anyone else see. Meanwhile, her lab couldn't even effectively use existent technology to produce accurate medical results. HA! Way to out-Jew Nixon's Jew-boy!

2. Snoop Dogg got beat on a [Nigger] Family Feud question about weed
Typical misleading headline. At first I thought it would be a funny look at how a burnout can't even answer a pot question on Nigger Family Feud, but it is, unfortunately, less funny. Harvey asked "Name something grandma might do if she caught grandpa smoking marijuana.” His response, “Put hands on him,” ranked low on the board, allowing ["Sugar" Ray] Leonard to dart in and snag the point with a more conventional “Scream at him.” YAWN. Actually, Snoopity-Doopity was just being more honest about what his grandma would do. She would beat the crap out dat nigga for gettin' in her stash. See what I did there? I provided the funny the article failed to deliver. Hope you enjoyed.

1. Kike Journalist: The broken world and all of us: Reflections on where we go after a week of cop killings and killings by cops

Let's read his reflections on these events:

Each day, each of us — within the constricting confines of our existing lives and those of the human condition itself — chooses who to be, and how. Who we see as us, and who as them.

But only on a few days, special and often terrible ones, do we truly realize that we are choosing. That a final day will come for each of us when our time for choices ends.

That isn’t the apocalyptic thinking of the many maniacs shedding blood to set the stage for some supposed final battle, or for its own sake.

Rather, that is our burden as sentient, thinking people, briefly in possession of this strange, sad world we’ve inherited. To strive, however imperfectly, to make it a better place for a bigger us through words and deeds.

What else is there to do?

Oh, Kike ... I can see why your kind so easily bamboozle the goyim time and again. As if anyone "chooses" who to be. As if humans don't simply stumble along through their daily monotony, unconsciously looking to the herd for signals of which way to turn next so they don't get trampled by the mindless cattle around them. "Us" is the them you hope will accept you. And "Them" are the ones the "Us" told you not to accept. I'm sure Jewboy wants to appeal to our sense of a greater "We" - but Yahweh forbid that you would think for yourself! And what unbounded arrogance to believe you are here to make this world a "better" place, when your very existence is what brings such strife and misery. And I don't just mean kikes - I mean humans. Strife and misery are the human condition - and you can't cure it by appeals to humanity. What else is there to do? There's always another option ...

Friday, July 08, 2016

CDN: Racial Chaos and Insanity Edition - 07/08/2016

5. Gingrich: Whites ‘Don’t Understand Being Black in America’
Incredible. A ackbasswards way of confirming the existence of White Privilege, delivered from the mouth of a doughy, elitist, Zionist shill. And if he gets on the ballot with Trump, White Whateverist fools everywhere will endorse his MultiKult pandering with their votes.

4. Nigger High On Synthetic Marijuana Completely Loses His Mind In The NYC Subway (NSFW)
Too bad there was no one nearby with a glass of milk. As we know from previous WSHH videos, that is what cures a bad trip (according to sub-apes).

3. Niggeress Stuffs 2 Used Condoms In Her Boyfriend's Mouth After Catching Him Cheating (NSFW)
WARNING - this is beyond disgusting, but the worse part was he doesn't regain consciousness during the recording and chimpout. I kept waiting for the moment he would spring up and slap the shit out of her, but no - nothing. It was incredibly disappointing. He is so far gone that she is even able to remove and reload the condoms as part of her vengeance. Still, it has a National Geographic quality to it as an example of TNB in their natural habitat - a squalid crack house with a filthy mattress on the floor.

2. Police: 911 caller ambushed, shot officer in Georgia
Shooter was apparently a chingy chong, but his name is very White Bread. Crazy Hapa perhapas?

1. Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson was Army reservist in Afghanistan, had massive cache of weapons in his house
I cannot say what I really want to say in this case. I won't be able to publish any comments that say things like what I really want to say in this case. As Speer once said, "May the work speak for itself."

Thursday, July 07, 2016

A Typical Nigger News Day

5. Black Man Finally Learns Truth About Why His Great Grandfather Is White
Atypical Nigger Behavior. Black cuck learns to accept he is descended from a White rapist, while rightwing Whities praise him for being a good, docile Negro. As Der Donald would say, "Sad."

4. Mudshark School Principal Had Career Ruined by Nigger Ex-Boyfriend's Allegations of Sexual Misconduct on School Property 
Typical Mudshark Behavior. Turns out the allegations were not true, but this dirty cunt is an equal opportunity race-mixer (muzzie, beaner, and nigger), and was even paying extortion money to the nigger in this case. Tell me - do you / did you send your children to the public school system to be educated by such filth?

3. Video captures brawl at Walmart involving 30 people
Typical Nigger Behavior. It is uncanny how much this video sounds like a primate house at the zoo.

2. South Carolina Police: 2 "Men" Threw Dozens Of Fireworks At Chained-Up Dogs In Live Video On Social Media
Typical Nigger Behavior x2. Too bad it wasn't Snoopity-Doopity-Dog the rapperist chained up in this case.

1. Woman streams aftermath of fatal officer-involved shooting
Typical Nigger Behavior Maximus. I highly recommend this video, it is equal parts disturbing, bewildering, and unintentionally hilarious. The sub-ape-ess very calmly films her boyfriend's death throes, while a near-hysterical popo shrieks like an old woman and keeps his gun trained on the Negro even after he has become a corpse. My favorite part is when the sub-ape-ess asks for people on Facebook to pray for her!!! I totally lost it, and had tears in my eyes laughing. Dammit BLM people - where the fuck are you? First Baton Rouge, now this. What more do you need? Get this party started. Or is George Soros no longer paying bus fare?

As you can see - it is sunny in Miami. Great nigger name by the way - Philando Castile. Lando Calrissian inspired, but just different enough that Billy Dee Williams won't sue.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Last Thing Japan's Blackhole Satellite Saw

5. Gretchen Carlson of Fox News Files Suit Against Roger Ailes, Alleging Harassment
Outstanding. Best of luck to her.

4. Alton Sterling shooting: Video of deadly encounter with officers sparks outrage
Yay! Let the Fergusonesque games begin! So many of the proper elements are in the right place, and it is the middle of summer. Unfortunately, I worry that because the fellow had a gun in his possession, he is not as sympathetic a nigger ... er, figger ... oops, figure ... as sparked previous games. Still, fingers crossed!

3. Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Blast Army Over News of Suicide Attempt
Or as I like to call him, Bradley Womaning. If at first you don't succeed, Bradley.

2. Trump's Jewboy Son-in-Law Defends Him Against Charges of Anti-Semitism
I doubt you will find this link on any other White Whateverist website. Here's the best part:

The difference between me and the journalists and Twitter throngs who find it so convenient to dismiss my father in law is simple. I know him and they don’t. It doesn’t take a ton of courage to join a mob. It’s actually the easiest thing to do. What’s a little harder is to weigh carefully a person’s actions over the course of a long and exceptionally distinguished career.

Kikener nailed it perfectly for both sides of the political spectrum - even though I find nothing particular distinguished about Trump's career - both the Far Left and the Far Right ignore any evidence about Trump the contradicts their narrative that he is anti-Semitic / racist / pro-White and/or the next Hitler. Forget weighing carefully, they don't weigh things up at all. Trump doesn't apologize - that is why he won't back down when he throws out some stupid remark like "My African American" or retweets some rightwing meme. He also wants to maintain the upper hand - that is why he is so curt with the media when they try to make him disavow David Duke. He is playing the Right, and that means he sometimes strays into the Far Right of the stage and his kike directors have to remind him where his mark is. But like any diva, he will never admit he blew a take.

1. This Is the Last Thing Japan's Lost Black Hole Satellite Saw Before It Died
Well, since this is Japan we are talking about, it was probably something like this ...

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hipster Faggot Arrested for Burning Kwanian Flag - No Charges

'The gun didn't kill my boy. I did': Father grieves son he accidentally shot
Let me throw a bone to the SJW dogs: White Privilege is not needing your right to remain silent after accidentally shooting your kid.

The Hillary Clinton Email Case Will Never Be Over
Yes, it will. The Mass Media are like babies - they assume that what is in front of them will always be there, and what isn't is gone forever.

Saudi Arabia's oil reserves: how big are they really?
I have been hearing about peak oil for decades. Can we get this thing rolling please?

‘Ghost Town’ With Spooky Backstory Now for Sale
I think we have the perfect spook buyer in mind - someone get Craig Cobb to put down his watermelon and get out his EBT card.

Illinois Man Is Arrested After Burning U.S. Flag, Won't Face Charges
"Man" is too strong a word. Still, I support this hipster faggot's "right" to free speech. It is disgusting how Chalkies froth at the mouth when a Kwanian flag is burned. But if a couple of muds sets a Chalky on fire the White response is ...