Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pistorius Walks on Stumps for Lesser Sentence

Michigan Mandates Holocaust Education
Not sure if lead poisoning or Holocaust educatumication is more damaging to children's brains, Michigan lawmakers opt for both.

Stephen Colbert draws swastika to slam Donald Trump's Orlando reaction
Audience got it half way through, proving the conditioned response is very deeply programmed. Interesting.

British lawmaker dies after shooting and stabbing attack that stuns nation
Let me guess - false flag to turn the tide against Brexit? Nailed it. Wow, I am finally starting to get better at predicting what conspiracy theorists will say! Could it have been a false flag? Yep. Can you do anything about it? Nope. There's no utility in calling it out. It makes the conspiracists look insensitive, not just crazy, which theoretically could push even more people away from their camp as the moral posturing begins. Not mentioning politics at all is the only sensible thing to do.

Stocks, Sterling Surge After British MP's Death
Sorry - not the only sensible thing. Remember also to capitalize.

Oscar Pistorius hobbles without prosthetics in plea for a lesser sentence
Disturbing pic. And to think, Reeva had those stumps all to herself and she threw it all away just to take a shit in the middle of night.

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