Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nude Hapa Model Rants About Trump in Times Sq

Tesla driver crashes, dies while car in 'autopilot' mode
The manufacturer claims "Autopilot is an assist feature that requires you to keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times, and that you need to maintain control and responsibility for your vehicle." Oh, like a dishwasher that requires you wash the dishes by hand before you load them, or a toilet that uses half the water but requires you flush it three times. You know, useless.

Stung by a betrayal, former London mayor Boris Johnson ends bid to lead Britain
And who out-jewed this muzzie/kike? It was apparently his "betrayer"'s Jewish wife spurring her husband in the background. So now the front-runner is an even bigger shill for Israel. Convenient.

Mein Kampf Proceeds Will Go to Holocaust Survivors
Uncle is probably rolling over in his Argentinian grave right now.

Judge Blocks Indiana Law Banning Abortions Because of Genetic Abnormalities
Yay! To celebrate, go abort your mongoloid! And on the topic of another type of Mongoloid...

Nude Hapa Model Rants About Trump Before Jumping Off Ledge in Times Square
Please people - stop making these clinically insane Asian/White hybrids. We're just lucky he didn't rape a bunch of negresses or go on a killing spree.


  1. I was under the impression that most of Western money goes to Holocaust survivors. Who, reasons unknown, just keep popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a rain.

    I can't say for Hitler but I could be darkly amused by the irony. Especially if it actually makes for quite a bit of profit and it's his table talks that contain his true thoughts.

    But don't you know that Asian women are stunning and submissive and size zero? And all white women are fat domineering used up sluts who date blacks or have mulatto babies? (Oh, the irony. You never fail humanity.)

    On a more serious note, I don't understand where this thought originates that Asian women are particularly beautiful. The average Asian woman is worse than the average white woman. I'd say what white men want are the cut, made-up and photoshopped Asian women with white features on magazine covers but for whatever reason most of them are with flat-faced ugly creatures.

    Also, one of my co-workers once told me about his previous boss (white man) and his Asian wife. Apparently the wife solicited him for sex in exchange for money and the Asian wives have a bar where they go to meet up young men and solicit them in the same manner.

    If true, it certainly shatters the belief of "perfect Asian wife". And even if these white men were cuckolded and raising some bastard child, they wouldn't be able to tell because the child wouldn't look anything like them anyway.

    P.S. What I found amusing about the article you linked to was how many times it referred to the model's "ripped body". I fail to see what that had to do with anything but who am I to question the quality of journalism.

    - Different Anon

    1. Well, since Germany's primary function is to be Israel's bitch, it is apt that Uncle Adolf contributes from beyond the grave.

      I absolutely despise the hypocrisy of White Whateverist males who froth out the mouth when they see a White woman smile at a nigger, but then casually discuss their yellow fever and give a nod and wink to race traitors in their ranks with Asian girlfriends and wives.

      I also do not understand the physical appeal of Asian women to White men. But then again, White men didn't have a problem fucking ape-skulled, blue-gummed niggeresses fresh off the slave boat, so go figure.

      This is not to say that there aren't beautiful and ugly people in all races - obviously there are. But attraction is another thing entirely. One can see a beautiful child, or a beautiful horse, or a beautiful vase and still not want to have sex with it. Or is the race so far beyond redemption that my assertion does not hold true for the majority of people these days? If it is, please don't tell me. I don't want to know. I have enough Hell to contend with already.

      Beauty aside, what horrifies me is blonde Asiatics in whiteface (the kind of girls in pictures that fill up the comments section of Der Daily Interracial Cuckold Porn Stormer). I cannot look at them without thinking of Down's Syndrome. And that is the part of breeding with them that is so disgusting, all the kids look like freakin' retards.

      I mentioned to you once that I went to school with a lot of Asians. I never met an East Asian girl who wasn't a total bitch. Never - not one. Most of the Asian males were hyper-driven, socially awkward pervs who were p-whipped by their mothers, but the females were little knock-offs of their mothers. They start with a facade of sweetness, and as soon as they realize they cannot manipulate you / you aren't interested = dragon ladies. One thing I will say, from my observation of those girls, was that they were not promiscuous. They wanted steady, long term (usually White) boyfriends, and their relationships lasted unusually long for High School romances. Observations may vary, but those were mine from last century. And this was a more upscale community in Metropolitan DC, which may have influenced their behavior.

      HA! RE: Ripped Body. Yes, they were really selling that angle, weren't they?

    2. Hah! If it helps any, I can see beautiful things and even people in other races but I have no urges to have sex with any of them. I'd say it is like looking at a pretty scenery, or an object, but sadly I cannot say this for all people because most of them seem to associate everything with sex. Some retard did even come up with the term "eargasm", after all.

      I did think said co-worker of mine was exaggerating or had misunderstood, but since it was middle-aged women we were talking about and I added it to what I knew about East Asian host clubs, it didn't seem that far-fetched either.

      - Different Anon

    3. It is reassuring, thank you. That sex is looked upon as some universal good these days is just another reason to despise humanity.