Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Obama's Excrutiatingly Awkward Threeway...

Mass Media: Carbs are good for you now ... eat more carbs.
Oh, and by the way. Oceania is at war with East Asia. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia. Eurasia is our ally.

Why police were called to a South Jersey third-grade class party
Because the 'Kwa is never more than a step away from a nanny-police-state.

Mother of Diabetic Child Outraged by Politician's Suggestion She Should Pay for Her Child's Meds
And so is the rest of Social(ist) Media. Even the politician has condemned his own remarks. I do not understand when the mental transformation in Western people occurred that what was once understood had to be acquired through either work or charity became an entitlement. Obviously, we can look at the socialized states of the 20th century as the source of the transformation, but when did the public's mind change? Am I the only person left on Earth who thinks no one has a "right" to free medical care? Ooooo, but A-drey-drey, what if it was you who needed the free meds? Oh - you mean, wouldn't I want the government to go around robbing everyone else to pay for my meds and then get self-righteous about it when one politician dared question my need? Is that what you mean?

Dad Finds Daughter’s ‘Sexy Selfies’ on Social Media and Decides to Teach Her a Lesson
As soon as I read the headline, I knew the answer was he posted similar pictures of himself. You know those "stupid White dad" / "White men are incompetent idiots" commercials that have dominated Mass Media for the past 30 years? Witness the fruits of those labors. Warning to sensitive viewers - He has bigger tits than she does.

Obongo's "Excruciatingly Awkward" Three-Way ... 
... handshake with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Nieto. Can you believe it? These are the leaders of North America. Well played, Satan.


  1. The type of news article that pisses me off is when someone makes a percived anti gay,or racist remark and the offended faggot/muzzie responds by posting some crap on fagbook or twatter and the cunt media gets all excited as if it's some life changing event

    This has only happened in the last 5 years and the shithead millennials love it

    1. HA! Yes, the 24-hour outrage cycle. It works well with the general state of amnesia that people have sunk into.

  2. I think that girl's upbringing went wrong long before "sexy selfie pictures". In fact, said pictures were surprisingly modest on modern standards where attention whores (pardon my language) post pictures even of their copulation. Well, I'd say this particular girl is only a few years off before she stars in her own porno to get famous.

    Truthfully no one has any "right" to anything so I do not understand the entitlement or the bleating about "rights". Bottom line is, there are no objective rights (like there is no objective human worth). "Rights" are something given to you by other people and if you don't have the means to acquire/or keep them yourself then they can always be taken away.

    It's like most people seem to believe that just the existence of laws and law enforcement will somehow magically protect from anything bad ever happening (let's just make it illegal! because yes, that's ever stopped anything). What they don't seem to realise is that all of these laws and law enforcement will only help them after they've already become victims and sometimes not even then.

    ...perhaps, instead of thinking ways to save the race, we should be thinking how to end the whole species.

    - Different Anon

    1. Hello Different Anon,

      I didn't find her photos sexy, but vain - like every other selfie-taking attention whore's photos. Of course, to some of the repressed readers of The Blaze, those photos may have been considered downright pornographic. When I was a kid, when I saw a tattoo I thought, "He must have been in the military." Now when I see a tattoo, I imagine the words "Look at me, please! I'm different! I'm special!" being written in its place.

      Yes, I prefer your pragmatic definition of rights. They are at best a courtesy one may extend or be granted, but to assert they exist in any other form is mysticism. And they truly only make sense in a society of laws backed up by force. So there, as always, is the root of the matter. Might makes right. As usual, humans try to dress up the unpleasant truth with philosophy, spirituality, or appeals to shared humanity - but at the root of it is you only have the rights that can be secured by force (whether applied by you or someone else on your behalf).

      To me, Whiteness is about ending the human species. If racism drives us far enough apart for long enough, we will become separate species. That is why I have lamented Whitie's devolutionary, dysgenic behaviors. The work of millennia being undone to rejoin the "human race." Bah! I can't even type it without wanting to spit in disgust. So let me say it another way - if White people want to remain human - so be it. Let's plot how to end the whole species. How's Tuesday next week sound?

    2. Yes, that was why I was surprised the photos were called sexy because they were just like the average attention whore’s pictures. I’ve even seen a negress Muslim girl do the exact same poses—with less skin showing obviously.

      Might makes right, indeed. This is why I find the Alt-Rights bleating about freedom of speech a little embarrassing. There is no such thing. It’s no objective right that exists as an immutable law. If the people in power want you dead, then why on earth would they GIVE you “freedom of speech”? No, either you take it or you don’t have it.

      (It is also why pacifists are hilarious. They aren’t preaching non-violence. They are letting someone else do the dirty job. And non-violence only works if the other side is willing to reciprocate and one would need to be extremely na├»ve or ignorant if they think most of humanity reciprocates.)

      I remember reading about that and I found the thought absolutely fascinating. If whites actually managed to become separate species, I wouldn’t even mind if we all died because of unsustainable population numbers. I think such an achievement would surely be worth dying for.

      “The work of millennia being undone to rejoin the "human race."”

      This reminds me of a book I read some time ago; The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. Now, obviously I don’t know if a word of it is true but it did point to an interesting detail. Apparently the concept of one god for all humanity precedes the collapse of a people. And the concept of one god for all humanity precedes the notion of wanting to join the rest of humanity.

      To me it was interesting and if true it makes the racially aware Christians who cling to their fate even more foolish.

      Hah! I’ve never plotted before. I’d imagine it could be quite fun.

      - Different Anon

    3. "It is also why pacifists are hilarious. They aren’t preaching non-violence. They are letting someone else do the dirty job." - HA! Outstanding. I will have to steal that for myself =D

      I completely relate to your thought about the absurdity of reciprocation of non-violence. Back in school, I had a certain history teacher who praised Gandhi and King up and down and said the non-violent resistance was more effective than violence because it made the masses sympathize with the tormented and turn against the oppressor. I asked if she could provide any other examples in human history of that strategy working beyond Western Civilization in the 20th century. She didn't answer, but one helpful rube blurted out "Christianity", and that started a little ruckus in the class because we had spent a semester discussing all the injustices wrought by Christianity. That was fun.

      I have never heard of The Controversy of Zion, I shall have to take a peek. You probably know by now how difficult it is for me to concentrate on a topic that doesn't have a racist or misanthropic joke thrown in every few pages! I think it's a side effect of suppressing my nature and masking my intent all day long on the job.

      Oh, Different Anon, I think you will love plotting! The first step is to develop your personal evil gesture. Steepling your fingers while staring off into the distance menacingly is a classic. My personal favorite is smiling beatifically at some mark and then dropping it into a sneer immediately when s/he turns away.

  3. Go ahead. If I on occasion say something clever, I don't mind if someone else goes onto repeat it.

    I think it was my religion teacher who gushed about Gandhi and his non-violent approach. I thought that can only work with silly whites but never said anything. In fact, for whatever reason, there was never much interaction between teachers and students in any class. No one hardly ever asked questions or answered questions a teacher asked.

    I'm afraid The Controversy of Zion is neither racist or misanthropic. The author seemed to condemn the tribe of Judah for their racist creed and praise the early Israelites for sinking into the surrounding humanity. Of course, seeing there are no longer any Israelites and the tribe of Judah is still going on stronger than ever, I took it the other way around as it seems clear to me who was the smarter one. Nevertheless, it is quite an interesting look into Judaism.

    "My personal favorite is smiling beatifically at some mark and then dropping it into a sneer immediately when s/he turns away."

    Hah! This sounds easy as I often feel like doing this anyway.

    It also reminds me of Peter's Evil Overlord list I read in my youth:

    I thought it quite good beginner's guide to aspiring Evil Overlords.

    - Different Anon

    1. Great list, thank you! I'm sure it will come in handy.

      I was thinking the same thing about Judaism the other day while reading about tribal cultures displaced by the mass migrations fleeing the Huns. Those tribes don't exist anymore except as historical footnotes. Jewish tribal identity is exceptionally powerful and persistent. It possesses religious, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic continuity in spite of endless persecutions and ebbs and flows of prosperity. I feel that if a group of Chalkies were to take the Jewish strategy, combine it with a Evil Master Race List of things not to do (1. Try not to brag about how you control the media and banks.) we might have a shot at this survival thing.