Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Sacramento Putsch

Mother, 42, is killed by police after shooting dead her two daughters, aged 22 and 17The mother looks a lot like Gretchen Carlson. This is a weird one - it does not conform neatly with established stereotypes. Anybody have an theories?
Critic Rips CNN Over Lewandowski: Your Job Is 'Reporting, Not Paying Weasels' To Do It For You
HA! There are nothing but egg-sucking weasels all over the Mass Media "news" networks. What's one more?

Mariah Carey Treats Pregnant Blac Chyna to a Sexy Striptease from One of Her Dancers
Ewwwww. The mudbloods are such a messy, unclean people. More Brazilification of the 'Kwa.

'This Is Not My Party': George Will Goes from GOP to Unaffiliated
Wait - George Will was a Republican? Says he is a conservative. Who knew? I thought he was a queer baseball-obsessive.

At least 10 beaten, stabbed at Capitol neo-Nazi protest
What an embarrassment. Petty violence and chaos linked with the words "Nazi" and "White Supremacist" in hundreds of headlines and articles around the world. The Traditionalist Youth Network / Traditionalist Worker Party sends the Golden State Skinheads to get in fights with Antifa, while Heimbach and Parrott hide from the mob and declare "victory" from behind their computers while shilling for donations before the blood is dry. Here's what that "victory" looks like:

And what was the reason for this rally in the first place? Quoting the article linked in the title: "The group and its California affiliate, Golden State Skinheads, sent about 30 people to speak up for Trump supporters who have been denied their freedom of speech, spokesman Matt Parrott said after the violence." They did it for Trumplings. Of course. Not to protest the elites who import muds, not to prevent criminals from preying upon innocent White people, not to expose the MultiKult indoctrination in the schools and Mass Media. No - they did it to protect the right of White people to worship the Grandfather of the Mischling Master Race - Der Trump. This "Movement" is beyond retarded.


  1. By the way, guess what number post today is? This is the 1488th post I have made on this blog. Oh, DATGOY (my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY)!

  2. If david lane was alive today he would expose trump and the alt right fags,how can they align themselves with the likes of milo and raheem kassam and call themselves nationalists?

    As for the "nazis" wiling to die for the mischling master, just pathetic
    , how can anyone take that fat geek heimbach seriously?

    1. After he got national media attention shoving that niggeress around at a Trump rally without even being looked at by the Feds for a hate crime, I got a flashback to Hal Turner.

      And I do not understand why anyone would take him seriously when he looks like a fucking a Monchhichi. By the way - that's my new name for him.

  3. Sometimes I would really like to know what is the thought process behind some people's actions because I certainly cannot imagine it. How does one go from "what shall I give as a gift to my pregnant friend?" to "I know! A striptease!"? It is just... bizarre.

    But I suppose I'm lucky that I don't understand.

    And do tell, are the WNs of various persuasion unimaginatively stupid? I do understand their desire to protect voters who might vote on unconscious racial interests, as the police most certainly aren't protecting them, but why on earth did they sent "neo-Nazi skinheads"?

    (Well, not that the media wouldn't have made them into neo-Nazi skinheads, anyway.)

    So, now the narrative is "neo-Nazi skinheads attack innocent good lil' leftists" instead of the reality "leftist lunatics and their pets attack innocent (white) voters".

    And what was the point of the rally? If all of these people gathered there on overt racial interests, are they stupid? Did they think they could just peacefully gather, declare their white interests, have the police protect them and none of the human refuse attack them?

    The only time when whites should rally is to fight and bring down this system. Not when they want to protect their "right" to vote for a businessman with Jewish grandchildren and a whole Jewish extended family.

    (What happened to the whole Jews want all whites dead meme? Oh right, it doesn't apply to Trump's Jews because of reasons.)

    As for Heimbach and Parrot, whom I've only heard of in passing, it reminds me of Brexit. All WN blogs unanimously declared it a moral victory despite it having very little or nothing to do with white nationalism.

    And instead of taking advantage of Brexit to do something constructive with white nationalism... they are basically telling their constituents through the internet, "look what we've accomplished! we are totally winning, guys!"

    Well, I suppose the good news is that they would make for pretty good politicians, ha.

    - Different Anon

    1. HA! Perhaps we should just be grateful that we don't understand the thought process of the psychotic ape creatures (White and non-White) that surround us. I admit I waste too much of my life staring aghast at the ever-increasing ignorance of humanity/sub-humanity/sub-apery.

      I used to dismiss a lot of the faux-Nazi, KKK-parade-clown nonsense in White Whateverism as simply misguided, born of frustration. I sympathized with that frustration. But to see the same formula over and over again, decade after decade, I have reached the conclusion that these people are either completely retarded, or they are controlled opposition. Not sure which. Note that I don't mean the parade clowns are controlled opposition, I mean the ones "leading" the parade. The parade clowns themselves I am certain are just useful idiots.

      Public Service Announcement: To any frustrated White person thinking of following some doughy, chin-bearded college boys' advice to become a punching bag for Antifa - I request you reconsider. May I suggest you focus on improving your own condition first - then worry about saving the race?

      White Whateverists have gone so long without winning anything, that they have no memory of what winning looks like. They think that any time the opposition doesn't immediately get their own way, it is a victory. They are sitting on the board in a dunking tank at the carnival, relieved that the person throwing the ball missed. They ignore that they are soaking wet, sitting in a cage, have been dunked 30 times today already, and that their orange-faced boss is collecting the money the tank is earning and handing it to his Jewish grandchildren.

      A Jewish, black-cock sucking faggot wrote a positive article about us ... HAIL VICTORY!!!

      A jew/muzzie Gary Busey look-a-like helped get Britain out of the EU ... HAIL VICTORY!!!

      A billionaire reality TV star with Jewish grandchildren rallies the trailer park to turn against the Republican establishment ... HAIL VICTORY!!!

      What role White Whateverism played in any of these events - zero. HAIL VICTORY!!!

      As for what White Whateverists can actually take credit for - what happened in Sacramento was a bunch of degenerates clashed in the street, hit and stabbed each other, and the police then swooped in and showed everyone that the state still has absolute control. No arrests were made, and everyone involved wandered back to the internet to declare victory. Again I wonder - retards, or controlled opposition? Either way, this left/right extremist behavior only makes centrist, globalist state control look desirable by comparison to the sheeple.