Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jew Neuroscientist Suggests Thinking Less

[Moronic Cunt] banned from all US National Parks for scrawling her Instagram name on protected rocks
The Information Age is nothing more than an enormous and desperate cry for attention. Humans have climbed to the pinnacle of an electronic tree, as it amplifies their hoots and howls better than the top of any real tree ever could.

Auschwitz Game Highlights Serious Holes in Google’s Review Process
The game wasn't real - it was merely a test to see how effective Google was at censoring potentially offensive content. The game's slogan was "Live like a real Jew" at Auschwitz. HA!

Possible remnants of mysterious Lost Colony found
Ughhhhh ... stupid ... stupid ... stupid. A couple of pieces of pottery were found near the site of the Roanoke colony. Mass Media Morons!!! The people from the colony went missing. The settlement itself didn't teleport into another dimension. To find remnants of the Lost Colony would mean finding evidence of what happened to the people, not trash nearby the abandoned settlement.

Jewish Comedian Interrupts Trump Speech at Scottish Golf Course ...
... by distributing golf balls with swastikas on them. This anti-Semitism narrative connected with Trump is so bizarre. The man's daughter is popping out jewspawn at a rate better than Hillary's daughter, but Trump is still an anti-Semite. When the far Left and the far Right both agree on something (in this case that Trump is an anti-Semite), the question must be asked if humanity is too stupid to survive. And continuing with today's theme of rampant stupidity ...

Think Less, Think Better
Jewish neuroscientist suggests the problem with this world is that people are thinking too much. Riiiiight. Sleeeep goyim - sleeeeep.


  1. I don't think the msm believes trump is antisemitic,they are just saying anything to ensure hilary wins

    He has been doing billon dollar deals with jews for decades,
    The only reason he gets away with making the mildest of anti israel comments is that he is an honorary jew,the antisemitic allegations are just more doublethink mind games from the jew media

    1. Good point. It might just be a conditioned response. They call everyone to their Right anti-Semitic, even as he shills for Israel and whores his daughter to make kikespawn. It is just amazing to me that Trump is considered "the Right" these days. It just shows you how far Left civilization has swung.

  2. I need glasses , your name is Adrean , sorry , bad eyesite from Multi Kult brain damage, ... it is seriously bad for the health, and why isnt there allowed in mainstream media any contructive criticism and the airing of genuine angst among the original population, I ask, and infact in every church it will be found that the priest will say, every man has the god given right to defend his self, the way he was created to be, his identitiy which relates to him and his kin, his family, his homeland, so will the State censor the church as anti-semite, anti- progress, yes, it is in the throes now of silencing church, and attacking the christian faith for the Goys and trying to replace it with Jewish enlightenment in the church, but the real christians are falling away, seeing the wolf at the door, thats why every is talking about the anti-christ is coming as its taught, it will come through the Jews when they return to Israel and prepare for a different Christ, which saves nobody but them, since they dont believe Goys have souls.
    I cant find my ECW post thats if it is still

    1. Hello ECW,

      Yes, our conversation is still there, in case you did not get my response:

      Please don't feel confined to one thread - post as you wish.

      You will have to forgive me, but I am not a Christian myself. Perhaps because the only Christianity I have ever been exposed to was the MultiKult variety that said we were all one race in the eyes of God, and anti-Semitism was the gravest sin. I certainly had no use for that.

  3. Yes I have come across those churches, but they shouldnt be following political correctness, as the church is supposed to be counter cultural. There is the Traditionalist Church which follows the Narrow way, and there isnt one near me, I have also was advised not to go to these multikulteral "modernist" churches as they have departed the church, and are an experiment, like all the other experiments. They are not refarded as true church, only traditionalist church is the true, and real church. The midernist church who are the multiculteralists are merely a shallow kindergarten church for those who are too faint hearted to deal with the Salvation issues which make the Jews utterly despise christians, and like Orthodoxy, it is no friend with the Synagogue of Satan, and the Synagogue of Zionism has tried to push the true church right onto the periphery, threatening it with provocations about linked to scandels , fascism, etc. They are conspiring against the traditionalist church, with thier Zionist agents stirring things up in the modernist church to attack the traditionalist, to outlaw and ban it. If we end up going underground , aa our counterparts did in soviet union, and in China, north Korea, it doesnt matter because they cant abolish and never succeeded in destroying the true throughout its 2000 yr old history
    I will look at your other comment, when I get the chance. One thing id like to ask you, do you think the Zionists are part of some kind of Alien plot, I think there is something linkes to an Entity, among these people, thier ancient gods of babylon, are the same demonic entities that influenced the Jews to call for human sacrifices, which is what compelled them to spill Christs blood as an offering to these Babylonisn gods. Today they still are inspired by these Gods of human sacrifice, hence all the blood spilling in thier wars, and useless human carnage its all an offering to thier diety/entities.

    1. HA! Kindergarten Church - that's a very apt description of the state of organized religion these days. I have had other visitors over the years speak of the Traditionalist Church and the Synagogue of Satan that seeks to destroy it. You are much more polite than those visitors, who were often very mean spirited when I did not understand their views.

      I'm sorry if I will disappoint you ECW, but I don't recognize anything beyond the superficial reality presented to me. I just don't understand it because I have never experienced it. I do understand how some people have used religion, spirituality, and belief in the supernatural to manipulate people and make money - and that abuse I mock and condemn. When some commenters see me do that, they lash out at me, which I take as proof that they are more interested in protecting their falsehoods then finding and sharing spiritual truths.

      Any spirituality I once possessed died a long time ago when I was a young man. At the same time, I lost my sense of wonder and ability to experience anything as supernatural. I have found I don't need to dig very deep to find reason enough to condemn the malevolent degeneracy of kikes, the white traitors who serve them, and the white sheep who follow their lead. I had hoped White Nationalism would combat these bastards, but instead they have embraced them.

      I think you are right. Any who resist need to go underground. If there is faith to be had, it is that this malevolence will consume itself when it can't find victims to feed upon.