Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Sparks Xenophobia Claims - If Only

Tony Robbins asked them to overcome fear and storm across hot coals. Dozens were injured.
This is one of those great headlines that contains its own punchline. The full story is very dull in comparison.

The Whole ‘Gay Revenge’ Orlando Narrative Might Be Falling Apart
One fag even accuses the FBI of covering up the gay truth because they have not found evidence Omar Mateen was a homo. The key is that the Leftist Mass Media narrative started with "closet-case goes berserk" before the HIV+ blood was even dry. They pointed a microphone in the direction of every gaybo who would say he knew Omar Mateen. But as the testimony began to shift toward the gay revenge scenario, then the Mass Media started to question the veracity of their sources. Interesting how that works.

US man admits making up Auschwitz escape story to keep memories alive
Oh, kind of like making up race-hate hoaxes to keep the memory of segregation alive, or making up fake rape hoaxes to keep the memory of gender inequality alive. It's not lying if it serves the cause of Social Justice, i.e. destroying Western Civilization.

No One Is Less Impressed By Michelle Obama Than This Adorable Little Girl
First off, she is not adorable, she is a gorilla-faced mulatto and one of The 15% Ugliest People in Amerikwa. Secondly, beyond nigger-loving Leftists, no human is impressed with Moochelle Obongo.

Media’s ‘Xenophobia’ Claim About Brexit Doesn’t Add Up
I agree. The motivation of this is in no way overt racial interest, though closeted racial interest may have influenced the outcome to an uncertain degree. It is now up to the nationalists to prove that this was not a fluke, and that the White people of Britain can remain the majority in their own homeland. Keep Calm and Fight Immigration. I have watched the race slowly dying for decades. One day of vigor does not mean the trend has reversed. I have seen terminally ill people have a good day where they can sit up in bed and eat a full meal, only to be unresponsive in critical care by nightfall. And, let's not forget, that the current favorite to lead post-Brexit Britain is a mudblood muzzie-kike-spawn that looks like a Jewish Gary Busey. Jews to the Left of you, Jews to the Right - on both sides of the pond. If White people don't stop empowering elite kikes, mischling-makers, and race traitors to rule over them, White people are doomed.

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