Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ugliest Sub-Ape-Ess In Kwa Offends Po-Po Lovers

Daniel Radcliffe has a really strange Donald Trump story
If he does, this ain't it. In fact, what Trump said was actually completely predictable given his obsessive self-promotion. Freakin' clickbait.

As House Sit-In Ends, Paul Ryan Embraces ACLU’s Opposition to Democrats’ Watchlist Gun Proposal
Boooooo!!! Lame! For fuck's sake they didn't even last 24 hours. Here I am now - entertain me!

How Subarus Came to Be Seen as Cars for Lesbians
HA! I had no idea this stereotype existed, let alone that it was an auto manufacturer's plan that made it happen. Just proof that you're never too bigoted to learn new stereotypes.

‘Make America White Again’: A politician’s billboard ignites uproar
So, anti-Trump internet memes are now becoming pro-White political campaign slogans. This Movement ...

Councilwoman Advocates for ‘Keeping Guns Away From Dangerous People’ — but It’s Who She Says Is ‘Dangerous’ That Shocks Residents
Blah ... blah ... blah - time for the blue lives matter crowd to clutch their pearls. What is truly funny about this story is how monstrously ugly the sub-ape-ess in question is.


  1. We won the reffererendum,it was funny watching the dumb monkey obongo telling us we would be finished if we left the EU,the way amerikwa is going there will be a hundred more adam mateens

    Leaving the EU will make little diffrence,I see British WNS getting excited as if this means enoch powell has risen from the grave

    It was also great seeing that kike david cameron weeping ,his tears were alot more convincing than obongo

    1. I appreciate your skepticism and your report from the UK. People never seem to grasp that outliers are not necessarily trends. A tide of shit has still washed over the Western World. Even assuming it can be turned back, the clean up required will be enormous.

      Enoch Powell risen from the grave - now that would be exciting. Especially if he was some sort of racist Vampire Lord. Any novelists out there want to take a crack at that idea?