Wednesday, June 22, 2016

McDonalds Sells Lobster - Barf Bucket 50 Cents Extra

Jaguar shot dead after escape during Olympic torch event
Humans ... such worthless creatures. Quoting the article: The Rio 2016 organizing committee expressed regrets. "We made a mistake when we allowed the Olympic torch, a symbol of peace and union of different people, to be exhibited next to a chained wild animal". Actually, the symbolism of the former represents what you think you are - heroes, and the latter represents what you really are - monsters. And speaking of monsters...

Newly Surfaced Police Reports Detail Michael Jackson’s Disturbing Pornography Collection
As opposed to a reassuring pornography collection? Once you add "collection" to pornography, you can be pretty sure it will be disturbing. The word you should have used for Whacko Jacko's collection was "Horrifying". And speaking of Whackos...

Christina Grimmie's killer was obsessed with her, police say
No shit, thanks for the memo. At least the article provides amusing details of the obsession: Loibl claimed to be an atheist, but told [his only friend] that Grimmie's Christianity had spurred a change of heart and "helped him to see the world in a different way." If there was a God, [his only friend] recalled Loibl telling him, and "he has seen it in her." And since there can be only one - Jebus must have ordered the hit. All part of His plan.

Omar Mateen was spurned by boyfriends, ‘did it for revenge'
Ha! So if this beaner is telling the truth, Mateen wasn't a jihadist closet case, he was a jilted lover who was infected with HIV by the queer beaners with whom dabbled in butt fuckery. To get revenge, he went on a religious-themed rampage. An interesting story.

McDonald's brings back its lobster roll
What kind of low-class mental defective spends $9 for a scrap of mystery lobster on a bun from McDonald's?



  1. I don't really understand why there even was a chained Jaguar in a sports event? If I held an event of any kind, my first thought wouldn't be to parade around a chained animal in it.

    Was it supposed to be symbolic of Colosseum shows in the past when they sometimes pitted slaves and wild animals against each other? If so, why didn't they let the animal kill a few humans while they were at it?

    It's not like I'm really an animal rights advocate, as I don't care what happens to animals in the wild, but humans' attitude towards animals is about as weird as their attitude towards anything else.

    (Also, I just cannot get over how ugly Negroes are.)

    - Different Anon

    1. I don't understand it either, Different Anon. It is bizarre, and oh so human. In my conversations with you, I have come to realize just how much my attachment to the idea of Whiteness was really a rejection of humanity.

      HA! That would be an Olympics I would actually want to watch. Release rabid dogs to chase sprinters. Set the pole vault over a crocodile pit. Hurl the javelin at on oncoming bear.

      It puts me in mind of this old song:

      As for the ugliness of Negroes - there is only one thing uglier, and that is a Negro in whiteface. You never truly appreciate how sub-human black people are until they are in White make-up.

    2. I'm glad to hear that our conversations are worthwhile.

      Attachment to Whiteness as a rejection of humanity? I can understand that even though personally I have never really been attached to anything. Early on I became aware of the pointlessness of the human endeavour and life. I can't even say I'm particularly attached to whites as I'm more interested in the potential of what they could be. For that I'd need a sustainable amount of them alive, but sadly not many of them seem to be interested in striving towards that potential even if it is unattainable.

      Yes, that would certainly make the Olympics more interesting. Nowadays sports seem to be more about pitting one country's pet negroes against another country's pet negroes, and the silly white crowd cheers. It's repulsive.

      I did once stumble upon a picture of negro mugshots whose faces someone had photoshopped white, and I found it astounding and amusing how unbelievably ugly they were. Then some people say it's just skin colour. Right.

      As for your whiteface links, there is something very eerie about them. It's not just the ugliness. I guess it's the feeling of looking at something distinctly different from you no matter how much it tries to disguise as one of your own.

      - Different Anon

    3. They are indeed worthwhile from my perspective. Thank you.

      I was thinking this afternoon about the illusion of control. I think now that it connects nicely with your words the "pointlessness of the human endeavour and life." I imagined a scenario where an asteroid wipes out human life on Earth completely, and thought of all the effort that would have been wasted for millennia just for it all to be snuffed out. All the planning, all the choices, and the sacrifices for the next generation, and poof - it's all gone because of an uncontrollable variable. It must be why so many people have to believe that God is watching over them and has a plan. The alternative is probably some mass existential crisis. Even now, I can imagine some philosophically inclined interwebbers tapping away a response about how the significance is in the action not the outcome, or whatever, blah, blah, blah. The conclusion of my thoughts was motivation is not within one's control, and therefore the resulting actions will proceed irrespective of the unknowable outcome. In that sense, I remain attached to my idea of Whiteness as a rejection of the human condition, a goal to aspire to, not a preexisting condition or static achievable end goal.

      Early on, my belief was simply that White people were better than all other types of people. But steadily that position eroded because I realized that the comparison was relative. Afterwards, I compared the superiority of White people to non-Whites as being similar to the superiority of the experience of stepping on dry dog feces as compared to wet dog feces. White supremacy framed in this way amused me greatly.

      The Whiteness I want is that Whiteness I was told by MultiKulturalism and Christianity to despise: misanthropic (anti-human), genocidal, prudish, orderly, devaluing of life, contemptuous of the weak who seek charity and the strong who give it. What I got was a White Whateverist movement obsessed with pictures of pretty White women in cornfields (fertility symbolism), and buff White guys holding swords and guns (virility symbolism). Such propaganda provides a stark contrast to the Negroid faces plastered all over the Mass Media as objects of worship-fear, but is that all there is to White Whateverism? Appearances? No - there is the endless "scholarship" of those arguing against the very things I want Whiteness to be. Revisionists, apologists, and lowest-common denominator types (Trumplings) abound, trying to make the White mind/spirit out to be as pretty as the White exterior.

      If you don't mind me asking, what potential do you think White people have? I won't deny that I have been guilty of focusing on the cosmetic superiority of White people as their most redeeming feature, but I believe my primary motivation remains a realization of the anti-human potential of Whites. What do you think they could be?

    4. P.S. Two non-spam comments today were in the spam filter for some reason. If I don't respond to your comments or post them at all, it might be because I accidentally wiped them out with the spam. It has happened before, unfortunately. So if your comment never appears, please feel free to leave me another message questioning the omission. I pretty much let through anything that isn't anti-White propaganda or a personal attack. And I sometimes reply to those anyway without posting the original comment.

    5. Indeed. Whether it be by a natural disaster, an asteroid, humans fumbling things to the point of their own extinction, or just the sun inevitably running out of its life, in the end there won’t be even a speck of dust left of humanity. All that architecture, arts, music, literature, technology, gone. All of those atrocities, grief, joy and effort, meaningless. I’m not sure if I can call it an existential crisis but it did create a certain apathy within me. It’s not particularly troublesome but it doesn’t make for a very goal-oriented and social life.

      I’m unsure if I can explain this well but I shall try nevertheless.

      In my view the apex of all human effort has been achieved by a white. In architecture, arts, music, literature, technology, civilisation and human body. I see this and the entire history of their golden ages as their “potential”. Of course the silly things never could hold onto them, always sliding right back to the lowest common determinator, are far too naïve and prone to moral mass hysterias regardless of common sense or facts. And hardly anyone seems to understand that just because an ideal is unattainable does not mean one shouldn’t strive towards it.

      But of course, all this is relative and quite a large body of whites are lost causes.

      There are also quite a few things I’d change about whites (such as their naivety towards the Other) but I don’t believe in White Utopia, either. Even if whites suddenly regained their senses and cleansed the world from all non-whites and then went onto a massive eugenics program, give it a few decades or centuries and they’d be right back to killing each other over every silly little moral issue.

      I think whites are just as genocidal as other races (well, relatively speaking), one only needs to find the right trigger for it. I have no doubt that the dear tolerants, for example, would quite happily kill off all the wicked, evil racists—not because of anything they have DONE but because they say horrible things on the internet.

      Ah, and now I’m again getting a headache from the stupidity of humans.

      I hope this somewhat cleared what I am thinking, and you are, of course, free to disagree with me.

      - Different Anon

    6. Thank you for the answers, Different Anon. I see nothing to disagree with, as the topic is simply a matter of perspective. I again wanted to hear your different perspective.

      As an American racist, I see the genocide of the Native Americans as nationally formative. The East Coast is littered with Injun placenames, and next to zero indigenous peoples. Everything that America has accomplished relied upon exterminating the natives and replacing them with Whites. What I never got, because of some moral failing, was why I should feel sorry about it, or be a hypocrite who pretends to feel sorry about it. Why am I not sorry? Because Whites are subject to the same natural rules. Hence their ignorance and weakness today is leading to their own geno-suicide.