Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Niggeress Tasers Thieving White Trash Biddy

Man Who Was Headed to L.A. Pride Charged with Molestation
So, he wasn't trying to attack the L.A. Pride queers, he was on the run from Indiana where he had been accused of child molestation. And speaking of deviants ...

Africa: Lack of Transgender Healthcare Curbs Development
A commenter left a perfect non-racist quip - Wow, I thought war, corruption, crime, lack of the rule of law, and authoritarian governments were the cause of slow development in Africa. Turns out the cause is the lack of transgender health care. You can probably guess what I think is the reason Africa is a backasswards shithole. While were on a roll discussing people who put disgusting things in their body ...

Would You Eat 2,000-Year-Old Butter? One Chef Tasted It
No, it wasn't Paula Dean.

Latino radio host tells Hillary — his family’s voting for Trump!
HA! So Latinos really are assimilating into Kwanian culture. They are learning to be just like White people by voting against their racial interests.

Nigger Tasers An Old Woman For Stealing!
Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at this. What kind of pathetic taser was that? Does it operate off one AA battery? I've seen wind up toys that spark better. And now the niggeress gets to go to jail with the thieving White Trash old biddy. Satisfying. Yay, Diversity!


  1. I have a feeling L.A. Pride queers would have welcomed the molestation. But Mr Child Molester should have given it a few more decades; I'm sure the ever-so-tolerant progressives will champion for pedophilia openly then and give it a colour in their rainbow.

    Oh, the silly things. Isn't cutting off the clitoris of little girls the perfect transgender healthcare? They just start on that surgery early, is all!

    I've always found this a little funny, to be honest. We supposedly condemn genitalia mutilation but then celebrate it when freaks do it because "they feel like it".

    The world is absurd. How I wish it would just kill itself because certainly it shouldn't have the brain capacity to sustain itself.

    - Different Anon

    1. Ha! I was just mentioning this in response to your previous comment - the hypocritical madness of the gender identity crowd. If one mutilates oneself for gender/sexuality, it is empowering, if one mutilates oneself otherwise, it is still mental illness (for now). The insanity of the individual only flourishes because the entire society has lost its mind.

      "it shouldn't have the brain capacity to sustain itself."

      Ha! again. Actually, this is the only argument for a higher power I would seriously entertain! The world is so chock-full of ignorant people, deviants, and defectives, it should collapse under its own weight. I am shocked that this doesn't happen, and it lends a sense of unreality to daily life. I have blamed Satan for this, but he might just be God suffering from deusdysmorphia.