Monday, June 20, 2016

Mochelle and Ofra Tell Mens to 'Be Better'

Israel reportedly constructing an underground wall around Gaza
Afterward, they can airlift a giant plexiglass dome over Gaza and seal them in until they run out of air. It's a good plan, actually.

If only humanity was so easily "bleached".

Trump Ousts Embattled Campaign Manager
Desperation move. He must believe the Media is right about the state of his campaign.

He’s lined up excuses, but Donald Trump knows he’s losing
Doubtful, but there's the narrative der Trumpenfuhrer might be trying to fight. More interesting than the Leftist gloating in this article is a claim they make about the polls. They say that if Trump's poll numbers remain low, it might be because Chalkies being polled are afraid to say they are voting for him, as they do not want to appear racist. Now, this might bolster some of the Trumplings' irrational exuberance back to its old height - but it would be a tacit admission that the much famed Overton Window did not shift. Why? Because Chalkies would still only be voting for their racial interests in a closeted fashion - White racial awareness would still not be a socially/politically acceptable position. And if he still loses - there will be proof that the majority of Chalkies are not voting for dogwhistle candidates any longer.

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey Tell Every Man to ‘Be Better’
Two enormous lesbian boons hold a get together called The United State of Women summit, and there they pronounce 4 ways for men to "be better": as fathers, in relationships, as husbands, as employers. The irony is darker than the cavernous, fetid pits these two apes call nethers. Just imagine a United State of Men summit that called for women to "be better": as mothers, in relationships, as wives, and as employees. As always, feminism isn't about empowering women, it is about blaming men for all women's problems. Kind of like how White Whateverism isn't about empowering Whities, but blaming kikes for all Whitie's problems.

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