Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fla. Official Suspended for Anti-Orlando Fuck-Up

Scientists Now Scrambling To Figure Out How To Get Men Pregnant
No, they aren't. This is a misleading headline for multiple reasons.  The article itself is more accurate - transgender freaks are wondering if uterine transplants could work for them, after a couple of uterine transplants have been performed in women. There is no Frankenstein laboratory "scrambling" to make Kaitlyn Jenner a mother - yet.

Fast food may come with a side of phthalate chemicals
I have a suspicion that this is going to be very similar to the french fries cause cancer research from years ago. The Mass Media will claim scientists have found a dangerous chemical in a food that obsessive food purists already find evil. The food purists will swell with pride that they alone avoided the sin. Then, it will be discovered that a variety of cooked foods contain the chemical (in the case of french fries, it was discovered to be toast), and it will be up to researchers to find another headline-grabbing discovery for the Mass Media. The Mass Media will then use the newest "discovery" to recapture the imagination of the food purists and make them feel superior again, until the bubble pops once more, and the cycle must be repeated.

Movie: High Yellow (1965)
I had no idea this film existed. I was watching an old episode of MTS3K called Attack of the the Eye Creatures (two the's is on the title card of the movie) and thought that the female lead in the film looked like an octaroon. I wondered if she was passing in Hollyweird, and when I looked her up on Google, I found out she was in a film about a maid who wants to pass for White. High Yellow was made by the same director/producer/writer as Attack of the the Eye Creatures, and it is so bad that it is good. The dialogue is incredibly artificial and trippy, and would have been impossible even for a talented actor/actress to deliver. There are a couple of weird subplots, but the topper involves her intimate relationship with her bosses son, who was kicked out of the military after being caught with a shemale stripper. I repeat - this is a really bad movie, but if you like really bad movies, I think you will enjoy it.

Parent-shaming and how the gator attack isn't Harambe
There is a racial overtone to the discussion of these two events that I find most pleasing. Some are saying the gator-attack parents are being love-bombed because they are White, and not because their kid actually died. Others have hate-bombed the family and blamed White privilege as a reason the father let the boy play in the water at dusk. And still others have defended the parents letting their boy play in the water by claiming the Whities were bumpkin rubes from Nebraska who couldn't have known there were alligators in Florida. I think the most important lesson is that social media thrives off of the misery of others.

Florida Official Kenneth Lewis Suspended Over Anti-Orlando Facebook Post
I've been releasing this general disclaimer for 6+ months now: Rules that apply to Trump do not apply to you. If you happen to become a billionaire celebrity grandfather of mischling - they might apply to you, but it is unclear how many orange Archie Bunkers the WrestleMania-loving trailer park mob will worship at one time.

I have trouble telling niggers apart - so I am not sure if that is Diamonds or Silk behind the Orange Messiah.


  1. I read about the first "sex reassignment surgery" a while back. The man who underwent it also had an uterus transplant and subsequently died because of his immune system rejected the organ. If this will become a thing, would it be horrible of me to wish they all die for similar reasons?

    I recall that some time ago I read about some food or other, how it's good for you, but then a week later the same news site reported that same food is bad for you. Mass Media. It is a wonder anyone follows it. But then again, most people have the attention span of goldfishes.

    - Different Anon

    1. Great contribution Different Anon - I had no idea about this before you mentioned it. I was under the impression Christine Jorgensen was the first sex reassignment surgery, but it turns out that he was the first American mutilated man-woman. Shows my Kwa-centric bias.

      So here, I believe, is the tranny to whom you are referring:

      Interestingly, she was a Dane, like Jorgensen. What is it with Scandinavian men feminizing themselves? Did all the virile ones go off on Viking raids or something, leaving the nances behind to hand over their homelands to Muzzies? Would it be horrible for you to wish the uterus recipients die for similar reasons? I might not be the best one to answer that question, as I wish death upon people for astoundingly more trivial reasons!

      I was recently chastised by a commenter for remembering a news story from the 1960's (a pop reference, not a story I was alive at the time to hear) and not being aware that the narrative was recently revised by the Mass Media. In a Mass Media culture, having a memory is detrimental to being with it. If your memory is longer than the first page of your Twitter feed, you're a freak.

    2. Yes, that was the man I referred to. His surgery was done by a Jew. Funny how it goes.

      If a certain HBD blogger is to believed then coastal women have always been more independent than their inland peers because their men spent majority of their time at sea.

      And if another Viking blogger is to believed then Viking men and women were (how to say it?) a bit more androgynous than is largely believed.

      But who knows. I certainly don't.

      Still in reference to Lili Elbe, there is some speculation he might have had XXY chromosomes. If that was the case with all of them, I'd give the whole thing a bit more legitimacy, but the trans movement seems to be made of mentally sick people or mentally sick parents and their mentally sick cheerleaders.

      Indeed. Well, all I can say is that all things appeal to those best suited for them. Like Mass Media finds its attention deficit followers.

      - Different Anon

    3. And, of course, the danger of no one knowing is that it leads to the elaborate fantasies modern day deviants construct around the scant evidence of the past. Thus, we are led to believe by some of the Alt-Fag community that Western Civilization was founded by roaming bands of queers.

      To me, the best argument that gender identity issues are simple mental illness are the cases of body dysmorphia. Consider the woman who blinded herself because she felt that her true self was blind. Blinded herself - such an apt metaphor for what the West is doing today.

  2. ethnic Cleansing of whiteysThu Jun 23, 12:11:00 PM GMT-5

    In my Youth, i was totally confused , multiculteralism was in its early stages, I knew i was part of some social experiment, but couldnt express it, articulate it without being given 1000's of labels, to tell me what im thinking, who i am.
    I laughably experimented with lgbtc and couldnt ever take it all in, or seriously, as it became clear as a few years slided by the feminist intellectual jewess scene gave violently to an invasion of black lessbians which quickly mutated into bi' sexual black seperatists, suddenly all the "charity" funds were going to black lesbians, I started to opt out of Lgbtc as i was gettin hit on by black women all the time, i felt physically sick , the thought of it, i wanted help badly as i felt really disturbed by this, and i observed Jewesses seeming to be in controlling positions, they managed the clubs and pubs, and they get a wiff that u dont want black meat, yur out on ur own white backside, and nobody cared if u died, i realised the lgbtc scene was a purely politically driven movement, which i observed to make sense of the madness they were practising, suddenlly aids started destroying gay men, and it really felt like somethin wierd was going on. The whole lgbtc exploded into shit scarey groups, like Trans male to female lesbians, and trans female to male hetro wanting lesbian partners. I freaked out so much, it all kind of brought me to my senses, I realised it was all mental, lgbtc resembled mental wards without medication, all running rampant, and i left it all behind never to return, for now to see this psycologically deranged community to gain mainstream support dont surprise me, The Jewesses heading the evil body, with this new power of social status, dictating everyone to not enrage them or karma !! Well , the multkultural experiment was so shallow it just runned off me like piss, left me feeling dirty, and now socially is completely fractionalised, lgbtc flags flying in public institutions, im waiting for the mass conflict thats going to follow, the explosion of social hysteria, moral panic is only just beginning, the Jews are behind it, they keep the money flowing in to it, to break up communities, and then they move in socially disorientated groups who have seen real first hand violence. So the pot is boiling now and heating up, sharia law is a tool to over throw western values, and the jews are encouraging it, they'll cleanse us of our country move in with thier most hated arab neighbours, and the place will be like palestine soon, it will become a war zone, tribes killing tribes fuelled by jew drug firms, lgbtc police has already become official in our police establishment, muzzies will be the henchmen, doin the dirtiest evils, legitimised beatings already seen, so to be honest, multiculture is just another word for socialised massacre , normalised violence, of whiteys, and for likes of me still livin in london, opting out of the mass social programming, im contantly reminded that my days are numbered here, i feel socially stigmatised for not having black and lgbtc frenemies, and probably for not looking negroid in fashion and skin make up, it does seem that if u dont join in black culturally jew led muslim racialisation, you are regarded as subversive and even suspect criminal for (causing) social
    disorder and unrest for not appeasing ur local Koon , u know what once they get thier way they will turn on eachother, kill eachother, and i think thats when the commie koreans will send ballistic missiles, as they are probably runned by Jew led admins, to press the button and massacre everyone, while they sit peacefully on thier islands, They will die though from the same poison infested world, thier contamination will kill them in the end

    1. Thank you for the contribution, ECW. I'm very sorry that your initial confusion led to such experiences. But I am glad that you came through it to the truth of your predicament - which happens to be the predicament of all White people - a slow torturous death of the spirit at the hands of the kike Cult of Diversity. London is one of the centers of the infection, but the poisonous swamp is spreading. Whities are running away, but it will follow. In fact, like a plague, they carry the infection with them in many forms, which may be grouped together under the heading of "tolerance". For it must not be ignored that one gets what one tolerates.

      It would be nice if White people could understand identity, how it shaped them in the past, and how identity issues are destroying them today. Constructing one's identity around one's sexual desires is absolutely insane, but that's where we are as a civilization. In a sane society, discussing one's sexual preferences would be as unacceptable a topic of conversation as discussing the state of one's bowels after a bad meal. Declaring oneself a homosexual would be as insane as declaring oneself a fan of diarrhea. Not on the basis of judging the acts themselves - but simply because neither makes sense as a source of identity to a sane person.

      I hope you are able to escape to somewhere you can be safe. Please feel free to stop by and share your thoughts again, if you are so inclined.

  3. Ethnic Cleansing of WhiteysSat Jun 25, 10:29:00 AM GMT-5

    Thanks Adrian !
    I tried to find a "safe space" and like mindedness among what i thought would be sympathetic " sisters ", everything a white girl or woman does is to be changed if we are to get on, so i saw the feminists trying to change who i was, and i never saw white women much in those lesbian places, it was becoz the Jewesses and later the blacks, were driving them away, these clubs were full of race traitors, if white atall, more like mixed, and I wasnt allowed to join in as i wasnt like them. So they did me a favour, I gladly never got sexually involved with them as it was all too emotionally traumatic. These LGBTC people are society's neurotics, all banded together and are behind the transforming and modernisation, destroying our traditional institutions, - replacing them with severe neurosis, a very Jewish trait, and this is a "movement", to break us all up, and become like them. Yes im trying to find somewhere else to live, but one coastal town i tried to live in , was as bad as london if not worse, lots of mixed race people there, and loads of jews, freemason temples, everywhere, i got out there scared me shitless, and wen in london i had a plan, to get out properly this time, and make sure where i go next wont be full of YIDS and mixed race, as they truelly are out to taint everyone with thier own self hating spite, accusing us of hating them, they are really a force, united, but weaker than us. I must emphasis, they are very weak in thier core, they have no core, they are not to be regarded as human, they operate on a different plain, I think they may well be ruled by spiritually evil energies, or aliens or something, as there is no changing them. Its sad that Hitler didnt have this extermination plan for them as they accuse , becoz if it did exist, it would have succeeded. Im sad that that history is ruined by these willing liars who love to cause pain , to complete strangers who will be punished for being white european. We are dealing with psycopathy, and it cant be rehabilitated, it will go to its destruction that it created for us, it will backfire. I dont expect trust from anyone or yourself, for me having such a close look at this vermin, risking bein contaminted, by this filth, but I like to think I did alot of damage to them, simply by innocently remaining uncompliant, thier pride is very easily bruised. It seems to me, though, these wierdos like being hurt though, they are seeking us to get thier blood on our hands , so its important, that we dont, and if we get a chance to completely break them down, and exile them, ghetto ise them like in Warsaw, then this time we mustnt waste anytime about it, and do it as Systematically as possible. Who knows that chance may yet come.

    1. You are very welcome, ECW. I couldn't agree more that the nature of Jewish parasitism involves the contamination of the host. This is a universal trait of the corrupt. They tempt others into vice because they don't want anyone to be pure. I am grateful you have spoken out against it. What I condemn is those White people who make excuses for the impurity in themselves and/or others, and it is why I have been so enraged by White Whateverists embracing homosexual advocates like Jack Donovan, and sucking up to Jewish journalists just to get press coverage at their allegedly pro-White conferences. Here is the movement against the Death of the Race, embracing the very things that are poisoning us.

      If there is some spiritual dimension to this, I could imagine it to be some sort of test. I am not a spiritual person mind you, so I don't claim any insight beyond the surface of reality as it presents it. However, I have entertained the thought that human worth is being evaluated (by God, nature, the devil, what have you), by seeing if it will struggle against its own corruption/destruction. I have also entertained the thought that this world is Hell and I am being tormented by the most absurd spectacle - the Death of the White Race.

      Personally, I limit the term "human" to White people, with an acknowledgement that the gene-hijackers may sometimes look White, but their kike behavior will always give them away. But humans are flawed. There are the White traitors, the soulless, elitist bastards who sell us out. And there are the White sheep, who just want to be comfortable and don't give a damn about their future visit to the butcher's shop. And finally, there are the White racially aware, who have yet to mount an effective resistance, and even get in bed with the enemy. They just seem to want to replace the elite traitor class.

      You seem more hopeful than I that something can/will be done to avert catastrophe. You may be right. I am not so sure. That is why I expressed concern for your safety, and I am glad that you are taking steps for your future. I believe we have to prepare for a struggle that will last a thousand years, and those alive today who are aware of the decline must secure their own safety first, hiding amidst the MultiKult mess. We will never live to see if the struggle ends in victory, but we are witness now to the end of the White race in its current form - a self-destructing majority becoming a minority in its own homelands.

      I am afraid you will not find a White refuge because White people today are poisoned. For this reason, you will always be alone, even when in the company of your own people. I was thinking about that at a dinner party this evening. I was surrounded by White people who love kikecraft (Diversity, MultiKulturalism, Mass Media). They droned on about sports, about The Donald and Shilary, about reality TV, about how East Indians and Pakistanis are taking over the medical professions but that's OK because they are so smart and White people are too privileged. Was I safe there? Yes. Was I among my own kind? No.

  4. EthnicCleansing-The WhiteTue Jun 28, 04:57:00 AM GMT-5

    Adreen, sorry i spelt your name wrong earlier,
    about your reply , ...
    jewishness it is more spiritual than it race
    issue, yet the Jews think of it as Racial, blood related- genetic, .. here is the root of
    Racism. Whereas spirituality is of the spirit, and all are capable of the divine light, and love , yet the Jews despise anyone above them in this matter, of Spirituality, here began cruelty, in civilisation, and Zionism , is thier political logic to thrust this cruelty deep into the any jew who rebels against it and goyim who is trying to be christian, zionism is the dragon, the whore of babylon, sarah silverstein cant exactly remember that bag's name, ... truelly bad perfume she is....

  5. Hello ECW,

    Yes, Jewishness transcends race while laying claim to an historic bloodline of God's supposed chosen. I discussed this with someone last year - that the poison of Jews is not solely carried in the blood, but in the conscious realization of the identity of that blood. In that sense, someone who believes they are a Jew could be more dangerous than someone descended from Jews but is not aware of his/her heritage. As I said, I don't know much about spirituality, so I shall leave that part to others.