Saturday, June 18, 2016

Media Lauds Lezzies Trying to Queer Toddler

Rio state government declares financial disaster as Olympics loom
Excellent. Brazil's economy will be as rewarded as Greece's economy was, just with more microcephaly.

Trump Is Holding the GOP Hostage
Author claims republican leadership are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. HA!

The Clintons just increased their chances of having more presidents
Chelsea plopped out her jew-spawn, adding another to the ranks of the mischling master race that will rule your mudblood descendants in fifty years, White Amerikwa.

Ron Lester Of Billy Bob ‘Varsity Blues’ Fame Dies At Age 45
500 pound guy lost 348 pounds, his career, and ended up dying in middle age of massive organ failure - and the article about his death still had the gall to say gastric bypass saved his life. HA! again.

Buzzfeed Glorifies Lesbian Couple Attempting To ‘Queer’ Their Toddler
Fag fathers do the same thing, they just use their dicks, not tutus.


  1. Brazil is one disgusting country,full of shemales,drug addicts and gangs,gangs who make american dindus look like choirboys

    are they still covering the fag shooting in amerikwa? in england the story died after 2 days,a politician has been killed and they are trying to say the shooter is a white supremacist

    1. HA! Well, Brazil is what Amerikwa is going to look like in 2040. I call it the Brazilification of the 'Kwa.

      You know, Jo Cox looked an awful lot like butt ugly kikess Tracey Ullman to me. Was she as unfunny as Ullman as well?

      Nice name Jo Cox. Sounds like something a down low nigger requests be inserted into his rectum at a gay orgy.

      Mair is, of course, a reptilian Manchurian false flag hologram, made to look exactly like a White Whateverist who snapped.

  2. Yes her death seems very convenient,a couple of days after the Afghan homo went mad and a couple of days left till the EU referendum

    I have never found any female to be funny,the best they can do is get their tits out

    What adds to the conspiracy is ohomo calling her husband,she was a very minor politican

    Dylan roof should be playing close attention to what happens with mair

    1. Actually, her getting her tits out probably would have been a laugh riot.

      If this was a Space Jew conspiracy, why would they waste their mind control zombie on attacking an anti-Brexit politician? For example, the Jewish Overlords could have told their White Whateverist puppet to shoot up holograms of Muzzie children on a playground while shouting "Keep Britain White!" That would have had a much more significant psychological impact on the voters, turning them against their own national interests - kind of like the drowned Syrian rat boy did last year.

      To me, this is just another White Whateverist who snapped. I don't praise it, condemn it, or theorize about it. I feel sorry for the guy that he turned down this particular dead end alley.

  3. Now I feel rather disappointed that Mr Orlando shooter didn't rank up a higher body count.

    One of my acquaintances was quite upset with me once when I hoped the two fags in the picture would be gangraped to death in whatever prison they ended up in. She was more upset over what I said than what they did, and even tossed the "not all pedophiles are like that" line at me.

    Had I not been so repulsed I would have probably laughed at her.

    So far humanity or individuals just haven't convinced me that people are worth anything, regardless of what shade they are.

    - Different Anon

    1. For those two queers, such a fate would have been a dream come true. Hell, probably their second favorite way to go is being sewn into a human centipede, that's how deviant they are. But remember, they also found pedos from around the world to share their victim with. The sickness in such creatures is obvious, but it is eclipsed by the transparent sickness of the MultiKult West, which gave them their victim and thereby enabled the abuse. This is the sickness only a few can perceive - and it leads to the conclusion you have reached about human worth. A conclusion with which I agree, Different Anon, because I have White acquaintances with exactly the same mindset you described.

      What is done after such terrible abuse in the name of "Justice" is never justice. It never counterbalances the offense - not ever - because innocence is irreplaceable. That does not mean, as the Lefties think, that judicial vengeance should not be pursued, it means that a sane society is organized around finding deviance before it harms people and crushing said deviance, not just doling out justice after the fact. Our insane society is organized around contaminating everyone, so that the most extreme deviance can hide in plain sight and prey upon the vulnerable.

      From my viewpoint, the whole concept of being rightwing is that you adhere to an idea that humans are despicable creatures who need a boot to the face *before* they step out of line. Whities included. And that is why, in my opinion, what we have today ideologically is a false dichotomy. There is no Right anymore. There is the far Left and the Left. That's why today even White Whateverism (formerly the far Right) embraces faggots, touts Christian charity to muzzie Syrians so they don't have to migrate, and has chosen a billionaire celebrity mischling grandpa as its savior. The same mischling grandpa who suggests that the best solution to a nightclub full of beaner queers being shot up by a Muzzie nutjob is for all the beaner queers in that club to have been armed with automatic weapons. That is what passes for the far Right today. Give the deviants guns. Yay, Conservatism! It's incredible.

    2. I can admit that I, at least, didn’t think about justice when I said it. I was upset myself when I’d read about the case. If the damage has already been done, one can at least seek bloody vengeance for it. And you are right; it wouldn’t have helped the child.

      What I find morbidly funny is that I suspect the above-mentioned acquaintance of mine would have probably shared my sentiments had those two fags been racist. In the heads of the tolerants raping a toddler is all fine and dandy so long as one isn’t racist about it.

      It really makes me doubt the much touted white morality and altruism. If whites’ moral impulses can be redirected to such harmful and destructive ends then is it a moral impulse at all?

      Who cares about the child, or children like him, but dear lord, we cannot be intolerant about homos or pedos. It's sickening.

      You are quite correct about the false dichotomy. This is one of the reasons I don’t understand why the so-called Alt-Right wants to stick their nose into every Leftist issue; like the recent Orlando shooting. “We want to break the Left-homo coalition!” Even though fags are around one to two percent of any given population and thus largely insignificant, and that little coalition would’ve broken all by itself because there is a hierarchy to Leftists’ victimhood status and they very well attack their own when there is no “extreme right” to point at?

      It is almost as if they want to be known as Alt-Left instead of Alt-Right but what do I know.

      - Different Anon

    3. "It really makes me doubt the much touted white morality and altruism. If whites’ moral impulses can be redirected to such harmful and destructive ends then is it a moral impulse at all?"

      An absolutely fascinating thought! It fits well with your previous suggestion that their "morality" is ego-driven, and must be displayed in order to satisfy that impulse. How truly moral, or even reasonable the new morality is is not the point - only that it distinguishes the self while at the same time gaining peer approval. An intriguing possibility.

      The Chalky predisposition may simply be to novel, moral hysteria. In a recent post, I mentioned the food purists - people who have built their moral system around not eating whatever the Mass Media has most recently labeled an no-no food. It doesn't have to be correct, or moral, just new and unique. Beyond this, there is also animal rights moral hysteria (people upset 4 alligators were euthanized after the toddler's death at Disney), and environmentalist moral hysteria, and gender inclusiveness moral hysteria, and on and on and on.

      On the topic of Left/Right White -

      I find it absolutely incredible that the many intelligent, philosophically inclined "leaders" and "thinkers" in der Movement fail to grasp that homosexuality is a weaponized identity that directly competes with White identity / White biological interests. Then again, they often don't grasp that Christianity is a weaponized identity against their biological interests either. But for those who do see how destructive Christian identity (and Christian Identity for that matter) is to White identity not to be able to see Queerness in the same light is baffling. And some of them openly declare themselves to be left-wing or Alt-Left, and claim that White Nationalism is inherently socialist and/or communal in nature. I don't find this convincing, because my own attitude towards my race is that there is a great deal of chaff to be separated and ... rectified. I also don't support socialized healthcare, welfare, or retirement, regardless of how white the people are. It's dysgenic. Either pay your own way or die. I have heard these views attacked as antisocial, the worst of the rightwing, but to me that just proves how far Left this civilization has moved (and White Nationalism with it), and why the race is in the piss poor shape it is today.